Insurance Complaint

Did you got false commitments from your Insurance company? Here’s how to file a Insurance complaint

False commitments in insurance policies are quite common in the Indian market. There are thousands of people who are facing similar problems every day. Brokers do all the promises in the world to sell you an insurance policy, after which they hardly even show their faces!

They place all the false commitments that are possible just to sell you stuff and once that’s done you never see them again!

How to resolve insurance complaint?

If you are someone who got scammed by an agent’s false commitments while buying an insurance policy. Then this article is only for you. In this article, we will see how you can file a complaint if the insurance agent used false commitments to sell you the policy.

File a formal complaint with your Insurer: 

The first step should always be filing a formal complaint with your Insurance company. You can’t move ahead and file complaints at higher authorities if you haven’t tried complaining in the lower places first. 

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You should file a formal insurance complaint with your insurer, along with all supporting documentation. Both insurance providers’ contact information can be found in their policy papers or on their website contact pages. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority also has all of their contact information (IRDA).

After filing the complaint with the company you should wait for at least 15 to 20 days to let them take any action from their side. 

If they let you down and didn’t take any serious attempts to resolve your complaint then you can move ahead with your complaint. You can also move ahead if you are not satisfied with their solution.

Contact an Ombudsman:

An ombudsman is a government-appointed official who investigates allegations against companies, financial institutions, government agencies, and other public bodies and seeks to resolve disputes or issues posed by mediation or recommendations.

The official wants facts and other relevant details in order to properly understand the case and see it from both sides’ perspectives. They perform a detailed review and have a final report.

Insurance Complaint

You can move ahead and file a complaint with the ombudsman if:

  • The claim made by you is wholly or partially rejected.
  • Even After paying the premium, you have not received your policy.
  • There is a delay in the resolution of claims.
  • There is a disagreement on how much premium should be charged and how much should be paid.
  • The terms and conditions stated in the Policy Schedule are the subjects of a disagreement.

Register a complaint with IGMS of IRDA:

The Integrated Grievance Management System was implemented by IRDA as an online forum where policyholders who have a grievance or disagreement with an insurance company can escalate the matter. 

This system allows you to file a complaint and monitor its progress. The IRDA will use these grievance redress and reporting mechanisms to provide policyholders with centralized access and identify grievances according to predefined norms.

IRDA Complaint

Complaints are given a specific complaint ID and referred to the relevant departments for resolution. This also aids in the monitoring of business behavior problems. 

This also assigns Turnaround Times (TATs) to all grievances and sets up reminders for activities that are still pending. With rule-based workflows and informative reports, the framework ensures effective complaint resolution.

You can read this article for a more detailed step-by-step guide. 

Take your Insurance company to the civil court:

If your case is still unresolved, you should file a complaint with the consumer court. Health insurance lawsuits are handled by a separate branch of the consumer court, which specializes in Unfair Trade Practices, malpractice, and service concerns.

You will need to employ an attorney to help you develop and make a strong claim for damages.

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The Conclusion

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