How to identify fake ecommerce websites easily?

It is really difficult to identify fake ecommerce websites in India. We receive lot of consumer complaints against fake ecommerce websites running in India. These websites are online scam that offers very exciting deals to lure customers at their online shops. Once a customer decides to buy something from them and makes payments, they will simply vanish with the money or will deliver a very sub-standard product. Their modus operandi is to simply grab the money and do nothing or deliver a duplicate/fake/low quality product against the money charged.

Though these fake websites are in large numbers but the problem is that you can not do anything against them. Firstly, some of these websites will not have any contact details available so there is no way to contact them. Moreover the money lost is somewhat low so you will forget the scam and move-on with your life very soon. Secondly, some of these websites are smarter than the rest. Instead of doing nothing, they will go one step further and will send you a very cheap & zero value products. This makes the problem worst. Now you can not claim that they did not deliver the product you ordered and there is almost no way to prove that what you received was actually sent by them! They are smart so they know that if somehow they will get caught, they can prove that they delivered the goods to you. And in their defense they can always say that courier company was culprit who changed the goods somehow.

Having said this, we believe that the best solution is to identify fake ecommerce websites early and not to buy from them because prevention is always better than cure. So, lets see how we can easily identify these fake websites by closely looking at them :

1. Low Quality Product Images

If the website, from where you are planning to buy, is using low quality or generic product images then thats a bad sign. Usually, good ecommerce websites will always use high quality product images to present their products nicely. But using small, old or distorted images for products is a clear sign of danger. Similarly, if the images are having watermark of some other brand/website then also it shows the un-professionalism of the website.

2. Unbelievable Cheap Prices

If the prices displayed on the website are too low compared to other similar websites then it could be scam. Normally, prices can not be lower than the market price and so every ecommerce website will be selling at about same price. Also, sometimes these fake websites will show you a special deals that is too good to be believed. For example if you buy t-shirt of Rs.500 you will get headphone worth Rs.900. These kind of deals are apparently scam and so it makes it easy to identify fake ecommerce websites.

3. No Social Activity

If you are unable to find any link to their social network accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, then chances are that they are fake. Now-a-days, ecommerce is not possible without social validation. Every company uses social media to promote their products and get viral. If they do not have social presence or they have very less likes in Facebook or only few tweets in Twitter then chances are they are not genuine. But beware, sometimes these websites will “buy” fake likes and can have large number of likes showing at their page. Once again, a very large number of likes, not in-parity with their brand size, shows something is fishy.

4. Missing Contacts

You can identify fake ecommerce website, if you are finding no information about them at their website. There are no contact forms, no support phone numbers or customer support area provided at their website? This means something is not right. We suggest that you should try to contact them by whatever is listed on their website, in order to verify them. If you are unable to reach them before buying from them, then that is a clear sign that you will not be able to contact them if something goes wrong after you buy from them.

5. Cookie-cutter Website Design

There is also very easy way to identify fake ecommerce websites. Most of them will use cookie-cutter web design at their website. They will use pre-made free templates with some free Content Management System like WordPress. You can identify them by closely looking at the texts in their important pages like privacy policy, refund policy, about us, terms & conditions etc. If you find dummy texts in their pages, making no sense, then that means you are at the fake website.

6. Bad Customer Reviews

Before buying any product from any website, try to search for them on internet. What you see? Are you seeing a lot of hate posts and reviews in Google and Facebook? That is a clear sign of problem. Also, you should check customers reviews/comments at Facebook that will give you an idea what kind of problem you should expect after buying from them. If they are genuine, they will reply to almost all complaints posted against them. If people are complaining more about wrong delivery, no delivery or duplicate products then its time to leave such website.

Lastly, if you have already been cheated by these fake ecommerce websites then do not forget to post your consumer complaint at You can raise your voice and get support of other customers by posting your complaint at Voxya. We will do everything to get attention of the brand & customers to resolve your issue.

Hope you will now be able to identify fake ecommerce websites easily and will stay away from them. Please share this post to let others know and get benefit from it.

Disclaimer: We have compiled this list based on the consumer complaints filed at our platform and based on our experience dealing with them. Please note that exceptions are always there. Use your judgment in deciding when to buy, what to buy and from where to buy.

Handling consumer complaints on social media?

Your customers can leave negative comments on social media and that can harm your brand reputation quickly. But responding correctly to consumer complaints in social media can infact help you increase customer loyalty and retention. We have successfully resolved many complaints by using social network. But if you think that your complaint was not resolved by Voxya then read this article instead, to know why it was not resolved.

Anyways, here are the tips to correctly handle consumer complaints in social media :

1. Quickly Acknowledge Mistakes
When a customer posts a consumer complaint on social media, don’t take time to reply his complaint. Infact you need to reply quickly without wasting any time. Also, you need to acknowledge mistakes because if you have made a mistake, it’s best to accept it. But remember to be very positive while acknowledging mistakes. So both the things are important – being on time and acknowledging the mistake.

2. Take Conversation Offline
When customers are angry its better to talk offline through a telephone or email. You can ask customers to provide their email or phone so that you can talk to them personally. Infact this will help you to take conversation offline. If you are not doing this then other customers can join in the complaint on social media.

3. Give Personalized Response
While handling consumer complaints, you should build rapport by personalizing your response in social media. Usually, this can be done by including customer’s name and complaint details in the reply. A personalized reply will convey that you have actually gone through the complaint and really wants to help.

4. Show Transparency
Explain what you are going to do and how it is going help in resolving the consumer complaint. The resolution process should be very clear to the customers. Also, do not forget to provide a genuine escalation plan to resolve the issue in the minimum time frame.

5. Go the Extra Mile
When customers are not happy, you need to go the extra mile to help solve their problem. You can soothe emotions by offering replacements or rewards. This will demonstrate that the relation with that customer is more important than an one-off monetary loss.

6. Don’t Remove Complaints
You should not delete consumer complaints that are posted by angry customers in your social media. Infact deleting them will prompt them to post more negative comments to vent their frustrations. However, you can delete negative comments if the customer is more frustrated than the issue demands.

So, these were the simple tips to handle consumer complaints and re-gain customer trust in your social network. What are you waiting for? Go and start improving 🙂

Odoo, Quikr, Amazon complaint resolved and much more at

Sorry guys, for not writing stories of consumers complaints these days. Honestly, last few weeks have been very busy here at Voxya as we were resolving Odoo, Quikr and Amazon complaint and was upgrading our platform with mobile apps & company’s portal.

First, we were engaged in completing and releasing our first version of mobile app. It took lot of design & functional iterations to come up with the best mobile app for filing consumer complaints. And we are happy to announce that it is now live and available for download here:

You can post your consumer complaints, search for companies and check status of your complaints through this mobile app. To know more about the features and to view the screens, please check our previous write up here

Secondly, we were engaged in “successfully” resolving few consumer complaints filed by consumers at our Voxya platform. In one such success story, we resolved a case filed by Mr. John Rajan against Odoo ERP which is Headquartered in Europe but has a development centre in India. Mr. John bought one month Odoo subscription on a condition that he will not be billed for next month unless he likes the software. But unfortunately without getting any approval, his credit card was wrongly charged for second month’s subscription. This was not expected from Odoo so he filed a consumer complaint at Very soon due to our unique consumer complaint platform, the complaint got circulated on social media and ultimately reached to the Director Odoo (APAC region) in Hongkong. Immediately, he contacted personally and showed interest in resolving the consumer complaint. We coordinated with Mr. John and got refund from Odoo team in less than 2 days time!

Usually, it is rare to find such pro-activeness by any company to resolve consumer complaints but it seems that Odoo knows how to make customers happy. We really appreciate the efforts taken by team Odoo in resolving this complaint quickly and special thanks to the Director APAC who took personal interest in solving the problem.
You can check the Twitter tweet and Odoo’s reply here. Check original complaint filed by Mr. John at Voxya here

We also resolved Amazon complaint where delivery boy was not delivering the product but later on filing complaint at Voxya, this Amazon complaint was resolved. Similarly, we resolved Quikr complaint where the Ad was not published as Premium after payment was charged. With Voxya’s help, a student got fee refund for EEG Lab workshop, which he could not attend. So, overall very tiring month but we are really very happy with the results so far 🙂

Lastly, we were engaged in on-boarding few Companies at our platform. Within two months time from the date of launching our portal for Companies, we have now seven companies resolving consumer complaints at, including some big names like Yatra, Odoo and Snapdeal. We are hoping that very soon we will have more companies on-board to resolve Amazon complaint, Shopclues complaints, PayTM complaints etc. So, we are very excited to resolve more consumer complaints at our unique platform.

File consumer complaints against multiple brands via Mobile app

Good news! Very soon you will be able to file consumer complaints easily via our mobile app. We are building a small mobile app for filing consumer complaints. With this mobile app you can file consumer complaints easily from your mobile devices. The app will also provide facility to update the status of your consumer complaints by marking them closed or resolved.

We have almost completed all the basic modules in the app like social login, posting consumer complaints, company search, social sharing, dashboard area, latest complaints, my complaints etc.  Check the below screenshots to view the user interface which we are designing. We hope you will like it 🙂


File consumer complaints
File consumer complaints
Search Companies
Search Companies
File consumer complaints
File consumer complaints

In order to use this mobile app, you need to first create your account. After this you will be able to post your consumer complaint by providing details of your complaint and the resolution which you require. Also, it is possible to select the premium services (Sending legal notice & Preparing Case documents) in the app and pay for these services via Net Banking, Wallets, UPI, Credit card or Debit cards.

We have added a section “My Complaints” to display all the complaints filed by the user under his account.  That means you can check and manage all your complaints at one place. Some of our website users were having difficulty in posting another complaint at our platform so now we have solved the problem by allowing them to post more than one complaint via this mobile app. Hence, you can post multiple complaints against multiple brands by using this single mobile app. You can also check the status of all your consumer complaints and update them if they are resolved by the company.     

Initially we are building an Android app but very soon we will be releasing an iOS app too.  We hope that this mobile app will play a significant role in posting & resolving consumer complaints quickly. Please feel free to send your comments and keep posting your consumer complaints!