Consumer Court in New Delhi fines KIA Motors for Discolouration of Car

In a recent consumer complaint, the District Consumer Court in New Delhi ordered KIA Motors to pay Rs.70,000/- to the complainant, Sameer Varma. The dispute was regarding rusting of chrome parts in the car Kia Seltos.

Mr. Varma purchased the car Kia Seltos trusting the brand KIA. However, he was shocked to observe rusting on the chrome parts of his Kia Seltos, which caused severe mental trauma to him. He contacted KIA Motors and authorized dealer to get the issue fixed by cleaning and repairing but the issue persisted. Having no other alternative, he decided to file a case against KIA and the authorized dealer in September 2020.

The complainant submitted that the rusting issue in the car was a result of poor product quality, whereas the respondents argued that the use of unauthorized cleaning product and environmental factors such as pollution, hard water residues caused the rusting in the car parts. After examining the evidence, actions and responses provided by both the parties in the consumer complaint, the District Consumer Court in New Delhi rejected the argument of discolouration of car due to Pollution.

The Consumer Court noted that the complainant was not adhering to certain guidelines in the Car Owner’s Manual and the parts were replaced by the opposite party as a goodwill gesture and not as a recognition of a defect in the car parts. Further it was found in the email communication that the opposite party tried to put the blame on the complainant as he washed the vehicle with water on a daily basis and applied non-approved material on these car parts.

Finally, the District Consumer Court in New Delhi delivered an important judgment favoring complainant, directing Kia Motors India and Frontier Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. to pay Rs.70,000/- to the complainant within two months. Additionally, if the payment was not made within the stipulated time, interest would be levied at 7% per annum until its realization.

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