How to Resolve Volkswagen Complaints? Easy expert tips in 5 minutes!

Volkswagen is a leading German automotive brand known for its engineering and performance. However, like any large company, Volkswagen also faces customer complaints about sales, service issues, and vehicle quality. If you own a Volkswagen and are facing any problems, here is how to resolve Volkswagen complaints.

Common Volkswagen Complaints

Volkswagen cars are admired for their robust German build quality and driving dynamics. But over the years, Volkswagen owners have registered several complaints about issues with popular models like the Polo, Vento, and Jetta.

Many Indian customers have faced problems ranging from engine oil leakage to insensitive dealer staff behaviour. Popular complaints logged by disgruntled Volkswagen owners are:

Some common complaints against Volkswagen include:

– Excessive engine oil consumption in models like Polo and Vento

– Issues with automatic transmission in models like Jetta

– Poor cabin noise insulation

– Problems with the Volkswagen infotainment system, GPS navigation, etc.

– Issues with engine turbocharger in Volkswagen diesel cars

– Delayed delivery of new Volkswagen car model

– Lack of transparency in Volkswagen service and repairs 

– Overcharging for genuine spare parts

– Poor dealer / workshop behaviour and mishandling of cars

How to Resolve Volkswagen Complaints

If you are facing the above or any other issue with your Volkswagen car, follow these steps to get quick redressal:

  1. Contact Volkswagen Customer Care  

Your first step should be to get in touch with Volkswagen India’s customer care. Call them at 1800 209 0909 to speak to a representative. You can also email Volkswagen at with details of your complaint. You can also drop Whatsapp message on 8433950909. The customer care team is trained to resolve most complaints.

  1. Connect Via Social Media

If calling customer care does not work, take your complaint to Volkswagen India’s social media channels. Tweet them at @volkswagenindia with your concerns and relevant hashtags like #VWComplaint. You can also post on their Facebook page. Social media complaints often get quicker attention.

  1. Visit Nearest Workshop / Dealership  

For vehicle-related complaints, visit the nearest authorized Volkswagen workshop or dealership. Meet the service manager in person and express your concern. Be calm but firm about fixing the issue or addressing your complaint to your satisfaction. If required, speak to the regional or zonal business head.

  1. Write to Volkswagen India’s Head Office

If social media and dealership routes don’t resolve, write an official complaint letter to the Volkswagen Group India’s head office in Pune. Include all details of your grievance along with supporting documents. Your letter will get formally acknowledged and, in most cases, resolved by senior management.

  1. Use Online Consumer Complaint Portals

If you are still struggling and not sure how to resolve Volkswagen complaints, take the help from experts. Many good online consumer complaints platforms like National Consumer Helpline and Voxya exist. File your grievance against Volkswagen there with the necessary product, invoice, workshop job card photos and other proofs. Such strong complaints often result in the company settling the matter on priority.

  1. Send Legal Notice Before the Consumer Court

This article on how to resolve Volkswagen complaints will not be complete unless we mention the legal help. As a last resort, send a legal notice to Volkswagen through a lawyer, citing unfair trade practices and service deficiency. You can use Voxya to send a professional Legal Notice to Volkswagen through an experienced lawyer. Give 15-30 days for them to resolve the issue or provide monetary compensation. You can even demand repairs or replacement of the defective Volkswagen car in the legal notice. You can approach your state or national consumer court to file a formal case if they fail to respond positively.

Use the Above Steps to Get the Volkswagen Complaint Registered 

So, in summary, follow the above steps to complain against Volkswagen through customer care, social media, dealerships, legal notice and consumer court to resolve your Volkswagen complaint. While the company is usually prompt in resolving customer issues, these steps will help get quicker redressal and satisfactory closure of any grievance.