How to Resolve Complaints Against Bank of Baroda : 5 Quick Steps

Bank of Baroda (BOB) is one of India’s leading public sector banks. How to Resolve Complaints Against Bank of Baroda? As a large banking institution, customers may sometimes face issues with BOB’s services and wish to raise complaints. If you are struggling to get response from BOB for your complaints, here are the steps you can take:

1. File Complaint at Branch

First, visit the Bank of Baroda branch where you hold your account and obtain their complaint form. Fill in the details of your complaint and submit the form to the branch manager and get an acknowledgement. You should make sure to get proper receipt of your complaint submission.

2. Contact BOB Customer Care

If the branch does not resolve the issue promptly, contact BOB’s customer care center. You can call their tollfree number 1800 5700 or paid number 022 6766 001/002. You can also email them at customercare[at]bankofbaroda[dot]com with your complaint details. Quote your account details and request urgent resolution. 

3. Use Online Complaint Portal

BOB also offers an online complaint registration and resolution system. Log in to their portal, go to the Complaint Registration section and fill in all the required details such as account number, complaint summary, etc. After submitting your complaint, you will receive a unique complaint number to track status.

Key Details to Include

The topic, How to Resolve Complaints Against Bank of Baroda, will not be complete unless we mention what details to include in your complaint. When filing a complaint via offline or online mode, make sure to provide these important details:

  • Account number
  • Full name
  • Contact information – mobile number, email id
  • Complaint summary
  • Desired resolution

This will help BOB understand and prioritize your complaint.

4. Escalate to Banking Ombudsman 

If BOB does not resolve your complaint within 30 days, you can approach the Banking Ombudsman under the Integrated Ombudsman Scheme 2021. Draft a complaint letter with all essential details and submit it to the Ombudsman online or by post. They will review your case and work towards resoling Banking complaints.

5. Reach Out to Higher Authorities

Still not sure, how to resolve complaints against Bank of Baroda? Even after escalating to the Ombudsman, if you do not receive satisfactory response, write to higher authorities in BOB like Zonal Manager, Nodal General Manager, etc. Explain your grievance and provide references of earlier complaints. Their contact information is available online at Bank of Baroda website.

Gathering All Relevant Documents

Before filing a complaint against Bank of Baroda, gather all the necessary documents relating to your grievance. This includes:

  • Account statements
  • Correspondence with bank officials regarding the issue
  • Any bills, receipts or invoices related to failed transactions
  • Terms and conditions for the account/services
  • Your earlier written complaints submitted to the bank

Keeping this documentation handy will help you provide clear details when filing a complaint via offline/online channels or escalating to higher authorities. The supporting documents will also come in use if you need to approach the Banking Ombudsman or consumer forums. Having relevant paperwork will strengthen your case and expedite resolution.

So make sure to collate documentation proving your grievance before raising a formal complaint against Bank of Baroda through appropriate channels. It will enable smooth and timely redressal.

How to Resolve Complaints Against Bank of Baroda via Voxya 

Voxya is an online consumer complaint platform in India where you can easily lodge complaints against brands like BOB to amplify your voice. If traditional channels have not worked, use Voxya to expedite complaint resolution.

On Voxya, your banking complaint will get visibility among other users, creating public pressure for redressal. Additionally, Voxya’s legal experts provide guidance to take further action through Consumer Forum / Consumer Court. For persistent BOB complaints, Voxya offers a unique solution.

Wrapping up

Hope you know now, how to resolve complaints against Bank of Baroda. Follow a step-by-step approach starting from the branch level, escalating to customer care, online portals, Ombudsman, and higher authorities. If needed, take the legal route via forums like Voxya for quicker complaint resolution from BOB.

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