How to Resolve PlanetSpark Complaints – A Quick Super Guide

PlanetSpark is an ed-tech platform that provides live online tuition to school students. However, as with any service, some students have faced issues resulting in complaints. If you are wondering how to resolve PlanetSpark complaints, this guide covers various methods and best practices.

However, as with any education service dealing with so many students, some grievances creep in occasionally. This blog looks at ways to know how to resolve PlanetSpark complaints if you’ve had a poor experience with this Edutech platform.

What Are The Common Complaints Against PlanetSpark?

Some frequent issues faced by students on Planet Spark that result in complaints:

– Teacher quality not meeting promised standards

– Last-minute class cancellations  

– Internet connectivity issues disrupting classes

– Refund denial for dropped courses

– Payment failures yet bookings made

– Inadequate response to support queries

– Rescheduling delays for missed classes

Before complaining, cross-check PlanetSpark’s policies around cancellations, refunds, teacher allocation, etc., so that your expectations match what they commit.

How Long Does PlanetSpark Take To Resolve Complaints? 

PlanetSpark aims to resolve support tickets and queries within 72 working hours. 

However, student complaints about tutors, class issues, connectivity, etc, often take longer – typically 5-7 working days as they need to coordinate with respective stakeholders internally.

In some cases, if the problem escalates to their senior management, the final resolution can go up to 15-30 days.

What Is The Process For Filing A Complaint With PlanetSpark?

If you face any service quality issues with PlanetSpark, you can register your grievance through the following avenues:

Raise Complaint Via Support Ticket 

The easiest way is to directly log in to your Planet Spark account and raise a ticket under the “Help & Support” section. When submitting a complaint via support ticket, make sure to include relevant details such as:

– Your registered email ID & contact number for PlanetSpark to respond  

– Date, time and batch details when the concerning issue occurred

– Use screenshots as proof wherever applicable – for instance, payment failures, connectivity errors, etc.

– An elaborate description of what went wrong and how it impacted your learning experience with Planet Spark

– Explicitly stating your desired resolution or expectations from PlanetSpark  

Providing complete details and clear expectations makes it easier for their customer support team to investigate and resolve your complaint faster. 

However, note that their response timelines vary from case to case, depending on the severity and complexity involved. Simple queries may get resolved within 24-48 hours, while issues needing cross-team coordination take longer – typically 3 to 5 working days.

Using Third-Party Consumer Complaint Channels  

To learn how to resolve PlanetSpark complaints and if you are still waiting for a satisfactory response from PlanetSpark’s internal team despite multiple follow-ups over two weeks, consider escalating your complaint externally via online consumer complaints forum like Voxya

Registering your grievance against PlanetSpark on such reputed external forums puts more significant pressure on them to promptly resolve your pending issue before it impacts their public reputation and credibility. Voxya also helps in reaching out to higher management through business network.

Moreover, such third-party consumer forums also have well-laid arbitration mechanisms to facilitate satisfactory closure of complaints by adopting legal route involving filing case in Consumer Court – while holding ed-tech firms like PlanetSpark accountable. 

The public nature of these platforms compels companies to urgently address open consumer complaints highlighted on them rather than risking loss of trust in the market.

Contact Via Call / Email

Still struggling on how to resolve PlanetSpark complaints? Apart from digital channels, you can also directly contact PlanetSpark’s customer support team telephonically at their listed number to speak about your complaints. 

Calling them to explain your grievance often makes the urgency and frustration much more apparent than raising another faceless ticket. So feel free to call them if you’ve had a particularly bad experience needing immediate redressal.

You may also email your complaint to PlanetSpark’s customer service email ID, highlighting your registered student details. Remember to mark emails as urgent for quicker response. Follow up continuously over the phone or email until PlanetSpark resolves your pending complaint.


We hope this guide gives you suitable methods to learn how to resolve PlanetSpark complaints. You can get your valid complaints against PlanetSpark redressed using their internal portal or external forums by following up diligently. Remember that being well-versed in their policies and providing all details makes resolution easier.

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