Bengaluru Consumer Court orders Airlines to pay ₹70,000 for delay in delivering luggage and spoiling holiday

The Bengaluru consumer court has ordered Indigo Airlines to pay a couple ₹70,000 for the delay in delivering their checked-in luggage, which caused inconvenience and spoiled their vacation in Port Blair.

In this order, the court directed Indigo to pay ₹50,000 as compensation, along with an additional ₹10,000 for the mental agony suffered by the couple and ₹10,000 to cover their litigation costs.

The court stated that due to Airline’s mistake the couple had to spend money amounting to Rs.5000/- to purchase clothes and other necessary items as their checked-in luggage was not delivered, which spoiled the holiday mood of the complainants.

The couple had booked their flights from Indigo Airlines to travel from Bengaluru to Port Blair on November 1, 2021. However, when they reached the destination, they were shocked to discover that their checked-in luggage, containing crucial items like clothing, medications, and ferry tickets for their Andaman boat rides, had not reached Port Blair.

Despite the ground crew’s assurances that the misplaced luggage would be delivered the next day, it was received only after two days on November 3 which further aggravated their mental trauma. Being aggrieved with the incident, the couple decided to take legal action against the Indigo Airlines and sent a legal notice to Indigo. Thereafter the couple filed a consumer complaint seeking compensation for the disruption of their vacation and the district consumer court ruled in their favor, ordering Indigo Airlines to pay ₹70,000 within 45 days along with an interest at the rate of 9 percent per annum if there is any delay in making the payment.

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