How to Resolve Canara Bank Complaints? Easy 5 min Guide

How to Resolve Canara Bank Complaints

Dealing with bank complaints can be frustrating. When you face problems with financial transactions, delayed services or lack of response from Canara Bank, you naturally want quick and effective way on how to resolve Canara Bank complaints.

The good news is that Canara Bank offers multiple channels to address customer grievances. In this blog, we provide a step-by-step breakdown of how to efficiently resolve complaints against the public sector bank.

Report Complaints Online

The easiest way to raise and track complaints with Canara Bank is through their online redressal system. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Canara Bank’s website and click on the “Grievances” tab on the top menu.

Step 2: Under the “Grievance Redressal” section, click on the “Online Grievance Registration & Tracking” option.

Step 3: Register your complaint by providing necessary details like account number, complaint category, etc.

Step 4: After submitting the grievance, you will receive a reference number. Use this number to track status updates.

The online process is quick and usually takes 5-7 working days for resolution. Make sure to provide accurate details for faster processing.

Escalate to the Regional or Zonal Office

If you do not receive any response or are unsatisfied with the bank’s answer, escalate the complaint to higher authorities.

Follow the below procedure:

Identify your respective Canara Bank regional or zonal office based on your location. Contact details are available on the website.

Draft a complaint letter with relevant documents and previous communication trails. Include your account details and desired resolution.

Submit the letter to the regional / zonal head of Canara bank through email, post or in-person visit.

Patiently wait for seven working days for further response. Persistently follow up if needed.

The regional / zonal offices have more authority and resources to rectify branch-level issues.

Reach Out to Canara Bank Customer Care

Canara Bank also offers 24×7 customer assistance through toll-free numbers and email.

Call the helpline numbers 1800 425 0018 (toll-free) or 1800 208 3322 (toll-free) to speak to an agent and explain your concerns.

Alternatively, send email to the dedicated customer service ID with your grievance. Remember to add your account details.

The contact centre executives provide prompt resolutions for general banking complaints. Feel free to call them as the first point of contact, too.

Involve RBI Banking Ombudsman

If you face harassment or the bank fails to resolve the issue within 30 days, escalate the matter to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Banking Ombudsman.

The RBI Ombudsman scrutinizes customer complaints against all scheduled commercial banks, including Canara Bank. It aims to provide free, expeditious and impartial dispute redressal.

To complaint to the RBI Ombudsman against Canara Bank, follow these steps:

  • Identify your RBI Ombudsman office as per your location. There are 22 offices across India.
  • Draft an application letter with details of your loss / harassment and how the bank failed to support you. Include previous communication threads.
  • Submit the application through email or post to your respective RBI Ombudsman office.
  • The RBI team will investigate the matter through hearings and verification. If found valid, the ombudsman awards compensation up to Rs. 20 lakhs.

Thus, as a last resort, customers can approach the RBI Ombudsman for substantial grievance redressal against Canara Bank.

Other Key Resources

Along with the above channels, Canara Bank customers can also leverage the following facilities:

  • Nodal Officer for COVID-19 Public Grievances – Special authority appointed to resolve pandemic-related issues promptly.
  • DBT Aadhar Grievance Redressal – Nodal officer designated under the DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) scheme to address Aadhar-mapping complaints.
  • Banking Ombudsman Details – The Canara Bank website also shares contact information and process guidelines regarding the banking ombudsman for customer reference.

The Right Contacts Make All the Difference

Dealing with bank complaints can be frustrating if you don’t know the right point of contact. We hope this guide on how to resolve Canara Bank complaints, gave you clarity on the step-by-step grievance redressal process applicable to Canara Bank customers.

Whether you face problems with loans, accounts, payments or customer service, promptly raise complaints through the bank’s online portal or regional offices. For prolonged harassment or substantial financial losses, do approach the RBI Ombudsman as well.

Equipped with the correct channels and procedures, you now know how to resolve Canara Bank complaints easily.

Seek External Help through Voxya

If you are still searching how to resolve Canara Bank complaints and have persistently tried resolving your Bank complaint through the above channels without success, it may be time to seek external legal recourse. This is where Voxya, an online consumer forum, can help.

Voxya allows bank customers to register their grievances and connect with consumer court lawyers for taking legal action against banks. Through their platform, you can file a case against Canara Bank to claim compensation for financial losses, harassment or poor service.

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Effortless Riding: How to Resolve Revolt Motors Complaints

resolve revolt motors complaints

The sleek styling and promise of sustainable rides lures many consumers to purchase electric two-wheelers like those from Revolt Motors. However, being early adopters of new EV technology brings unique ownership challenges. Luckily, by learning practical tips to effectively resolve Revolt Motors complaints, proud electric vehicle owners can confidently overcome initial hiccups on their journey and reclaim the revolutionary potential of e-mobility.

Electric Vehicle customers are facing delay in delivery, charger issue, no refund for booking cancellation. So from software glitches to spare parts shortages, teething problems can frustrate even the most enthusiastic supporter of emission-free transportation. This guide covers sensible next steps for customers facing grievances to get back on the open – and electrified – road.

Know Your Rights in the EV Frontier

As Revolt charts relatively unexplored territory for sustainable transport in India, customer policies also continue evolving. So to resolve Revolt motors complaints, keep yourself updated about:

• Applicable warranty and guarantee terms on purchase  

• Expected features / settings based on model variants

• Responsibilities for maintenance / repair 

Having this baseline awareness clarifies what to reasonably expect and thereby pursue more logically if dissatisfied. Study information regarding the latest norms is available through Revolt’s website, FAQs, and chatbot.

Attempt Direct Engagement First 

Before rushing to external complaint bodies, the most pragmatic first step is directly contacting your nearest Revolt service centre or an authorized dealer. Highlight respectfully:

• The core problem you face – say, range anxiety, error codes, etc. Quantify issues with data logs from the bike app if possible. 

 • Desired fix – battery replacement, charger repair, feature update or repair

• Excerpts of relevant warranty terms. Politely but firmly state your expectation of resolution.

Young brands like Revolt thrive on user feedback to refine policies and technology. Directly reporting issues quicker resolution versus immediately pursuing third-party arbitration. However, insist firmly on escalation if initial engagements prove fruitless.

Formal Avenues to Resolve Revolt Motors Complaints

If communicating directly with Revolt’s support channels fails to satisfy, customers can pursue formal grievance redressal via:

• Consumer Helpline– Call 9873050505 or email the team at for guidance on complaint filing regarding product defects, service lapses, etc.

• Consumer Courts – Approach district-level courts to file cases against errant providers, submit evidence and seek verdicts for restorative action. Explore validity based on your specific grievance. 

• Social Media – Tweet directly about poor ownership experience by tagging @RevoltMotorsIN on Twitter or commenting on Facebook posts. Helps resolution through public visibility. Use relevant hashtags like #EVgrievance #Revoltriders.

• Online Portals – Websites like Voxya enable consumers to register complaints and receive guidance from legal experts and peer users facing similar issues. It is often faster than courts.

Quote relevant policies in complaints and prepare supporting data for successful grievance management irrespective of the channel chosen based on ease and speed.

Stay Ahead by Planning Your EV Ride 

While optimizing processes to resolve Revolt Motors complaints remains important, avoiding issues proactively is most prudent as an early EV adopter in India. We suggest:

Research Diligently Before Buying

Look beyond style by comparing real-world metrics like maximum range, charging time, console features, etc, for daily commute needs. Consult user forums to identify potential concerns.

Learn Best Practices  

Discover optimal charging guidelines for battery longevity, techniques to maximize the range between charges, etc. Correct use greatly minimizes pitfalls. Attend guidance sessions at showrooms.

Insure Against Uncertainties

Consider add-on policies for electrical / electronic damage, battery deterioration, etc. This mitigates high-value repair risks outside the standard warranty. Factor into purchase decisions.


As India’s EV ecosystem matures, challenges are inevitable but surmountable. By knowing your rights, responsibly engaging with Revolt Motors to resolve concerns, and proactively planning your sustainable riding experience, you can reclaim the revolutionary promise of electric motorcycles. Join the growing community of proud EV owners by voicing grievances constructively. Let Voxya help you resolve Revolt Motors complaints seamlessly so greener rides become safer journeys for all.

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How to Resolve Whitehat Jr Complaints? A step-by-step Guide

How to resolve Whitehat Jr complaints

WhiteHat Jr has received its fair share of complaints recently regarding its marketing tactics and service delivery. This guide covers a simple step-by-step process to help you with How to Resolve Whitehat Jr Complaints. As a parent, you undoubtedly want the best coding education for your child. However, you also don’t want to deal with misleading claims or poor customer service. If you’ve faced such issues with WhiteHat Junior, don’t worry – you can take steps to resolve them.

Common WhiteHat Jr Complaints

Before we dive into the resolution process, let’s look at some of the most frequent grievances against WhiteHat Jr:

– Misleading ads about students earning crores of rupees 

– Overpromising on job guarantees post course completion

– Poor teacher quality and high attrition rates

– Billing and refund issues

– Technical glitches during online classes

Getting in Touch with Customer Service  

As a first step, connect with WhiteHat Jr’s customer support channels to highlight your concerns. You can reach them via:

– Email at

– Phone at 02248963001

– Social media channels like Twitter

Clearly explain the issue you’ve faced and the resolution you expect. Include relevant details like student name, batch timing, teacher’s name, or transaction receipts. Document all conversations and insist on written communication via email. This creates a paper trail you can use if the complaint escalates.

Understanding Your Legal Rights

In case WhiteHat Jr dismisses your complaint or if talks with their customer support reach a deadlock, know that you have legal recourse. Consulting a lawyer or consumer forum can help you understand your rights regarding:

– Getting a refund for missed or inadequate classes

– Suing for damages if misled by false advertising

– Reporting fraudulent edutech practices to the authorities

Filing a Complaint through the Bank 

If you have used credit card for making payment to Whitehat Jr and you are not getting refund in case of service issues, you can contact your bank to get resolution. Go to your credit card bank and fill a chargeback form to submit a dispute with that particular transaction. To understand how to resolve Whitehat junior complaints and file a complaint for payment issues like refund delays, follow these steps:

1. Visit your Credit Card issuing bank.

2. Submit a dispute by filing a chargeback form.

3. Provide your personal details and complaint details and reason for filing dispute. Attach supporting documents.

4. Submit the form and take receipt of the submission.

The bank will forward the complaint to the recipient bank, which will need to respond within fixed time. If the vendor fails to provide evidence regarding delivery of the service, you could get a refund.

How to resolve Whitehat Jr complaints by using Voxya

When it comes to understanding how to resolve Whitehat Jr complaints, know that you can turn to online consumer forums if directly reaching out to Whitehat Jr does not yield a satisfactory resolution. Platforms like Voxya allow aggrieved consumers to file edutech complaint, track its redressal progress, and enable relevant authorities to intervene for an equitable settlement. The process of lodging a complaint on Voxya is quite straightforward for consumers facing issues with Whitehat Junior.

You can hire a consumer court lawyer if you want to file a case in Consumer Court. Before filing a case, the lawyer need to send a Legal Notice to Whitehat Jr demanding resolution and refund. If you do not get any resolution after sending Legal Notice, you can go ahead and file a case in Consumer Court.

So while WhiteHat Jr complaints can be frustrating initially, following this How-to guide will help you methodically address issues and obtain a fair resolution. Stay calm, be persistent with customer support, and know your legal options if circumstances demand. With some patience, your child’s coding dreams don’t need to be derailed due to transient setbacks.

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How to Resolve Complaints Against Punjab National Bank

How to Resolve Complaints Against Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank (PNB) is one of the leading public sector banks in India. How to Resolve Complaints Against Punjab National Bank? Like any large organization, customers may face certain issues or have complaints regarding the services offered by PNB from time to time. If you are a PNB customer and wish to register a complaint, there are certain steps you can take to get your issues resolved.

1. File a Complaint at the Branch

The first step is to visit the PNB branch where you hold your account and obtain a complaint form. Fill in all the required details about the nature of your complaint and submit the form to the branch manager or authorized officer. Make sure to get proper acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint.

2. Contact Customer Care

If the branch does not resolve your complaint satisfactorily, you can escalate it to PNB’s customer care center. You can send an email to or call the toll-free numbers – 1800 1800, 1800 2021, 1800 180 2222, 1800 103 2222. You can also call the paid customer care number 0120-2490000. Explain your PNB complaint in detail and request to get it resolved urgently.

3. Use Online Grievance Redressal System

PNB also has an online grievance redressal system where you can register your complaint. You will need to provide details like your account number, complaint details, etc. After submitting the complaint, you will get a unique grievance number which can be used to track the status of your complaint.

4. Escalate to Higher Authorities

If you are still dissatisfied with the resolution provided, write letters to higher authorities in PNB like the Zonal Manager, Nodal General Manager, etc. explaining your complaint and grievance. You can find their contact details on the PNB website. Be sure to quote your earlier complaint references.

5. Approach the Banking Ombudsman

If your complaint is not resolved by the bank within 30 days, you can escalate it to the Banking Ombudsman as per the Integrated Ombudsman Scheme 2021. The Banking Ombudsman is appointed by RBI to resolve customer complaints against banks relating to certain services. Draft a complaint letter providing all necessary details and submit it to the Ombudsman online or through post.

How to Resolve Complaints Against Punjab National Bank via Voxya

Voxya is an online consumer complaint forum based in India that enables hassle-free filing of complaints against brands. If you are struggling to resolve your PNB complaint through traditional channels, consider using Voxya.

Voxya has a user-friendly interface to submit banking complaints. If you take help from legal experts in Voxya, your complaint will be handled by a lawyer who will take legal action against bank to get resolution. A legal notice is drafted and sent to the corporate office of the bank giving them a few days time to resolve the dispute amicably. Also, as your complaint is visible to other users who are searching “how to resolve complaints against Punjab National Bank”, it creates public pressure on bank for redressal.

However, if Legal Notice does not fetch you any results, the next step should be to approach Consumer Court to file a case against bank. Voxya analysts review complaints and advise on further steps you can take for expedited resolution.

So if you wish to amplify your voice and resolve persistent PNB complaints, do register on Voxya and leverage their expertise. It offers a unique platform for disgruntled bank customers to file complaints and get optimal solutions.

Wrapping up

We hope by now you know how to resolve complaints against Punjab National Bank. Through this article PNB customers can adopt a step-by-step approach to get their banking complaints resolved effectively. First attempt internal resolution through the branch, customer care, online grievance portals, etc. If you do not get a satisfactory response, approach external channels like the Banking Ombudsman and consumer forums like Voxya. Adopting this systematic approach can help get your PNB issues redressed at the earliest.

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