How we resolved Pepperfry consumer complaint in just two days

We are happy to state that we have got one more success story to share. We have resolved Pepperfry consumer complaint within just two days.

Last week a consumer, Amandeep Singh filed a complaint against Pepperfry – a famous online furniture store. The store was listing a bed with some misleading description about the storage space.

Believing this misleading description, Mr. Singh ordered the bed at the online store and paid Rs.37173 for it. Later he came to know that the bed does not have any storage inside the bed, which caused severe mental agony to him.

When the customer contacted Pepperfry support, they refused to cancel his order or refund his money saying that storage actually means he can use plank under the bed for storing things. This was simply unacceptable to the customer as storing under the bed can not be treated as an in-built feature of the bed.

consumer complaint pepperfry
Pepperfry invoice describing the product

Finding no other alternative, the customer posted his Pepperfry consumer complaint at – a platform to resolve consumer complaints quickly. We investigated the matter and found that customer’s complaint was genuine. The product page at Pepperfry has very misleading title showing the bed has a storage.

consumer complaint pepperfry
Actual product page at Pepperfry

On receiving the Pepperfry consumer complaint, we at Voxya. started a social media campaign and tried to contact Pepperfry.

We also requested customer to share his consumer complaint via social media. Immediately within just one days time, the customer received a call from Pepperfry’s CEO office and they canceled the order and refunded the money to the customer!

So, we have resolved Pepperfry consumer complaint at our platform successfully 🙂 It is really nice that Pepperfry took immediate action in the matter and resolved the complaint quickly.

We received a thank you email from the consumer and we feel happy that we were able to help in resolving his complaint 🙂

Thank you email from consumer thanking for resolving his consumer complaint
Thank you email from consumer thanking for resolving his consumer complaint

Though the Pepperfry consumer complaint has been resolved by the company quickly but we will still request Pepperfry to modify the title and the description of this product listed at their store here

It looks that the details given on this product page are misleading and incorrect. Hope somebody at Pepperfry will look into this soon.

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