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Job scams and fake job complaints have become quite common in India. While finding a job can be a hectic task there are companies claiming to provide stunning job opportunities to freshers. And these companies are the biggest scam!

These companies reach out to people in need claiming to get them a job and all the fake promises in the world in exchange for money. They claim to be a Job consultancy but all they do is cheat people and this increase the number of the job scam and fake job complaints.

In this article, we will talk about:

  • How to save yourself from job scams or fake jobs?
  • How to file a complaint if you get scammed?

The best way to save yourself from all these scams is to be conscious of what you are doing. Here is a list of red flags to check before believing in a job offer.

Asking money beforehand: This sounds weird, doesn’t it? If you are working for a company you are supposed to get paid and not the other way round. No legit company asks you to pay them to apply for a job. If you ever come across a company asking for money for a job. It’s a big red signal!

Asking for Bank account details: This can be another big red signal. Never share your bank account details with random strangers on the Internet. You are not supposed to share any such information till you have not got a job in a real company.

Unprofessional emails: Always check how professional the emails are. Most of these fraud companies put no effort into writing good emails and their emails are filled with grammatical errors and look extremely unprofessional.

No information on the internet: Before applying for a job, research the company and find out every possible thing that you can. Most of the fraud companies have no information on the internet. If you can’t find a lot of information about a company on the internet then it can be a red flag.

Too good to believe offers: A lot of times these companies give you offers that are too good to believe. Like giving postings in foreign companies or paying extremely high salaries for very low-skill jobs and these kinds of offers. So if something is too good to believe then probably a red flag for you.

How to resolve Fake Job Complaints & Job Scam Complaints

Fake Job Complaints

Now, that you know all the possible red flags that can be there make sure you never get scammed by these scammers. But unluckily if you already got yourself in trouble here’s what you should do now:

Option 1: Try a Social media campaign for awareness

Social media can be a very powerful tool if you know how to use it correctly. Posting on social media will not only publicly shame the company but will also let other people know that this company is a scam.

Create a social media post explaining what exactly happened with you and tag the fraud company in your post. A lot of people have created such posts and boosted them to get a higher reach. If you are not sure of how exactly you can create a social media campaign then Voxya is there for you.

Voxya provides this social media campaign service for absolutely free.

Option 2: File a complaint in the nearest police station

Because of the rising cybercrimes, most police stations have cyber cells. You can reach out to one of the cyber cells of your city and file a complaint there. The police station has cybercrimes experts who are dealing with such issues regularly and know how to get you out of trouble.

Option 3: Send Legal Notice to the company

Legal notice can hamper the confidence of the fraudsters and there is a very great likelihood that they will return all the money that they scammed.

You can engage any experienced advocate or lawyer to draft & send this legal notice to the company on your behalf. The company will have to respond to this legal notice within 30 days.

An experienced lawyer may get hard on your pocket as they can charge anywhere between Rs.3500 to Rs.8000 for drafting and sending a legal notice on their letterhead. But if you can’t find a qualified lawyer in your budget then Voxya is there for you. Voxya can help you get the best and the most experienced advocates in the industry in your budget.

Voxya will deliver a hardcopy of the legal notice to your doorstep. You will also receive tracking codes to track the delivery of the Legal Notice to the company.

Option 4: File a case against the company in Consumer Court

If you have not heard back from the company after sending Legal Notice then it’s time to approach Consumer Court. You can also approach the Consumer forum if you have not received the desired resolution from the company for your complaint.

You can file a consumer case against the company without engaging any advocate or lawyer. You just need to draft Case papers explaining the issue, along with evidence and demanding the resolution you want.

You will have to submit an Affidavit and required Court fee to file a consumer case. If this all sounds too much to you then you can take the help of Voxya to prepare Case Documents for you.

Generally, it will take some time in getting any judgment in your Consumer Case. But even if your case gets decided after 3 long years, you will get interest on the disputed amount if you win the case.

Most affordable option to file a consumer complaint in India:

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The Final Words!

Voxya has helped thousands of people to get their consumer complaints resolved. In this article, you saw all the possible ways to resolve fake job complaints but if you can’t manage to do these things on your own, then Voxya is there for you!