How To Resolve Simplilearn Complaints – Quick Easy Guide

SimpliLearn is one of the leading e-learning platforms in India. However, despite its popularity, some learners have faced issues with SimpliLearn’s services and have filed complaints. If you are one of them wondering how to resolve Simplilearn complaints, don’t worry. There are a few ways to get your complaints resolved easily. This blog provides a step-by-step guide on how to resolve complaints against SimpliLearn.

Use Simplilearn’s Grievance Redressal Portal

SimpliLearn has set up an online Grievance Redressal Portal specifically to address learner complaints, feedback and questions regarding their courses. You can access it from your SimpliLearn dashboard.

To raise a complaint on the Grievance Redressal Portal:

1. Log in to your Simplilearn account

2. Go to “Support” and click on “Grievances.”

3. Select the category related to your complaint (Course content, Training issues, etc.)  

4. Write the grievance along with all relevant details

5. Attach screenshots or files if needed 

6. Submit the complaint

SimpliLearn aims to resolve portal complaints within five working days. You will receive regular status updates until your issue is fully resolved.

Contact Simplilearn’s Customer Service  

If you need urgent assistance or want to speak to a customer service representative directly, call SimpliLearn’s support number 1800-212-7688. Their dedicated customer service team works from 9 AM to 8 PM five days a week to help resolve learner queries and complaints.

To register your complaint over a call:

1. Find the customer service number on Simplilearn’s official website

2. Dial the toll-free number during working hours

3. Provide complete details about your complaint to the representative

4. Note down the ticket number for further reference

5. Follow up regularly on your complaint status

SimpliLearn tries to resolve complaints received over calls within 48 working hours. Unresolved complaints automatically get escalated to higher management.

Use Online Consumer Complaints Forums

If you still wondering how to resolve Simplilearn complaints, despite contacting SimpliLearn directly, the next option is to register your consumer complaint on reputed online consumer forums like Voxya. 

Voxya has helped over 200,000 consumers resolve their complaints amicably without the hassles of courts and lawyers. Here’s how it works:

1. Register on Voxya with your email ID and mobile number

2. Under “File a Complaint”, choose the company (Simplilearn)

3. Share the details of your complaint against Simplilearn

4. Submit any photos, emails etc to support your complaint

5. Take legal action through Lawyers by sending Legal Notice to SimpliLearn. You can demand full refund of the fees and even compensation for mental agony and inconvenience caused to you.

Use Social Media

This how to resolve Simplilearn complaints guide will not be complete, without mentioning Social media campaigns. With the help of Voxya, you can expedite complaint resolution by publicly bringing your poor experience with SimpliLearn to social media since no company wants bad publicity. Moreover, such public shaming ensures they fix the underlying issue so that other consumers don’t face what you face.

Approach Consumer Forum

If you do not get positive response from SimpliLearn after sending Legal Notice, you can file a case against them in Consumer Forum. You can do it yourself or you can hire an advocate for case filing. The case filing process is very simple but if you need hand holding, you can talk to a lawyer and ask questions directly.

Generally, it takes a few days time in getting a case filed in Consumer Forum. However in majority of cases, the company will try to settle the dispute out of court, once you file a case against them. So, if your dispute involves considerable money, its worth filing a case.

Voxya’s external arbitration mechanism and public attention compel even unresponsive companies to engage with consumers and address their rightful complaints.

In Conclusion

Hope this 5-step guide on how to resolve Simplilearn complaints, will help you. The key is persistence and knowledge. Through these methods, you can resolve your complaint against SimpliLearn quickly without much hassle.

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