Resolving Kia Motors Complaints: A Comprehensive 8-Step Guide

Kia Motors entered the Indian market in 2019 and swiftly established itself as one of the top automotive brands in the country. However, as is bound to happen with any company, some customers may face issues that need redressal. This comprehensive guide takes you through the step-by-step process to resolve Kia Motors complaints in India.

Step 1: Speak to the dealership

As your agreement is with the authorized Kia dealership you bought your vehicle from, they are best equipped to understand and troubleshoot problems. Explain the issue in detail to the service advisor and have them diagnose it. If the problem is due to defective parts or poor workmanship, replacement of parts and repairs will be done free of cost under warranty if applicable. Ensure you get a written complaint/job card number from the dealer for future reference.  

Step 2: Register complaint on MyKia Connect App

Kia has a dedicated app – MyKia Connect – for customers to register Kia Motors complaints. You can provide relevant details like voice recordings, images, etc on the app to log a ticket, which can then be tracked for resolution. For quick redressal, check that your contact information and vehicle details are up-to-date on the app.

Step 3: Email Kia India Customer Care 

If the issue remains unresolved despite contacting the dealership and registering a complaint on the app, the next step is to email Kia India’s customer care ( / Address the mail to the customer care head, laying out the issue, action taken so far, and pending resolution concisely yet in detail. Attach relevant documents and communication trails. You can typically expect a response within 5-7 working days.  

Step 4: Tweet to Kia India

Escalating your grievance publicly on Twitter by tagging @KiaIND often prompts a quicker response from brands like Kia that are conscious of social media perceptions. Quote your complaint number and VIN in the tweet, calling out the unresolved issue. The social media team is bound to immediately flag it internally for prioritized resolution.

Step 5: Post on Kia’s Social Handles

If Twitter doesn’t yield satisfactory resolution, the next step is posting about your Kia Motors complaints on Kia’s official Facebook and Instagram pages. Outline previous attempts at complaint resolution and publicly seek help from Kia India as a dissatisfied customer. Being called out on social media compels brands to promptly resolve pending complaints to limit negative publicity. 

Step 6: Lodge Complaint on Voxya

You can register your complaint against Kia on independent consumer grievance platforms like Voxya. The portal has automated mechanisms to reach companies for complaint resolution within defined timelines, ensuring speedy redressal.

Step 7: Approach Consumer Court 

If all above attempts prove unsuccessful, the last resort is to approach your state or district consumer court to file a case against deficiency in service or defective product as a consumer. While the legal route entails effort and time, you can utilize Hire a lawyer service from Voxya which can help in getting resolution and compensation through Consumer Court. You can take legal action against Kia Motors by sending legal notice through a professional lawyer and filing a case in the consumer forum.

Step 8: Inform Transport Department

For complaints related to vehicle quality, manufacturing defects, or other issues that you believe require wider awareness, send an intimation letter to the regional transport office and Public Response System of the Ministry of Road Transport. 

We hope this 8-step guide to resolve Kia Motors complaints proves useful for Kia car owners in India. While dealing with issues can be frustrating initially, following the above methodology should help ensure satisfactory closure of your grievance. Let us know in comments if you have any other tips to share!