Consumer Court orders LG Electronics to refund & compensate for defective Refrigerator

The Hyderabad District Consumer Court has issued a favorable verdict for an unsatisfied customer, Mr. Yeshwant Phatak, in a consumer complaint against LG Electronics India Private Limited.

The consumer complaint originated from a defective refrigerator that Mr. Phatak had purchased. The commission determined that the persistent issues with the appliance and the company’s failure to rectify them constituted a deficiency in service and unfair business practices.

This judgment was delivered by a panel of the Commission, which included Mr. M. Gopal Reddy (President), Ms. Shyamala, and Ms. R. Narayan Reddy (Member). The grievance was filed under Section 35 of the Consumer Protection Act of 2019, seeking resolution on behalf of the customer.

Mr. Phatak had acquired a LG refrigerator for an amount of Rs.39,329 on September 14, 2022. However, very soon after the delivery, the refrigerator started experiencing problems, causing huge inconvenience to the consumer.

He reached out to LG Electronics multiple times regarding the issue, and the company’s technicians made three separate service attempts on September 25, October 5, and October 20, 2022. Despite these efforts, the issue persisted. Consequently, the Commission determined that there was indeed a defect in LG’s item.

The evidence provided by the complainant, which included invoices, service requests, and correspondence records with LG Care, all pointed to a huge defect in the refrigerator. As a result, the Commission held LG Electronics and its employees responsible for both the deficiency in service and unfair business practices.

Considering this decision, LG Electronics has been instructed to:

  1. Reimburse the item cost of Rs.32,431 to the consumer
  2. Provide a reasonable compensation of Rs.5,000 to the consumer for mental distress and financial hardship
  3. Cover costs amounting to Rs.1,000

LG Electronics has been given 45-days to comply with these directives and the consumer is required to return the LG GL-S342SPZY refrigerator after receiving the above sum.

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