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eDaakhil file consumer complaint

You can file a consumer complaint easily by using eDaakhil portal, if you are dissatisfied with any product or service. eDaakhil platform was initiated by the Consumer Affairs Department to make the case filing process quick and online. Infact some districts have witnessed an increase in online case filing after launch of eDaakhil. Though it was primarily launched for the consumers but it also has been used by the lawyers to file cases remotely since COVID. In this article we will explore how eDaakhil works, its benefits, and the types of complaints you can file at the platform.

Understanding eDaakhil: Streamlining Online Consumer Complaints

eDaakhil is an important step towards protecting the rights of consumers in India. Developed by NIC and the Consumer Affairs Department, eDaakhil serves as a digital platform to file cases without visiting to courts physically. Here’s why eDaakhil matters:

  • Empowering Consumers: eDaakhil gives you the power to file complaints from anywhere, anytime from the comfort of your home. It helped in making the process accessible and efficient for the consumers.
  • Background of Consumer Rights in India: Before eDaakhil, filing a consumer complaint was a complex & lengthy process. You had to visit consumer courts in person and complete the legal formalities. Now, with a few clicks, your complaint is filed and the opposite party is notified.
  • Digital Transition: eDaakhil helped in saving time and ensuring that your complaint reaches the right authorities & parties without delay.
  • Types of Complaints: You can file complaints regarding faulty product, unfair trade practice, negligence, or deficient services. eDaakhil covers a wide range of issues with appliances, electronics, services, and more.

By understanding how eDaakhil works, you can take full advantage of this platform. eDaakhil helps in getting the justice you deserve without the hassle of traditional complaint methods.

How to Get Started with eDaakhil: Registration and Login Simplified

In order to file a complaint on eDaakhil, you first need to register and login into the portal. Here is a straightforward guide on how to register and login in eDaakhil:

  • Why Register?: It is mandatory to register on eDaakhil. Without an account, you cannot submit a complaint. Your account provides a secure space where you can file, manage and track your consumer complaints easily.
  • Creating an Account:
    • Visit the eDaakhil portal at https://edaakhil.nic.in/edaakhil/
    • Click on the “Register” option.
    • Fill in the required details such as your name, email, and contact number.
    • Upload the necessary documents for example Bills, Letters, Payment receipts or any communication you have had with the seller / service provider.
  • OTP Verification for Security: After submitting your details, eDaakhil will send One Time Password (OTP) to your registered mobile number or email. This step verifies that your contact information on the eDaakhil platform is correct and it helps in securing your account.
  • Strong Password Creation:
    • It is suggested to use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.
    • Avoid common words or easy-to-guess combinations like “password” or “123456”.
    • Keep your password unique to eDaakhil to prevent unauthorized access to your eDaakhil account.
    • Keeping Login Details Safe: Never share your eDaakhil login credentials with anyone. If you write them down, keep them in a secure place.
  • Troubleshooting Login Issues: If you face issues like forgetting your password or not receiving the OTP, you can use the “Forgot Password” feature to reset it. If you are unable to receive OTP, check your spam folder in the email box or you can request a new OTP.

By following these above steps, you can create a secure and personalized account on eDaakhil. You can use your eDaakhil account to file consumer complaints, tracking their progress, and communicating with authorities. Please note that the efficiency of resolving your complaint starts with a smooth registration and login process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Filing a Complaint on eDaakhil

Filing a consumer complaint with eDaakhil is a simple process and it ensures that your grievance is recorded and processed efficiently. Here is how you can file a complaint:

  • Choose the Complaint Category: You need to first identify whether your complaint is regarding a product or service. This helps in directing your consumer complaint to the appropriate department. Make sure you know what exactly is your issue to speed up the entire process.
  • Filling Out the Complaint Form:
    • Log in to your eDaakhil account.
    • Go to the “File a Complaint” section.
    • Select the appropriate category – product or service.
    • Provide detailed information about the complaint, including the name of the company, product/service details, and the nature of the issue.
    • Upload evidence to support your complaint. This could include bills, receipts, product images, email correspondences, or any other document that supports your claim.
    • Write a detailed description of your grievance. Be clear and concise, narrating what happened and how you have suffered.
  • Paying the Complaint Fee: eDaakhil requires a nominal fee to process complaints. You can make payment through net banking, credit/debit cards, or other online payment options. You should follow the instructions on the eDaakhil portal to complete the transaction securely.
  • Tracking Your Complaint: Once your complaint is submitted, you will receive a confirmation along with a tracking number. Use this tracking number to:
    • Check the status of your complaint on the eDaakhil portal.
    • Get updates on the progress.
    • Understand the expected timeline for a resolution.
  • Understanding the Legal Framework: eDaakhil operates within the legal framework established to protect the rights of consumers in India. It ensures that all complaints are handled as per the Consumer Protection Act. This guarantees that your complaints are not just heard but they are addressed in a manner that is fair and just.

By following these steps and understanding the process, filing your complaint on eDaakhil becomes a straightforward task. eDaakhil portal is a powerful tool in enforcing consumer rights, making the complaint filing process not just convenient but also impactful.

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Post-Submission Process on eDaakhil

After you file a complaint successfully on eDaakhil portal, let us explain what happens next:

  • Mediation Process: eDaakhil promotes a mediation process in order to resolve complaints without involving consumer courts. This process involves:
    • Helping direct communication between consumers and vendors/service providers through the eDaakhil platform.
    • Attempting to reach a mutually agreeable solution which is facilitated by neutral mediators.
    • The mediation process is designed to be quicker and less complex than court proceedings which is beneficial to both parties.
  • Role of Consumer Courts: If your complaint does not get any resolution through mediation, eDaakhil moves the complaints to consumer courts. The process includes:
    • Automatic transfer of complaint details and documents from eDaakhil portal to the consumer court system.
    • Scheduling of hearings, where both parties can present their case.
    • Consumer courts then evaluate each case based on the merits of the case, ensuring justice is served.
  • Preparing for a Consumer Court Hearing: If your complaint goes to court, you should :
    • Gather all relevant documents, including any correspondence, receipts, warranties, and evidence of damages.
    • Hire a consumer lawyer, if you are busy and not comfortable in court proceedings, though it is not mandatory.
    • Review the eDaakhil portal for any specific guidelines or requirements for court hearings.
  • Monitoring Complaint Status: It is suggested to actively check your complaint status on eDaakhil portal. It can significantly influence the speed and outcome of your complaint resolution.
    • Regularly check the status of your complaint on the portal.
    • Respond promptly to any requests for additional information from eDaakhil.

The post-submission phase on eDaakhil is as important as the initial filing. By participating in the mediation process, court hearings, and regularly checking your complaint status, you can enhance your chances of getting a favorable resolution.

Ensuring Success on eDaakhil: Best Practices

You should check these best practices to optimize your eDaakhil complaint and influence the outcome. Here is how to optimize your consumer complaint for a successful resolution:

  • Crafting Your Complaint: It is important to draft your complaint clearly and completely:
    • Clearly define the issue and the resolution you are seeking. Be specific about what went wrong and how you would like the company to resolve the dispute.
    • Use a neutral and factual tone and avoid any emotional language that could suppress the key facts of your case.
  • Providing Evidence: The strength of your complaint largely depends on the evidence and other details you provide. This includes:
    • Submitting all relevant documents such as Bills, receipts, warranties, emails, and photographs that support your claim.
    • Ensuring all your personal and purchase information is accurate.
  • Active Follow-Up: You should be proactive after filing your consumer complaint. This involves:
    • Regularly checking the status of your complaint through the eDaakhil portal.
    • Responding promptly to any additional information or documentation requests from authorities.
  • Seeking Additional Support: Sometimes the entire complaint filing process can be challenging for consumers. You should:
    • Consult a professional lawyer
    • Consult Consumer rights organization like Voxya if you are not sure about your rights or the process. These entities can provide guidance, support, and in some cases, representation to get resolution in your case.

Thats it! We hope that by following the strategies and best practices outlined in this article, you can enhance the likelihood of getting a favorable resolution in your complaint through eDaakhil. If you want to learn more about Consumer Court process, check our paperback book or read online book.

How to Resolve PlanetSpark Complaints – A Quick Super Guide

How to Resolve PlanetSpark Complaints

PlanetSpark is an ed-tech platform that provides live online tuition to school students. However, as with any service, some students have faced issues resulting in complaints. If you are wondering how to resolve PlanetSpark complaints, this guide covers various methods and best practices.

However, as with any education service dealing with so many students, some grievances creep in occasionally. This blog looks at ways to know how to resolve PlanetSpark complaints if you’ve had a poor experience with this Edutech platform.

What Are The Common Complaints Against PlanetSpark?

Some frequent issues faced by students on Planet Spark that result in complaints:

– Teacher quality not meeting promised standards

– Last-minute class cancellations  

– Internet connectivity issues disrupting classes

– Refund denial for dropped courses

– Payment failures yet bookings made

– Inadequate response to support queries

– Rescheduling delays for missed classes

Before complaining, cross-check PlanetSpark’s policies around cancellations, refunds, teacher allocation, etc., so that your expectations match what they commit.

How Long Does PlanetSpark Take To Resolve Complaints? 

PlanetSpark aims to resolve support tickets and queries within 72 working hours. 

However, student complaints about tutors, class issues, connectivity, etc, often take longer – typically 5-7 working days as they need to coordinate with respective stakeholders internally.

In some cases, if the problem escalates to their senior management, the final resolution can go up to 15-30 days.

What Is The Process For Filing A Complaint With PlanetSpark?

If you face any service quality issues with PlanetSpark, you can register your grievance through the following avenues:

Raise Complaint Via Support Ticket 

The easiest way is to directly log in to your Planet Spark account and raise a ticket under the “Help & Support” section. When submitting a complaint via support ticket, make sure to include relevant details such as:

– Your registered email ID & contact number for PlanetSpark to respond  

– Date, time and batch details when the concerning issue occurred

– Use screenshots as proof wherever applicable – for instance, payment failures, connectivity errors, etc.

– An elaborate description of what went wrong and how it impacted your learning experience with Planet Spark

– Explicitly stating your desired resolution or expectations from PlanetSpark  

Providing complete details and clear expectations makes it easier for their customer support team to investigate and resolve your complaint faster. 

However, note that their response timelines vary from case to case, depending on the severity and complexity involved. Simple queries may get resolved within 24-48 hours, while issues needing cross-team coordination take longer – typically 3 to 5 working days.

Using Third-Party Consumer Complaint Channels  

To learn how to resolve PlanetSpark complaints and if you are still waiting for a satisfactory response from PlanetSpark’s internal team despite multiple follow-ups over two weeks, consider escalating your complaint externally via online consumer complaints forum like Voxya

Registering your grievance against PlanetSpark on such reputed external forums puts more significant pressure on them to promptly resolve your pending issue before it impacts their public reputation and credibility. Voxya also helps in reaching out to higher management through business network.

Moreover, such third-party consumer forums also have well-laid arbitration mechanisms to facilitate satisfactory closure of complaints by adopting legal route involving filing case in Consumer Court – while holding ed-tech firms like PlanetSpark accountable. 

The public nature of these platforms compels companies to urgently address open consumer complaints highlighted on them rather than risking loss of trust in the market.

Contact Via Call / Email

Still struggling on how to resolve PlanetSpark complaints? Apart from digital channels, you can also directly contact PlanetSpark’s customer support team telephonically at their listed number to speak about your complaints. 

Calling them to explain your grievance often makes the urgency and frustration much more apparent than raising another faceless ticket. So feel free to call them if you’ve had a particularly bad experience needing immediate redressal.

You may also email your complaint to PlanetSpark’s customer service email ID, highlighting your registered student details. Remember to mark emails as urgent for quicker response. Follow up continuously over the phone or email until PlanetSpark resolves your pending complaint.


We hope this guide gives you suitable methods to learn how to resolve PlanetSpark complaints. You can get your valid complaints against PlanetSpark redressed using their internal portal or external forums by following up diligently. Remember that being well-versed in their policies and providing all details makes resolution easier.

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How to Resolve Professional Courier Complaints?

Resolve Professional Courier Complaints

Having issues with your courier delivery? You’re not alone. As online shopping grows more popular across India, more and more consumers are facing problems to resolve Professional Courier complaints. Delayed shipments, damaged goods, extra fees – navigating the complex world of couriers can be frustrating. 

But you don’t have to suffer silently or accept poor service. There are ways for savvy Indian shoppers to get their issues resolved. This guide will walk you through the common courier complaints Indians face and provide practical tips on how to get a fair resolution.

Top Courier Complaints in India

To resolve Professional Courier complaints, first let’s look at the most prevalent complaints Indian consumers have about courier services:

– Delayed or late deliveries

– Damaged, broken, or missing items

– Extra fees tacked onto the quoted price

– Poor customer service and lack of communication 

– Issues with claims processing for insurance

These complaints stem from both domestic Indian couriers like The Professional Courier (TPC), DTDC, Blue Dart, and First Flight as well as international shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. 

Regardless of which courier is giving you headaches, the resolution tactics we’ll cover can help get your problem addressed.

Strategies To Resolve Professional Courier Complaints 

If you’ve received less than stellar courier service, here are some proven techniques to get the issue rectified:

Track Your Shipment Status

Before crying foul on delivery delays, first check the tracking status online through the Professional Courier website or app. This will give you clearer visibility into the current location and expected delivery date for your shipment. 

Armed with tracking details, you can better assess whether the package is actually late or provide helpful specifics when contacting customer service.

Document Any Damage Immediately

Upon receiving a damaged parcel by TPC, immediately take photos showing any broken items, dents, leaks, or missing pieces. Retain all packaging materials too as proof. 

Creating a visual record is vital to support any claims you file later to resolve Professional Courier Complaints. Most couriers require images or inspection of damaged goods before processing refunds or replacements.

Exhaust Customer Service Options 

Before taking more extreme measures, attempt to resolve things directly with the TPC through calls, emails, social media outreach, or by visiting in person when possible. Be sure to specifically request a solution you find acceptable. 

If frontline agents don’t help satisfactorily, politely ask to speak to a supervisor for further assistance. Keep notes on who you speak to, case IDs, and any promises of follow-up. Moving up the chain of command often yields results.

Initiate Formal Grievance Procedures

The Professional Courier has structured consumer grievance processes outlined on their website or available via customer service. Typically you’ll need to submit an official complaint form with details on the issue and desired outcome. 

Be sure to provide complete information and retain the complaint reference number for tracking later. Mark calendars for expected resolutions dates and follow up if the company misses promised deadlines. 

Seek Assistance from External Bodies

If you still can’t get satisfactory closure directly from the courier, contact external consumer assistance programs. These include:

Voxya: An online consumer complaint forum where you can post publicly about grievances to create wider awareness and receive guidance.

– Consumer Courts: You can file a case against couriers at your District, State or National consumer court to seek legal resolution when other options fail. 

– TRAI: Register complaints with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India against logistics providers for issues involving freight tracking systems or delayed guarantees.  

– Social Media: As a last resort, leverage Facebook, Twitter, consumer forums, or review platforms to draw public attention to particularly unresolved egregious complaints.

Achieving Fair Outcomes

By following this playbook for addressing courier issues, Indian consumers can stand up for their rights and achieve acceptable remedies. Just remember to: track shipments, document problems, exhaust company service channels, use regulatory bodies, and spotlight unethical behavior as needed.

With the surge in ecommerce, couriers provide an invaluable role enabling purchases. But quality standards must be maintained – and customers shouldn’t stay silent when expectations aren’t met. You have options to pursue fair outcomes. 

So be proactive, be polite but firm with demands, and be persistent until obtaining satisfactory resolution. This will encourage Indian couriers to lift their game, ultimately creating a better delivery experience for everyone.

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How to Resolve Complaints Against Bank of Baroda : 5 Quick Steps

how to resolve complaints against Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda (BOB) is one of India’s leading public sector banks. How to Resolve Complaints Against Bank of Baroda? As a large banking institution, customers may sometimes face issues with BOB’s services and wish to raise complaints. If you are struggling to get response from BOB for your complaints, here are the steps you can take:

1. File Complaint at Branch

First, visit the Bank of Baroda branch where you hold your account and obtain their complaint form. Fill in the details of your complaint and submit the form to the branch manager and get an acknowledgement. You should make sure to get proper receipt of your complaint submission.

2. Contact BOB Customer Care

If the branch does not resolve the issue promptly, contact BOB’s customer care center. You can call their tollfree number 1800 5700 or paid number 022 6766 001/002. You can also email them at customercare[at]bankofbaroda[dot]com with your complaint details. Quote your account details and request urgent resolution. 

3. Use Online Complaint Portal

BOB also offers an online complaint registration and resolution system. Log in to their portal, go to the Complaint Registration section and fill in all the required details such as account number, complaint summary, etc. After submitting your complaint, you will receive a unique complaint number to track status.

Key Details to Include

The topic, How to Resolve Complaints Against Bank of Baroda, will not be complete unless we mention what details to include in your complaint. When filing a complaint via offline or online mode, make sure to provide these important details:

  • Account number
  • Full name
  • Contact information – mobile number, email id
  • Complaint summary
  • Desired resolution

This will help BOB understand and prioritize your complaint.

4. Escalate to Banking Ombudsman 

If BOB does not resolve your complaint within 30 days, you can approach the Banking Ombudsman under the Integrated Ombudsman Scheme 2021. Draft a complaint letter with all essential details and submit it to the Ombudsman online or by post. They will review your case and work towards resoling Banking complaints.

5. Reach Out to Higher Authorities

Still not sure, how to resolve complaints against Bank of Baroda? Even after escalating to the Ombudsman, if you do not receive satisfactory response, write to higher authorities in BOB like Zonal Manager, Nodal General Manager, etc. Explain your grievance and provide references of earlier complaints. Their contact information is available online at Bank of Baroda website.

Gathering All Relevant Documents

Before filing a complaint against Bank of Baroda, gather all the necessary documents relating to your grievance. This includes:

  • Account statements
  • Correspondence with bank officials regarding the issue
  • Any bills, receipts or invoices related to failed transactions
  • Terms and conditions for the account/services
  • Your earlier written complaints submitted to the bank

Keeping this documentation handy will help you provide clear details when filing a complaint via offline/online channels or escalating to higher authorities. The supporting documents will also come in use if you need to approach the Banking Ombudsman or consumer forums. Having relevant paperwork will strengthen your case and expedite resolution.

So make sure to collate documentation proving your grievance before raising a formal complaint against Bank of Baroda through appropriate channels. It will enable smooth and timely redressal.

How to Resolve Complaints Against Bank of Baroda via Voxya 

Voxya is an online consumer complaint platform in India where you can easily lodge complaints against brands like BOB to amplify your voice. If traditional channels have not worked, use Voxya to expedite complaint resolution.

On Voxya, your banking complaint will get visibility among other users, creating public pressure for redressal. Additionally, Voxya’s legal experts provide guidance to take further action through Consumer Forum / Consumer Court. For persistent BOB complaints, Voxya offers a unique solution.

Wrapping up

Hope you know now, how to resolve complaints against Bank of Baroda. Follow a step-by-step approach starting from the branch level, escalating to customer care, online portals, Ombudsman, and higher authorities. If needed, take the legal route via forums like Voxya for quicker complaint resolution from BOB.

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