Resolving TVS Motors complaints: A Step-by-step Guide

TVS Motors is one of the leading two-wheeler manufacturers in India, with a wide range of motorcycles and scooters. While TVS vehicles are known for their quality and reliability, but if you face any grievances with your TVS two-wheeler, there are specific steps you can take to get your TVS Motors complaints redressed. The issues can sometimes crop up – whether a manufacturing defect or a dealership-related problem. This blog provides a simple guide to resolving common complaints against TVS Motors.

Common TVS Motors Complaints

Some of the frequent issues faced by TVS owners include:

  • Manufacturing defects: Faulty parts, incorrect fittings, poor vehicle assembly leading to breakdowns or poor performance
  • Poor Mileage: Significant difference between promised and actual mileage figures
  • Excessive engine vibration issues decrease vehicle stability
  • Faulty parts replacements during service not matching OEM standards affecting efficiency
  • Overcharging for repairs/servicing at authorized service centres
  • Lack of cooperation from dealers during vehicle purchase, documentation, etc.

Step 1: Identify The Exact Problem

The first step is to identify the exact issue you are facing. Is there a manufacturing defect in the vehicle? Or did the dealership cheat you while buying the two-wheeler? Is there a problem with the servicing or repairs done by the authorized service centre? Once you recognize the core grievance, proceeding with the correct complaint channel becomes easier. Maintain proper records relevant to the issue like purchase invoices, job cards, warranty cards, etc.

Step 2: Contact The Dealership

If your TVS Motors complaints are related to services by the dealership – like misleading promises given during purchase, overcharging for repairs, poor service quality, etc., first approach the dealership directly. Contact the manager, explain your grievance and try resolving it at that level before escalating it further. Maintain polite but firm communication and keep proper records of interactions, assurances given, etc. If the dealership doesn’t resolve the issue reasonably, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Reach Out To the Company Through a Toll-Free Number 

The next level is directly contacting TVS Motor’s customer care. You can call their toll-free helpline number, 18002587555, to speak to a company representative and register an official complaint. Explaining the situation to them also helps determine whether it is an individual authorized dealer problem or a systemic company issue. Provide relevant purchase details for reference. The TVS support staff will offer a resolution based on standard policies or escalate it internally if needed. Monitor until completion if it has been resolved satisfactorily at this stage.

Step 4: Send Email To Official Customer Care ID

In some cases, directly interacting with the customer care staff helps get quicker resolutions. However, for future reference and maintaining communication records, email TVS Motors customer care ID – Provide complete details of your grievance, relevant dates, supporting documents, etc., so they have proper context while responding over email. Follow-up regularly over mail for complaints filed this way.

Step 5: Use Consumer Court / Grievance Redressal Platforms

If your TVS Motors complaints remains unresolved despite efforts via the dealership and TVS Motor’s toll-free number, approach reputed consumer grievance redressal platforms like Voxya to file your complaint. Such forums have legal procedures and experienced professionals to ensure justified resolution for authentic consumer issues. Follow the guidelines and processes mandated by the Department for ideal results. These forums also provide that companies resolve systemic customer problems rather than one-off topics.

Resolving complaints requires perseverance and understanding of various options and routes available to a consumer. Use the above steps to ensure your complaint is addressed suitably based on its nature and extent. Sustained effort with the right channels and approach are key to getting TVS Motors complaints redressed satisfactorily. If you are unsure how to move forward, do not hesitate to contact us.