5 Step Easy Guide to Resolving Complaints Against Bank of India

resolving complaints against Bank of India

Bank of India stands as a prominent public sector bank in India, boasting an extensive customer base. Similar to any banking institution, patrons of Bank of India might encounter specific issues or wish to express grievances about the provided services. The bank has established a robust grievance redressal mechanism to assist customers in resolving complaints against Bank of India. This article presents a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to file and address complaints against Bank of India, emphasizing the importance of efficiently resolving complaints.

Steps to File Complaint Against Bank of India:

1. First Level of Complaint – Call Bank of India Customer Care

The first step is to get in touch with the bank’s customer care and register your complaint. You can call Bank of India customer care at 1800 220 229, 1800 103 1906 or 022 4091 9191. Explain your complaint in detail and request a resolution. The bank is required to provide a reference number for tracking your complaint. As per RBI guidelines, the bank must respond within 5 working days.

2. Escalate to Zonal Manager 

If the issue is not resolved at the customer care level, the next step is to approach the Zonal Manager of your region. You can find contact details of the Zonal Manager on the bank’s website. Send a written complaint along with any supporting documents to the Zonal Manager via email or registered post. The Zonal Manager will investigate the matter and provide a resolution within 3 working days.

3. Reach Out to Chief Grievance Redressal Officer

If you are not satisfied with the response from the Zonal Manager, you can escalate the complaint to the Chief Grievance Redressal Officer at the bank’s headquarters. The contact details are available on Bank of India’s website. The Chief Grievance Redressal Officer ensures complaints are handled efficiently by the bank’s internal team. He/she will evaluate the matter and provide the final response from the bank within 7 days.

4. Approach the Banking Ombudsman 

The next step in resolving complaints against Bank of India is to approach the Banking Ombudsman. The Banking Ombudsman is appointed by RBI to resolve customer complaints against banks. To file a complaint with the Ombudsman, you will need to submit a written complaint along with supporting documents showcasing how you have tried to resolve the issue with the bank. The Ombudsman will review the matter and provide a resolution within 2 months.

5. Take Legal Action

If you are not getting help from the Bank or Banking Ombudsman, you can take legal action against bank to get justice. Usually, sending a Legal Notice through an advocate can fetch you results quickly. Make sure you engage an experienced and professional lawyer who is well versed with Consumer Court procedures.

You can directly search for a lawyer or can take services of online legal platforms like Voxya who can provide you legal services without much hassle. After sending Notice, if you do not get any results the last step is to file a case in Consumer Court.

Documents Required for Complaint:

For resolving complaints against Bank of India, make sure to include the following documents:

– Name and address as the complainant

– Bank of India branch name, address and contact details against which complaint is made

– Account statements, transaction slips, agreement copies, etc. as proof of your complaint

– Reference number and communication trail documenting your efforts to resolve the issue with the bank

– Nature and extent of your monetary loss due to the issue 

– The relief or resolution you are seeking

This will help the bank understand and resolve your complaint faster.

Common Reasons for Complaints Against Bank of India

Bank of India customers have raised several complaints regarding deficiencies in services and discrepancies in transactions. Some of the most common grievances faced by customers include:

  1. Activation of Dormant Accounts – Customers have faced difficulties in activating accounts that have been classified as dormant or inactive by the bank. Delays are caused despite submission of required documentation.
  2. Issuing Cheque Books – Non-receipt of new cheque books or replacement books even after placing requests is a key area of complaint.
  3. Nominee Details – Updating nominee information in deposit accounts is another problematic area. Customers have complained about inability to delete or change existing nominees despite completing formalities.
  4. Overdraft Accounts – Account holders have raised concerns regarding excess interest, penal charges and fees levied on overdraft facilities without prior intimation.
  5. Inward Remittances – Customers have experienced delays in receiving funds remitted from abroad due to lack of coordination between Bank of India branches.

By improving compliance, service quality and account handling processes, Bank of India can significantly help in resolving complaints against Bank of India.


Bank of India has a robust internal grievance management system along with Banking Ombudsman support for customers. Though sometimes, resolving complaints against Bank of India can be challenging but following the procedures and escalation matrix for complaints can help get your issues resolved in a timely manner. Keep documenting your communication trail and provide the required information along with your complaint at every stage for the best outcome. This will lead to an improved banking experience overall for resolving complaints against the Bank of India.

How To Resolve Simplilearn Complaints – Quick Easy Guide

how to resolve Simplilearn complaints

SimpliLearn is one of the leading e-learning platforms in India. However, despite its popularity, some learners have faced issues with SimpliLearn’s services and have filed complaints. If you are one of them wondering how to resolve Simplilearn complaints, don’t worry. There are a few ways to get your complaints resolved easily. This blog provides a step-by-step guide on how to resolve complaints against SimpliLearn.

Use Simplilearn’s Grievance Redressal Portal

SimpliLearn has set up an online Grievance Redressal Portal specifically to address learner complaints, feedback and questions regarding their courses. You can access it from your SimpliLearn dashboard.

To raise a complaint on the Grievance Redressal Portal:

1. Log in to your Simplilearn account

2. Go to “Support” and click on “Grievances.”

3. Select the category related to your complaint (Course content, Training issues, etc.)  

4. Write the grievance along with all relevant details

5. Attach screenshots or files if needed 

6. Submit the complaint

SimpliLearn aims to resolve portal complaints within five working days. You will receive regular status updates until your issue is fully resolved.

Contact Simplilearn’s Customer Service  

If you need urgent assistance or want to speak to a customer service representative directly, call SimpliLearn’s support number 1800-212-7688. Their dedicated customer service team works from 9 AM to 8 PM five days a week to help resolve learner queries and complaints.

To register your complaint over a call:

1. Find the customer service number on Simplilearn’s official website

2. Dial the toll-free number during working hours

3. Provide complete details about your complaint to the representative

4. Note down the ticket number for further reference

5. Follow up regularly on your complaint status

SimpliLearn tries to resolve complaints received over calls within 48 working hours. Unresolved complaints automatically get escalated to higher management.

Use Online Consumer Complaints Forums

If you still wondering how to resolve Simplilearn complaints, despite contacting SimpliLearn directly, the next option is to register your consumer complaint on reputed online consumer forums like Voxya. 

Voxya has helped over 200,000 consumers resolve their complaints amicably without the hassles of courts and lawyers. Here’s how it works:

1. Register on Voxya with your email ID and mobile number

2. Under “File a Complaint”, choose the company (Simplilearn)

3. Share the details of your complaint against Simplilearn

4. Submit any photos, emails etc to support your complaint

5. Take legal action through Lawyers by sending Legal Notice to SimpliLearn. You can demand full refund of the fees and even compensation for mental agony and inconvenience caused to you.

Use Social Media

This how to resolve Simplilearn complaints guide will not be complete, without mentioning Social media campaigns. With the help of Voxya, you can expedite complaint resolution by publicly bringing your poor experience with SimpliLearn to social media since no company wants bad publicity. Moreover, such public shaming ensures they fix the underlying issue so that other consumers don’t face what you face.

Approach Consumer Forum

If you do not get positive response from SimpliLearn after sending Legal Notice, you can file a case against them in Consumer Forum. You can do it yourself or you can hire an advocate for case filing. The case filing process is very simple but if you need hand holding, you can talk to a lawyer and ask questions directly.

Generally, it takes a few days time in getting a case filed in Consumer Forum. However in majority of cases, the company will try to settle the dispute out of court, once you file a case against them. So, if your dispute involves considerable money, its worth filing a case.

Voxya’s external arbitration mechanism and public attention compel even unresponsive companies to engage with consumers and address their rightful complaints.

In Conclusion

Hope this 5-step guide on how to resolve Simplilearn complaints, will help you. The key is persistence and knowledge. Through these methods, you can resolve your complaint against SimpliLearn quickly without much hassle.

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How to Resolve Jawa Bikes Complaints? Super Quick Tips

how to resolve Jawa bikes compliants

Jawa motorcycles have seen a resurgence in India over the last few years. However, like any automotive brand, some customers have registered complaints regarding issues faced with Jawa bike models like the Jawa Forty Two, Jawa Perak, etc. In this blog we will learn how to resolve Jawa bikes complaints efficiently.

What Are The Common Complaints About Jawa Bikes?

Some usual complaints cited by customers regarding Jawa motorcycles include:

  • Fuel injector errors causing engine failure
  • Faulty electronic and electrical systems
  • Defective fuel pumps or battery
  • Build quality issues like metal rusting
  • Excess engine vibrations
  • Abnormal brake noises
  • Clutch slippage problems
  • Unrefined gear shifts
  • Improper or delay in servicing

It is important to ensure that any issues persist after the stipulated running-in period. Also, check your bike usage and maintenance adherence before complaining.

How do you file a complaint against Jawa Bikes?

If you have had an underwhelming ownership experience with your Jawa bike, there are a few practical ways to resolve your valid complaints conveniently. This guide will help with step-by-step methods for learning how to resolve Jawa bikes complaints efficiently.

Contact Jawa Customer Care

Jawa Motorcycles prioritizes customer satisfaction and has invested in multiple contact channels for grievance redressal.  

You can get in touch with Jawa Customer Care through:

  • Toll-Free Number: Call the toll-free helpline 1800-210-4200, 1800-103-2342 to speak to a customer care representative about your Jawa bike problems; provide vehicle details like model, VIN, and invoice copy, along with issues faced and previous service records.  
  • Email Support: Write to care@jawamotorcycles.com with your registered contact information, bike model and elaborate description of complaints. Ensure you attach relevant photos, invoices, etc., to help them understand the issue better.
  • Website Portal: Log in to your owner’s portal on Jawa’s website, go to the “Complaints” section, select the appropriate issue category and sub-category and register your complaint, providing maximum relevant details.  

File Formal Complaint On External Portals

If your complaints still need to be solved despite contacting Jawa customer care, or if the service centre cannot repair defects even after multiple visits, file your consumer complaint on third-party portals like Voxya.

Registering complaints formally on reputed external forums places more significant pressure on automotive companies like Jawa Motorcycles to urgently resolve quality failures before they impact their market reputation.

Such portals also ensure satisfactory closure of pending customer complaints through unbiased arbitration mechanisms.

Check Online Jawa Owner Communities  

Apart from the company’s channels, you also connect with experienced Jawa bike owners on community platforms like Reddit, Mouthshut, etc, where common model-specific weaknesses, easy home fixes and expert troubleshooting tips are collectively discussed, helping you resolve basic complaints DIY.

You can even use social media asking others how to resolve Jawa bikes complaints by tweeting on Twitter or posting on Facebook.

However, do consult authorized service centres for complex mechanical faults, electrical errors, etc., requiring intervention by qualified technicians or replacement of defective OEM parts.

What Is The Process To Get a Refund For A Jawa Bike?

This article on how to resolve Jawa Bikes complaints will not be complete unless we mention how to get refund. If the Jawa dealership is unable to repair the manufacturing defects even after 4-5 service attempts, you may seek a full/partial refund by:

  • Making a refund request citing Consumer Protection Act rights
  • Highlighting previous failed repair attempts
  • Specifying safety/financial loss faced by you
  • Providing all original purchase and servicing invoices
  • Taking legal action through consumer protection lawyer

A lawyer can help you to take legal action and fight for your consumer rights. If you are not comfortable in approaching the consumer court yourself, you should take advantage of Voxya who can help in filing case in district consumer forum on your behalf, by hiding all the legal complexities for you.

However, please note that getting a refund or resolution depends on the severity of the complaint, duration of usage, verification of stated defects, etc.

Wrapping up

We hope these recommendations give you suitable methods to efficiently how to resolve Jawa bikes complaints through company channels or seek guidance from veteran online communities. Let us know if you need any assistance!

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How to Resolve Volkswagen Complaints? Easy expert tips in 5 minutes!

how to resolve Volkswagen complaints

Volkswagen is a leading German automotive brand known for its engineering and performance. However, like any large company, Volkswagen also faces customer complaints about sales, service issues, and vehicle quality. If you own a Volkswagen and are facing any problems, here is how to resolve Volkswagen complaints.

Common Volkswagen Complaints

Volkswagen cars are admired for their robust German build quality and driving dynamics. But over the years, Volkswagen owners have registered several complaints about issues with popular models like the Polo, Vento, and Jetta.

Many Indian customers have faced problems ranging from engine oil leakage to insensitive dealer staff behaviour. Popular complaints logged by disgruntled Volkswagen owners are:

Some common complaints against Volkswagen include:

– Excessive engine oil consumption in models like Polo and Vento

– Issues with automatic transmission in models like Jetta

– Poor cabin noise insulation

– Problems with the Volkswagen infotainment system, GPS navigation, etc.

– Issues with engine turbocharger in Volkswagen diesel cars

– Delayed delivery of new Volkswagen car model

– Lack of transparency in Volkswagen service and repairs 

– Overcharging for genuine spare parts

– Poor dealer / workshop behaviour and mishandling of cars

How to Resolve Volkswagen Complaints

If you are facing the above or any other issue with your Volkswagen car, follow these steps to get quick redressal:

  1. Contact Volkswagen Customer Care  

Your first step should be to get in touch with Volkswagen India’s customer care. Call them at 1800 209 0909 to speak to a representative. You can also email Volkswagen at customer.care@volkswagen.co.in with details of your complaint. You can also drop Whatsapp message on 8433950909. The customer care team is trained to resolve most complaints.

  1. Connect Via Social Media

If calling customer care does not work, take your complaint to Volkswagen India’s social media channels. Tweet them at @volkswagenindia with your concerns and relevant hashtags like #VWComplaint. You can also post on their Facebook page. Social media complaints often get quicker attention.

  1. Visit Nearest Workshop / Dealership  

For vehicle-related complaints, visit the nearest authorized Volkswagen workshop or dealership. Meet the service manager in person and express your concern. Be calm but firm about fixing the issue or addressing your complaint to your satisfaction. If required, speak to the regional or zonal business head.

  1. Write to Volkswagen India’s Head Office

If social media and dealership routes don’t resolve, write an official complaint letter to the Volkswagen Group India’s head office in Pune. Include all details of your grievance along with supporting documents. Your letter will get formally acknowledged and, in most cases, resolved by senior management.

  1. Use Online Consumer Complaint Portals

If you are still struggling and not sure how to resolve Volkswagen complaints, take the help from experts. Many good online consumer complaints platforms like National Consumer Helpline and Voxya exist. File your grievance against Volkswagen there with the necessary product, invoice, workshop job card photos and other proofs. Such strong complaints often result in the company settling the matter on priority.

  1. Send Legal Notice Before the Consumer Court

This article on how to resolve Volkswagen complaints will not be complete unless we mention the legal help. As a last resort, send a legal notice to Volkswagen through a lawyer, citing unfair trade practices and service deficiency. You can use Voxya to send a professional Legal Notice to Volkswagen through an experienced lawyer. Give 15-30 days for them to resolve the issue or provide monetary compensation. You can even demand repairs or replacement of the defective Volkswagen car in the legal notice. You can approach your state or national consumer court to file a formal case if they fail to respond positively.

Use the Above Steps to Get the Volkswagen Complaint Registered 

So, in summary, follow the above steps to complain against Volkswagen through customer care, social media, dealerships, legal notice and consumer court to resolve your Volkswagen complaint. While the company is usually prompt in resolving customer issues, these steps will help get quicker redressal and satisfactory closure of any grievance.