What Is The Process Of Court Marriage, And How To Get A Court Marriage Certificate?

Court Marriage

Marriage is a social contract between two persons recognized by the law. In India, marriage is regarded as a holy institution. In India, weddings are joyous events often marked by elaborate décor, music, dancing, costumes, and customs.

Due to a lack of time in today’s fast-paced world, some people choose love weddings in Indian courts. The Special Marriage Act of 1954 defines court marriage in India as the legal approval of a union between two persons of the same faith or two distinct religions. Therefore, court marriage is a marriage that is solemnized in court, making it lawful. To execute a marriage, register a marriage, and get a court marriage certificate, interested parties may apply directly to the marriage registrar.

Conditions for Court Marriage in India

Chapter II, Section 4 of The Special Marriage Act 1954 lists several requirements that must be met before engaging in a registered marriage. As follows:

  • No one who will be getting married should already be married. Any prior marriage should thus no longer be recognized.
  • Both partners must be allowed to express their opinions and engage in a marriage of their own free will, without the influence of others. To grant legitimate permission, both participants must be of legal age.
  • The bride must be at least 18 years old, while the groom must be at least 21.
  • There should be no mental illness present in any of the parties.

What are the important documents that are required of the couple?

Here is a complete list of the documents required for court marriage:

  • A properly completed and signed copy of the Marriage Application.
  • Receipt of the fee for the District Court application form that was paid.
  • Documentation showing the ages of both parties.
  • Proof of each party’s residential address (Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Ration Card, or Driving License).
  • The bride and groom both have two passport-size photos.
  • A copy of the divorce decree in the event of a divorcée and the spouse’s death certificate in the case of a widow or widower.
  • The parties’ declaration that they do not have a relationship with one another falls under the Special Marriage Act of 1954’s definition of a forbidden relationship.

Does the witness require any documents?

Let’s now move on and check the court marriage documents that the witness also needs to provide:

  • Witness documentation includes one passport-size picture of the witness.
  • The witness’s PAN card.
  • Driving license or Aadhar Card as identification proof

What documents are needed by the foreign nationals?

Documents needed for foreign nationals include:

  • The applicant must present the following papers in addition to those listed above if the marriage is solemnized between an Indian and a foreign national.
  • A copy of the relevant party’s passport and visa.
  • Documentary proof that one of the parties has resided in India for more than thirty days (residence proof or a station house officer’s report (SHO).
  • A foreign partner must get a NOC or a marital status certificate from the relevant embassy or consulate in India.
Court Marriage Certification

What role does a lawyer play in court marriage?

Work of a Lawyer in online court marriage registration: A lawyer’s responsibilities in a client’s marriage in court are as follows:

  • Filling out the notice of marriage is the first step in the court marriage process. Before filling out the marriage notification, the parties must visit their attorney.
  • The advocate advises the parties on the relevant law and the location where the marriage can be registered. An advocate gives the parties a brief explanation of the marriage process in court.
  • An advocate makes sure that the bride and groom are both of legal marriageable age and that all requirements for a judicial marriage are met.

What is the process of court marriage registration?

Let’s have a look at the court marriage process that you must be aware of before filling the application:

Notification: According to section 5 of the act, a notification must be issued to the marriage officer as the initial step in the court marriage procedure. It requires that the parties to the marriage notify the marriage officer in writing and in the manner specified in the second schedule of their intention to wed. The district in which at least one of the parties has resided for at least 30 days before the delivery of the notification is where the Marriage Officer must have jurisdiction.

Publication: This is the next part of the register marriage process. The marriage officer must post the notice in a visible location within his office to make it public. All authentic copies of notices must be kept by the marriage officer in the marriage notice book. The Marriage Officer must send a copy of the notice to the Marriage Officer of the location where the parties permanently reside so that it can be posted in a prominent location in his office if the parties are not continuously resident in the region within the jurisdiction of the Marriage Officer.

Marriage objection: Any individual may oppose a marriage under Section 7 because it would breach any requirements outlined in Section 4 of the Act before the Marriage Officer. The objection must be voiced within 30 days of published publication of the Marriage Officer’s notification. The marriage officer must note the specifics of the objection in the marriage notice book.

The parties and witnesses make a statement.

Before the marriage is solemnized, the parties and three witnesses must sign a statement in the manner outlined in the Third Schedule in the presence of the marriage officiant, who must then countersign the document. Documents Necessary:

  • Each of the three witnesses should have a passport-size picture.
  • Any record that the Marriage Officer needs to identify the witnesses (Driving License, PAN Card, etc.)

The location and type of solemnization

The court marriage may be performed by Section 12 at the office of the Marriage Officer or another reasonably close location.

I, (A), take thee (B) to be my lawful wife (or husband); each party should declare to the other party in any language understood by the parties, in the presence of the Marriage Officer and the three witnesses. Any type of ceremony can be used to officially declare the parties’ marriage.

Marriage Certificate: The marriage officiant records a certificate in the marriage certificate book using the format outlined in Schedule IV of the legislation. Such a certificate is conclusive evidence if both parties and three witnesses sign it.

What challenges does one encounter in a judicial marriage?

Contrary to traditional weddings, which involve extensive religious rites, months of planning, and customary customs, judicial marriages are often less complicated. The following are the few challenges that come with a court marriage:

  • The dates for appearance and solemnization of the court marriage depend on the day the marriage officer allots for everyone. The marriage cannot occur before the scheduled date, even in an emergency (30 days after the notice is published only when anyone does not object).
  • A valid objection can delay the marriage for a lengthy time, and the Marriage Officer’s judgment is final. The parties must file an appeal with the District Court for the same if the Marriage Officer upholds the objection.
  • Since functioning internet portals are not available everywhere, the entire process must typically be completed physically by visiting the marriage officer’s office.
  • To be qualified to provide notice to the marriage officer of that region or district, one must have resided there for at least 30 days. Therefore, in general, a person cannot file for marriage at a location other than where they now reside.
  • Regional variations in the paperwork needed, the costs involved and the people designated as marriage officers. Generally speaking, it follows the laws established by the individual States.
    The notice expires, and a new notice must be submitted to the marriage officer if the marriage is not conducted within three months of the date of delivering the notice.
  • If one of the parties is Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, or Jaina and is a member of an undivided Hindu family, getting married through a court ceremony might be complicated legally since it will cause that party’s severance from their family. The Caste Disabilities Removal Act of 1850 would apply to the succession.

What is the cost of the court marriage procedure?

The cost of being married in court also varies from state to state, so each person must research the costs in the location where the wedding will take place. E.g., Around Rs.1,000 would be spent overall in Delhi’s SDM Court Saket. It also depends on the court of the city where you are filing the application. For example, the cost of expenses occurred in New Delhi will be more than the cost of marrying in Etawah.

court marriage certificate

How long does it take to finish the judicial marriage process?

It takes 60 days to complete the full process, commencing with providing notice. Providing that no objections are raised within 30 days of the notice’s publication date. The Marriage Officer has a maximum of 30 days to investigate if there are any objections. The District Court will hear the appeal if the Marriage Officer upholds the objection.

If you want to take the help of a lawyer in the court marriage process then you can Talk To A lawyer to get legal advice for court marriage.


This is all you need to know about Court Marriage in India. Once you are confident about all the things then you can go ahead and file the process. Once your documents are all verified and checked, you will be easily able to move further and register your marriage legally.

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Tata Punch Price in Bangalore

Tata Punch Price


  • Know About Tata Punch
  • Tata punch price
  • Tata punch features
  • Tata punch interiors
  • Tata punch price in Bangalore

Know About Tata punch

Tata Punch is a micro SUV manufactured by Tata motors. It is the smallest SUV of the brand. The Punch shared its platform with the Altroz which is also known as the ALFA-ARC platform. Tata punch is a mini crossover offered by Tata motors. With rugged looks, a good ground clearance, clean stance, It can be called a mini harrier.

Tata Punch Price

The ex-showroom price of Tata Punch ranges from ₹ 5.65 Lakh to ₹ 9.29 Lakh. The Tata Punch on road price starts at Rs. 6.91 lakhs and goes upto 11.45 lakhs. It may vary as per your location.

Features of Tata Punch

Tata punch is equipped with many user-friendly features along with that Tata motors “thud” and the best in class safety ratings.

Recently it got 5 stars ratings on G-NCAP crash test and hence it became the second safest car in India with an overall score of 57.34 out of 66.
So in terms of safety, punch is unbeatable by its rivals.

Tata punch is a very focused product for the Indian market as it has so many pros according to Indian needs. For instance, space management is very good though it’s s sub-four meter vehicle. A 187mm ground clearance for bad road conditions as per India and a good bootspace of 366 liters.

Interior of Tata Punch

The Interior of the Tata punch feels decent enough with a lot of practical features. Navigation, Tata IRA, Android Auto, apple car play support, and many more infotainment features you’ll get with Tata punch’s 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

The punch comes with only 1 petrol engine which is a 1.2L unit, producing 84.48 bhp @6000rpm and 113nm@3300 rpm. Well, this is a naturally aspirated engine with a 3-cylinder unit.

Tata Punch Price
image source: Tata Motors official website

Tata Punch Price in Bangalore, Karnataka

If we talk about the price range of punch in Bangalore, Punch is offered in 4 variants namely pure, adventure, accomplished and creative along with the manual and automatic transmission, special editions like kaziranza and automatic+ making the total number of variants to 18.

Onroad price of Tata punch in Bangalore is listed below:

  • Punch pure – ₹6.89lakhs
  • Pure Rhythm – ₹7.27lakhs
  • Adventure – ₹7.90lakhs
  • Adventure Rhythm – ₹8.32lakhs
  • Adventure AMT- ₹8.62lakhs
  • Accomplished- ₹8.97lakhs
  • Adventure AMT Rhythm – ₹9.03lakhs
  • Accomplished Dazzle- ₹9.51lakhs
  • Accomplished AMT- ₹9.69lakhs
  • Creative- ₹10.15lakhs
  • Accomplished AMT Dazzle- ₹10.23lakhs
  • Creative Kaziranga Edition- ₹10.36lakhs
  • Creative IRA- ₹10.51lakhs
  • Kaziranga Edition IRA- ₹10.71lakhs
  • Creative AMT- ₹10.87lakhs
  • Creative Kaziranga Edition AMT- ₹11.07lakhs
  • Creative AMT IRA- ₹11.23lakhs
  • Kaziranga Edition AMT IRA- ₹11.43lakhs

Want to know more about Tata Punch visit the following link: Tata Punch Car


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How To Report A Cybercrime Online in India?

cyber crime

Computers, mobile phones, and digital devices along with an Internet connection have changed the way people live, providing them with many benefits. Like everything, these too have a drawback. When the same information technology that is useful to us makes us vulnerable to the threats online it results in financial or emotional damage. This could be because of a cyber crime.

Meaning of Cyber Crime

Any activity which is unlawful in nature, by the means of a computer, or any digital communication device which is being used to commit a crime is known as a cyber crime. Committing a cyber crime is not possible without the help of a proper Internet connection.

Cybercrimes have two main categories:

  • Criminal activities that involve computers
  • Criminal activities that use computers

The activities which target computers involve the use of malware, for example, a virus.

Criminal activities that use computers for a cybercrime mean the spreading of malware, inappropriate or illegal images, and information.

cyber crime complaint

How to report a Cyber Crime Complaint?

Users who have been subjected to illegal activities through a computer or device can lodge a complaint with the cyber cell of the Police Department. Here are a few examples of the types of cyber crimes committed in the country which are often reported;

Lottery scam, cheating scam, online transaction fraud, fake call fraud, insurance frauds, business email compromises, information or data theft, banking fraud, mobile application or website-related crimes, email fraud, social media crimes, and ransomware.

cyber crime

Steps to report Cyber Crime Online

Step 1: Visit the official website registered with the cyber crime department. Type in cyber crime complaint registration in Google or any other search engine. Users can directly access the page through the link cybercrime.gov.in

This link redirects users to the menu page of Ministry of Home Affairs, the national cyber crime reporting portal.

Step 2: In the home page, the first row has seven options, namely;

  • Report women and child related crime
  • Report other cyber crime
  • Track your complaint
  • Cyber volunteers
  • Resources
  • Contact us
  • Helpline

Crimes related to women and children can be reported anonymously for precautionary measures. To know more about cyber crime, the page provides a list on which complaints can be filed. This list includes child pornography and child sexually abusive material, cyber bullying, cyberstalking, cyber grooming, online job fraud, online sextortion, SIM swap scam, debit, and credit card fraud, phishing, spamming, impersonating and identity theft, data breach, ransomware, virus worms and Trojans, website defacement, cryptojacking, denial of services and distributed DoS, espionage, online drug trafficking, pharming, and smashing.

Step 3: To report a crime anonymously, in the first option, and click on the file complaint option.

This opens a menu tab where users are directed to read a list of FAQs and terms and conditions before filing the complaint. After going carefully through the details, click on I accept.

Step 4: Another menu tab opens with three options on top Complaint and incident details, suspect details, preview, and submit.

Here, from complaint and incident select the category of complaint from the dropdown arrow and selection options provided. Users can also add extra incident details such as;

  • The proximate time and date of the incident or occurrence.
  • Reasons why users have delayed reporting the crime if it has been delayed.
  • The state, union territory, district, and police station of the area where the incident had occurred.
  • Additional information about the incident with a limit of 1500 characters.

After filling in all the details, select save and next.

Step 5: In Step 5 the users have already filed the complaint along with incident details. switch on to the next bar concerning suspect details, description of any information that the user or victim has played an important role in tracking the crime.

Step 6: The preview and submit option is given to ensure that all details and inputs are relatable and correct information. Information added to mislead the cyber cell of the Police Department is an illegal act and is punishable.

These six steps can be followed to lodge a complaint with the cyber cell Police Department at a national level.

How to Track and report cybercrime complaints

track cyber crime complaint

Step 1: Click on the login option, select your state, and give your login ID along with your mobile number. Enter the captcha to submit.

If you are a new user, the link will be provided for you to create an account through complaints registered.

Step 2: Click on the OTP option to get the OTP before logging in or submitting. Never share personal OTP with anyone, and try to delete the OTP message from the device in which it was received for privacy purposes.

Step 3: Once you are logged in, you can follow the similar process of lodging a complaint as shown in the previous steps.

How to Report other crimes online?

cyber crime complaint

Step1: To report other crimes related to cyber cell, visit the same website. Click on the report other crime option, where a similar portal opens and the user reads terms and conditions along with FAQ. Reading the privacy policy is necessary, click on I accept after going through the menu tab details.

Step 2: A menu tab opens with two options- Citizen login and authorized agency login. The details of your state name, username or complainant name, mobile number and OTP.

Step 3: Receive the security code or OTP from the website enter OTP and do not share with anyone else. Users will now be logged in.

Document requirements for lodging cyber security complaints

Users are requested to check the website of their state’s cyber police department. They need different records and documents for different complaints. It will be mentioned in the website itself as complainants proceed with the cyber crime.

For email related complaints

Explain the incident in the explanation box and paste a screenshot of the email, or share a copy of the alleged email. This email should be from the original receiver, avoid forwarding it. It must have a header if any.
Have a hard and soft copy ready, share this soft copy through a CD-R only.

For social media complaints

Take a screenshot of the page, media or profile, URL of the alleged content. maintain hard and soft copies.

For mobile application complaints

Cyber cell crime is very common which is why users are recommended to keep their location switched off as long as possible. Take a screenshot of the application harming the mobile. Include soft copy of the bank statement if any transactions were made from the victim’s account through the mobile application, or for the mobile app. Maintain soft copies of every transaction made.

For business email compromises

Financial information of the following things should be provided in a soft copy- Originating location, name, bank name, and bank account number. Name, bank name, bank account number and bank location of the recipient. Intermediary bank name if available, date, amount of transaction and SWIFT number. Additional information can be included if available, do this by referencing and writing things like FAV (In favour of) and FFC (For further credit).

For data theft

Include a copy of stolen data, copyright certificate of the data which was stolen, and details of suspected individuals who must have stolen the data, if available.

When the company suspects any particular employee, the details required to be provided are- their appointment letter, list of duty assigned, list of clients with whom the individual has been in touch with, used devices of the suspect connected with the company, the proof that they have stolen and sold the data to any other client, gadgets assigned to the individual or employee, and non-disclosure agreement.

For ransomware

The phone number, email ID or any other platform through which the ransom has been demanded. Users are required to take a screenshot of the malware, if attached to the mail or message.

These are the basic types of crimes for which users usually visit the cyber crime portal. For Bitcoin and other related complaints, visit the official portal for the list of information that you need to provide.

As one can see, filing a cyber crime complaint using a government portal can be an extremely time-consuming affair. However, in a situation where you are already feeling harassed, having to slog for hours on end is definitely not a pleasant sight. To that, add the fact that many cases of cyber crime even after being filed, do not result in any long-term consequences for the criminal. Now it becomes quite easy to understand why even in age of rapid digitalisation, the statistics of cyber crimes reported stay more or less constant.

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Cyber Crime Helpline Number

The current cyber crime helpline number is 1930. If you are a victim of Cyber Crime, Dial 1930 to register a cybercrime complaint.

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How to resolve BookMyShow Complaint?

BookMyShow Complaint
  1. What is BookMyShow?
  2. Most Common Issue Reported for BookMyShow Complaints
  3. How to resolve BookMyShow complaints?
    • Customer Care
    • Social Media
    • Online Consumer Forum
  4. How can I file a BookMyShow complaint at Voxya?
  5. How Voxya help in resolving BookMyShow Complaints?

What is BookMyShow?

BookMyShow is an online platform that allows users to book tickets for movies, events, plays, and activities and indulge in several other fun events happening near you.

BookMyShow is an aggregator service for the entertainment industry whereby we can assist you with information and ticketing for movies and various other events across many cities all over India.

Through its “BookMyShow” mobile application and website (“BMS Platform”), Bigtree provides a User with the ability to purchase and/or reserve tickets for cinemas, plats, concerts, sports events, etc throughout India.

Most Common Issue Reported for BookMyShow Complaints

Some most common issues reported for BookMyShow complaints are given below:

  • A refund not given or initiated by them
  • Charged excess amount or taking internet handling charges
  • Amount deducted but ticket not booked
  • Offer not given in spite of fulfilling all Terms and conditions

How to resolve BookMyShow complaints?

Using the following easy steps a consumer can resolve consumer complaints against BookMyShow easily.

Resolve BookMyShow Complaint Via Customer care

Customer care and support teams are always ready to help consumers. If you are facing any issues or disputes with the services given by them, then you can raise your concern with the customer care team.

Customer care number: BookMyShow customer care phone number is 02261445050. You can dial this number to get answers to all your general queries. They are available 24X7.

BookMyShow customer care email ID: You can write your dispute to BookMyShow customer care email ID at helpdesk@bookmyshow.com

Resolve BookMyShow Complaint Via Social Media Channels

Social media is a very powerful platform for every company to build an online reputation. Contacting or addressing consumer complaints becomes easier using social media channels. You can connect BookMyShow’s team through social media channels:

BookMyShow Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/BookMyShow/

BookMyShow Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BookMyShowIN

BookMyShow Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/bookmyshowin/

Bookmyshow complaint

Resolve BookMyShow Complaint Via Online Consumer Forum

Nowadays, an Online consumer forum has become the most popular platform to show your frustration against the company and get a resolution of your complaints. Consumer helpline, Jago Grahak Jago, Voxya, etc. are the most renowned consumer complaint platform that helps consumers to get justice against the injustice done by the company. You can file a complaint on these consumer complaint websites to get a solution to consumer complaints. If you want to take legal action against the company then Voxya is the best option for you.

How can I file a BookMyShow complaint at Voxya?

If you’re not happy with Book My Show, you can make a complaint right now:

  1. You can visit this page “File a Complaint” page and fill out the form.
  2. Select BookMyShow and write your complaint according to your concern.
  3. Enter your personal information to create your account.
  4. Choose the best method for the redressal of your complaint.
  5. Submit your complaint.

However, before registering a complaint, you should

  • Contact BookMyShow customer service first;
  • Keep a record of all emails and chats with customer service; and
  • Gather documentation such as bills, payment receipts, and photographs to back up your claim.

How does Voxya help in resolving BookMyShow Complaints?

Voxya helped thousands of customers to find a resolution. You can take the help of voxya in raising your voice and get a resolution by utilizing our social, legal, and business network.

You can file consumer complaints very easily by going through voxya website. When your complaint is filed we will start a social media campaign and try to contact company officials via mail. This works because no one wants to show a bad image about their support. Also based on your choice we will draft and send professional legal notice to the company through registered post and it can prepare consumer case documents and help you in approaching consumers court.

BookMyShow Complaint