How to resolve education complaints: Everything that you need to know

Covid has made online education even more popular and millions of students are learning online. This gave rise to the ed-tech space and the creation of hundreds of businesses and also increase the number of education complaints.

With education going online, hundreds of individuals face different problems. They need the full help of businesses at this time to adapt successfully to the new ecosystem.

So if you are someone who took some online learning course or learning material but you aren’t satisfied with the service or you are getting troubles that the company isn’t resolving then don’t worry you have landed in the right place.

In this article we will see:

  • What is an education complaint?
  • Types of complaints
  • How to resolve your complaints?
  • The conclusion

What are Education Complaints?

The complaint filed against an educational organization that operates either online or offline is regarded as education complaints.

Hundreds of reasons may exist for someone to decide to file a complaint. The most common ones may be the rigid behavior of offline schools or the issues with ed-tech online platforms.

Types of Education Complaints:

Refund not given: Hundreds of individuals have lodged a complaint with Voxya that their refund has not yet been credited even after canceling the product. Many individuals complained that they would have to pay EMI even after canceling the product.

Damaged product: Hundreds of people complained to Voxya that they had received faulty products from these ed-tech platforms. Tabs or other physical goods were ordered by people and a faulty one arrived.

Unable to Cancel Service: The customers complained that they could not cancel their service after subscribing. These days most of the companies have automated systems, where human contact is not possible after you purchase, there is almost no way or hidden ways to request the cancellation of services.

As we have seen potential conflicts, let’s see how you can fix them. More detailed concerns that individuals have can be found on Voxya’s website.

How to Resolve Education Complaints:

Option: 1 – Start with a formal complaint with your company

The first step towards solving your issues should be to file a formal with your company. Most of these platforms have their contact numbers on their website. Reach out to the complaint executive and file a formal complaint with the company.

If you are not able to find the contact details of the company on their website then you can also consider checking the social media profiles, a lot of companies add their contact details on their social media pages.

Your issue should be resolved in 15 days. If the company doesn’t resolve your education complaint you can move ahead and file a consumer complaint.

Option: 2 – Leverage Social Media platforms

You can try reaching out to the company through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These days, most brands maintain a presence on social media and their team actively tracks complaints from tweets & posts.

To get the company’s attention, you should tag the company and use proper hashtags. However, you can file a complaint at Voxya and request a Social Media Campaign for your complaint if you don’t want to do all of this yourself. The good news is that this service is provided free of charge by Voxya.

consumer complaint

Option: 3 – E-mail the decision-makers

Emailing the decision-makers of a company is still one of the best ways to get your complaint resolved. This technique will only work if you can find the email addresses of the top officials of the company.

You can research on the internet and crawl on various websites to find their contact details but if this seems a lot of work to you then you can try Voxya. Voxya can help you contact all the top officials of the companies as Voyxa already have their contact details.

Option: 4 – Send a Legal Notice to the Company

If the company has not responded to your emails or social media messages, your best choice is to give them a professionally written Legal Notice demanding that they fix the problem or you can sue them in court.

To write & submit this legal notice on your behalf to the company, you can engage an experienced advocate or lawyer.

legal notice to education complaint

If you are engaging with an experienced lawyer, then expect the bill to be anywhere between Rs. 3500 to Rs. 8000 for drafting and sending a legal notice on his letterhead. But if you have a tight budget and you are not able to find a good lawyer in your budget then Voxya is there for you,

Voxya can help you find the best advocates in your budget at the comfort of your home.

You will also receive the hard copy of the legal notice delivered to your doorstep.

Option: 5 – File a case against the company in Consumer Court

If you have not got a response from the company after submitting a Legal Notice, it is time to take your case to Consumer Court. You can also take the case to the consumer court even If you have not obtained the desired resolution from the company.

To file a consumer complaint, you will have to submit an affidavit and the appropriate court fee. If all of this is too much to you, then you can use Voxya’s assistance to prepare case documents for you.

In general, having a verdict in your Customer Case will take some time. But even though the case is settled after three long years, if you win the case, you receive the appropriate compensation.

send legal notice

Option: 6 – Use all the options mentioned above

All of the options mentioned above should be used for a better and faster resolution. Though it will take some effort on your part, you will see results if you contact the company across all channels – social, business, and legal. By using the Voxya consumer complaint platform, you can conveniently leverage social media, business networks, and legal mechanisms to address your consumer complaints in India.

Most affordable option to file a consumer complaint in India:

Voxya is an online consumer complaint platform. It helps users to easily file consumer complaints against brands. This allows the consumer to tackle fraud and unresponsive customer service. Voxya is known for its quality and reasonably priced services.

Voxya has treated over 71,000 consumer complaints to date, with customers seeking damages of nearly 2200 crores. This illustrates that when it comes to customer complaints, Voxya is on top.

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The Final Answer!

Well now you know how to resolve education complaints in India, If you can manage to handle all the work your self then great but if you don’t want to get into all of the hassles and let someone else take the trouble then Voxya is there for you.

So what are you waiting for, check Voxya now!