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What to do if a faulty vehicle was sold to you?

Isn’t purchasing a car an amazing experience? We all enjoy purchasing them, but what do you do when you receive a defective and faulty vehicle and the manufacturer refuses to cooperate?

So, if you just purchased a new car but are having problems with it, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right spot. In this article, we will explain what to do if a faulty vehicle was sold to you.

Know How to resolve faulty vehicle complaint:

Option: 1 – Contact the manager of your showroom

The first step in resolving your issues should be to meet with the manager of the showroom where you bought the faulty vehicle. You should evaluate the situation and make it clear what you want from them.

If they are reasonable, you can try to settle the situation. However, if they aren’t, you can move on to the next alternative.

Option: 2 – Reach out to the customer service of the company

You have the option of filing a formal business complaint. You may do so by visiting these companies’ official websites or calling their customer service numbers.

faulty vehicle

Here are the phone numbers for some of India’s most well-known automobile companies:

Tata Motors India – 022-62407101

Mahindra & Mahindra India – 1800 209 6006

Maruti Suzuki India – 1800 102 1800

Hero MotoCorp India – 1800 266 0018

Bajaj Auto India – 7219821111

Toyota India – 1800 425 0001

Chevrolet India – 1800 3000 8080

Mitsubishi Motors Customer Care Number – 1800 102 2955

Honda Motors Company Ltd. – 1800 708 6555

Ford Motor Company – 1800 419 2500

Option: 3 – Social media can be your savior: Run social media campaigns

You should try contacting your car company via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Brands have started to take their social media activity seriously, and teams are normally assigned to monitor customer actions.

Using the right hashtags and tagging the business will help you get the attention you want. If all of this worries you, consider using Voxya’s social media campaign service. The best part is that they provide this service for free!

Option: 4 – Go legal: Send a Legal Notice to the company

If the company does not respond after you file an official complaint and tweet about it on social media, the only option is to send them a professionally written Legal Notice demanding that they resolve the problem or you can sue them in court.

You should employ a competent attorney or lawyer to record and file this legal notice to the organization on your behalf. The company will have 30 days to respond to the legal notice.

faulty vehicle

An experienced lawyer is unquestionably going to be expensive. They will charge between Rs.3500 and Rs.8000 for writing and submitting a legal notice on his letterhead.

However, if you are unable to find a qualified lawyer within your budget, you can submit the Legal Notice using Voxya’s services.

Option: 5 – File a case against your automobile company in Consumer Court

If the company does not respond to the Legal Notice, it is time to file a complaint with the Consumer Court. If the company has not resolved your issue to your satisfaction, you can also contact the Consumer Forum.

Option: 6 – Use all the options above

For a simpler and easier solution, you can use all of the previously mentioned options. Using all available social, business, and legal channels will get you the desired results, despite the fact that it will take a lot of hard work.

Voxya makes it easy to use social media, business networks, and legal mechanisms to resolve customer grievances in India.

Most affordable option to file a consumer complaint in India:

Voxya is a consumer complaint platform online. It helps users to easily file consumer complaints against companies. This allows the consumer to tackle fraud and unresponsive customer service. Voxya is known for its quality and reasonably priced services.

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The Final Answer!

You already know the answer, don’t you?

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