How to Resolve Jawa Bikes Complaints? Super Quick Tips

Jawa motorcycles have seen a resurgence in India over the last few years. However, like any automotive brand, some customers have registered complaints regarding issues faced with Jawa bike models like the Jawa Forty Two, Jawa Perak, etc. In this blog we will learn how to resolve Jawa bikes complaints efficiently.

What Are The Common Complaints About Jawa Bikes?

Some usual complaints cited by customers regarding Jawa motorcycles include:

  • Fuel injector errors causing engine failure
  • Faulty electronic and electrical systems
  • Defective fuel pumps or battery
  • Build quality issues like metal rusting
  • Excess engine vibrations
  • Abnormal brake noises
  • Clutch slippage problems
  • Unrefined gear shifts
  • Improper or delay in servicing

It is important to ensure that any issues persist after the stipulated running-in period. Also, check your bike usage and maintenance adherence before complaining.

How do you file a complaint against Jawa Bikes?

If you have had an underwhelming ownership experience with your Jawa bike, there are a few practical ways to resolve your valid complaints conveniently. This guide will help with step-by-step methods for learning how to resolve Jawa bikes complaints efficiently.

Contact Jawa Customer Care

Jawa Motorcycles prioritizes customer satisfaction and has invested in multiple contact channels for grievance redressal.  

You can get in touch with Jawa Customer Care through:

  • Toll-Free Number: Call the toll-free helpline 1800-210-4200, 1800-103-2342 to speak to a customer care representative about your Jawa bike problems; provide vehicle details like model, VIN, and invoice copy, along with issues faced and previous service records.  
  • Email Support: Write to with your registered contact information, bike model and elaborate description of complaints. Ensure you attach relevant photos, invoices, etc., to help them understand the issue better.
  • Website Portal: Log in to your owner’s portal on Jawa’s website, go to the “Complaints” section, select the appropriate issue category and sub-category and register your complaint, providing maximum relevant details.  

File Formal Complaint On External Portals

If your complaints still need to be solved despite contacting Jawa customer care, or if the service centre cannot repair defects even after multiple visits, file your consumer complaint on third-party portals like Voxya.

Registering complaints formally on reputed external forums places more significant pressure on automotive companies like Jawa Motorcycles to urgently resolve quality failures before they impact their market reputation.

Such portals also ensure satisfactory closure of pending customer complaints through unbiased arbitration mechanisms.

Check Online Jawa Owner Communities  

Apart from the company’s channels, you also connect with experienced Jawa bike owners on community platforms like Reddit, Mouthshut, etc, where common model-specific weaknesses, easy home fixes and expert troubleshooting tips are collectively discussed, helping you resolve basic complaints DIY.

You can even use social media asking others how to resolve Jawa bikes complaints by tweeting on Twitter or posting on Facebook.

However, do consult authorized service centres for complex mechanical faults, electrical errors, etc., requiring intervention by qualified technicians or replacement of defective OEM parts.

What Is The Process To Get a Refund For A Jawa Bike?

This article on how to resolve Jawa Bikes complaints will not be complete unless we mention how to get refund. If the Jawa dealership is unable to repair the manufacturing defects even after 4-5 service attempts, you may seek a full/partial refund by:

  • Making a refund request citing Consumer Protection Act rights
  • Highlighting previous failed repair attempts
  • Specifying safety/financial loss faced by you
  • Providing all original purchase and servicing invoices
  • Taking legal action through consumer protection lawyer

A lawyer can help you to take legal action and fight for your consumer rights. If you are not comfortable in approaching the consumer court yourself, you should take advantage of Voxya who can help in filing case in district consumer forum on your behalf, by hiding all the legal complexities for you.

However, please note that getting a refund or resolution depends on the severity of the complaint, duration of usage, verification of stated defects, etc.

Wrapping up

We hope these recommendations give you suitable methods to efficiently how to resolve Jawa bikes complaints through company channels or seek guidance from veteran online communities. Let us know if you need any assistance!

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