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How to Resolve Ecommerce Complaints – Everything you need to know!

E-commerce is an extremely popular way of shopping. Who doesn’t like exploring the products for free and buying whatever you need that too with the comfort of your home!

But recently a lot of people started having bad experiences with e-commerce companies and increasing Ecommerce complaints. And this can make e-commerce shopping scary!

So are you someone who got a bad experience with an e-commerce brand and doesn’t know how to resolve your complaint? Don’t worry you are at the right place.

In this article, We will take a look at:

  • What is an e-commerce complaint?
  • Types of complaints
  • How to resolve your eCommerce complaints?
  • The conclusion

What are e-commerce Complaints?

The complaint filed against an e-commerce company is known as an e-commerce complaint. One can have hundreds of reasons to file eCommerce complaints so let’s have a look at some of the most popular or widely seen issues among people in eCommerce complaints.

Types of E-commerce Complaints:

Missing product: Hundreds of people have faced the problem of the missing product while getting the delivery of the product ordered. What can be worse than not getting what you ordered?

Ecommerce Complaints Online

Damaged: Getting a damaged product is another one of the most popular problems among people. Many people have complained on Voxya that they received a damaged product.

Low-quality product: Everything looks fancy on the internet, doesn’t it? Sometimes people get trapped into this limelight and shop for a certain product only to realize that the product is not what they expected.

Fake product: Getting a fake product is also one of the major problems faced by the customers and this can be really awful. Imagine ordering your favorite device only to realize that what you got is a dummy one!

No refund / Replacement: Getting the wrong product and no replacement can be the worst nightmare for everyone. Many people have complained that they are not receiving any refund or replacement for the product they ordered.

No customer support: The consumers have complained that they are unable to reach customer support of these ecommerce companies. There is very little human interaction as most of the companies have an automated system, where human interaction is either not possible or is very less.

How to Resolve Ecommerce Complaints / Online Shopping Complaints:

Option 1 – File a formal complaint with your e-commerce company:

The first step towards solving your issues should be to file a formal complaint at an e-commerce company or online shopping website. Most of these companies have their complaint section on their website or their mobile app.

Or you can use this contact information:

Amazon Customer Care No. – 1800 3000 9009

Flipkart Customer Care No. – 1800 208 9898

Myntra Customer Care No. – 080 6156 1999

Jabong Customer Care No. – 0124 612 8000

Snapdeal Customer Care No. – 092126 92126

Shopclues Customer Care No. – 0124 441 4888

Paytm Customer Care No. – 0120-4456-456

Option 2 – Contact the company through Social Media

If you couldn’t resolve your complaint through their official customer support then consider taking the help of the social media platforms.
Social media are one of the most important feedback channels for people and they usually have teams to monitor the complaints.

Tagging the company and using the right hashtags can help you get the attention that you seek for. However, if you do not want to get into all of this hassle then you can try social media campaign service from Voxya. At Voxya this service is absolutely free!

Option 3 – Email your complaint to the company

If the email address of the top officials or management of the company is something that you can manage to find then you can directly send an email to them explaining your issue. This way your issue may get resolved as these higher officials are the decision-makers.

But the problem is how to find the correct contact details of the decision-makers at the company you are struggling with? With a bit of research on the internet, you can discover these details, obviously, it will take an impressive amount of time. If time is something that you struggle with then Voxya can help you save this time. Voxya can help you reach out to the top officials in the industry with no effort from your end.

Option 4 – Send a Legal Notice to the eCommerce company

If the company has not responded even after sending email and tweeting on Social media, then your best option is to send a professionally drafted Legal Notice to the company asking them to resolve the issue as soon as possible, else you will move forward and sue them in court.

You can engage any experienced advocate or lawyer to draft & send this legal notice to the eCommerce company on your behalf. The eCommerce company will have to respond to this legal notice within 30 days.

Rs.3500 to Rs.8000 is the range that an experienced lawyer will normally charge for drafting and sending a legal notice on his letterhead. But if the service around your area isn’t fitting in your budget then Voxya can help you to send Legal Notice via one of the best legal advocates at the comfort of your home.

Voxya will also send a hardcopy of the notice to you at your address and will provide a tracking number to track the delivery of the notice to the company.

Option 5 – File a case against the eCommerce company in Consumer Court

Consumer Court Online

If you have not heard back from the company after sending Legal Notice then it’s time to approach Consumer Court. You can also approach the Consumer forum if you have not received the desired resolution from the eCommerce company for your complaint.

You can file a consumer case against the company without engaging any advocate or lawyer. You simply need to draft Case papers explaining the issue, alongside proof and requesting the resolution you need.

You should present an Affidavit and required Court fee to file a consumer case. If this all sounds too much to you then you can take the help of Voxya to prepare Case Documents for you.

It will take some time in getting any judgment in your Consumer Case. Even if it takes 3 difficult years, you may receive the contested sum along with interest.

Option 6 – Use all the options above

For better and speedy resolution, you should use all the options mentioned above. Though it involves a bit of work at your side, you will get results when you reach the company via all the channels – social, business, and legal.

You can easily leverage social media, business networks, and legal frameworks to resolve your consumer complaints in India by using the Voxya consumer complaint platform.

Most affordable option to file a consumer complaint in India:

Voxya is an online consumer complaint forum. It enables the user to file consumer complaints against brands quickly. It helps the user in fighting against fraud and unresponsive customer service. Voxya is known for its quality services at reasonable pricing.

Voxya has handled more than 73,000 consumer complaints till now and consumers have claimed damages of around 2200 crores. This clearly shows the authority of Voxya in consumer complaints.

Ecommerce Complaints

The Final Conclusion!

Voxya has helped thousands of people to get their consumer complaints resolved. In this article, you saw all the possible ways to resolve eCommerce complaints but if you can’t manage to do these things on your own, then Voxya is there for you!

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