How to file a consumer complaint against any company through Voxya

Are you someone who got themselves in trouble and now wants to get help from Voxya to file a consumer complaint? Don’t worry Voxya is always there for you!

If you are not sure how to file a consumer complaint using Voxya then this guide is only for you.

This guide gives you a step-by-step guide on how you can file a consumer complaint or use all the other services of Voxya.

How to file a consumer complaint using Voxya?

Use this guide to know the full step by step procedure to file a consumer complaint using Voxya:

Before starting the procedure you can consider checking the complaints filed by the other people so as to check what kind of details these people are adding and what kind of information are they sharing on the public portal.

Step 1 – Adding the Case Details

The first step is to go to the file a complaint page. This page deals with case details. You are supposed to add all of the case details on this page. Case details include the stuff mentioned below so keep the following information handy and follow the steps:

File a consumer complaint
File a consumer complaint

Write the title of your complaint: You can check the complaints of the other people to see what kind of titles are they using for their complaints.

Write the name of the company you wish to file a case against. The next time when you decide to buy something consider checking the reviews of that company on Voxya’s website so as to check how good are they at solving complaints.

Write the total amount of loss you faced. The amount should be in Indian rupees.

Add the details of the case and explain what exactly happened. Make sure you do not disclose your personal identity as the complaint is shown on a public forum. Explain what happened and use all the information like name of product/service or date of purchase that can showcase how you suffered mentally and financially.

Attach all the evidence that you have. Voxya will not be able to help if you don’t have the evidence. Adding evidence is mandatory for all.

Step 2 – Adding Personal Information

File a consumer complaint

This step involves the work of adding your personal information so that Voxya can contact you for some important information. For adding your personal information follow the following steps:

Write your full name

Write your email address: Make sure you provide your most used email address as Voxya may contact you through email for important information.

Create a password. Consider using a strong password for digital safety.

Write your phone number. Make sure you use your personal phone number as Voxya may call you for important concerns.

Step 3 – Adding Resolution

File a consumer complaint

This is one of the most important stops for your complaint. This page involves you adding all the details of what do you expect from the company. For adding your resolution follow the following steps:

Select what resolution do you want? The box is a multi-select box and you can select multiple options there.

Add the details of anyone if you already know in the company who can help you in solving your case.

Select the services that you wish to avail yourself of from Voxya. The box is also a multi-select box and you can check multiple options at a time. You can avail of multiple services at the same time.

Enter the OTP sent to the phone number/email that you added in the previous step.

Complete your payments.

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And follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You are done! If yes thenIt’s time for you to relax. You have already done a lot now let Voxya take the trouble for you! Voxya, an online consumer forum will initiate the works according to the kind of services that you have requested.