Not satisfied with the company response at NCH (National Consumer Helpline) – What to do Next?

The Department of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, and Food & Public Distribution have been involved in the NCH project. This initiative aims to provide a platform for consumer education and awareness.

Consumers can reach out through telephonic channels to get comprehensive information, advice, and efficient guidance regarding their queries or grievances.

Consumers can lodge their grievances with the National customer helpline number 1800-11-4000 or 1915 and they can also send an SMS to 8800001915 to register their complaint.

Once you register, the NCH team will start working on your complaint, and you will start getting updates from the NCH agent. Companies are also providing solutions to complaints using NCH. According to our clients, they filed their complaint at the National consumer helpline platform but didn’t receive a proper solution for their complaint. Companies marked their complaint as resolved at NCH instead of providing a solution, and the most common NCH agent remark is:

“The grievance was taken up with the company by NCH, and the company has responded. If you are not satisfied with the company’s response would like to pursue the case with the company for further relief/ compensation in the absence of suitable/ acceptable redressal, you may file a case at the designated Consumer Commission online. Please visit Facility of hearing over video-conferencing is also available as per provision Section 38 (6) of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 provided that the District Commission may, on sufficient cause being shown, and after recording its reasons in writing, allow the same. Complaints filed in the Consumer Commissions are attempted to be disposed off within a period of three months from the date of receipt of notice by the opposite party. In case you wish to file a case offline, you may file a case at the designated Consumer Commission from a place of your convenience. For more information, please visit”

After receiving this update from the NCH agent, most of the consumers come to us and seek redressal of their complaints. We help them to take legal action against the company.

What to do when NCH fails to provide a solution to your complaint?

You can file a complaint at Voxya, It is an online consumer complaint forum that helps consumers to fight against injustice done by the company or the seller.

We help consumers to get a replacement, refund, and compensation with an optimal solution.

How Voxya helps to resolve consumer complaints?

Using the following easy steps Voxya resolves consumer complaints:

Step 1 – Start a social media campaign
Voxya will start a successful social media campaign as soon as you submit your details. Do you need to pay for this? No!

Step 2 – Send complaint by email
Voxya will send an email to the company against whom you are filing the complaint. Is this process also free? Yes, it is!

Step 3 – Send notice via registered post
Voxya charges a fee of Rs 1299 for this process. After that, they will send a legal notice to the company against whom you have filed the complaint.

Step 4 – Visit the Consumer Forum
They charge a fixed fee of Rs 1999 for this process. They will present your case on your behalf in the consumer forum. You do not have to pay a separate fee of Rs 1299 as stated in step 3 if you choose this option to solve your problem.

Voxya is an online consumer complaint forum trusted by 1 Lac+ consumers.