Whether Consumer or Criminal Complaint against Immigration Consultant?

Immigration Consultant

In today’s post, we will explore situations where both consumer and criminal courts have taken action against immigration consultants for fraudulent activities, cheating, and providing subpar services.

The Risks of Illegitimate Immigration Consultant Processes

If you have aspirations of settling abroad, it is imperative to pursue legitimate channels. My foremost advice to individuals is to avoid falling for shortcuts and dubious methods.

Remember, engaging in illegitimate practices is akin to gambling, and someone is bound to lose. Unfortunately, the odds are often stacked against you when dealing with immigration consultancies, companies, firms, visa agents, or settle abroad service providers. These entities frequently exploit unsuspecting individuals, charging exorbitant amounts over several months, only to claim that their applications were rejected.

Immigration Firm Fraud in Chandigarh

Available Remedies For Immigration Consultant Fraud

When faced with such circumstances, you have a couple of options to address the issue.

1. Legal Notice: Giving a Final Warning

Initiating the legal process begins with sending a legal notice to the concerned party, offering them a final opportunity to rectify the complaint or dispute. This notice serves as a warning that legal action will be pursued if necessary.

You can file a complaint at Voxya, and a lawyer from their legal team will send a legal notice to the immigration consultant or company.

Immigration Complaint

2. Consumer Court: Swift Resolutions

Opting for the consumer court is a preferred choice, as it minimizes the expenses associated with criminal proceedings while providing prompt attention to your complaint. Consumer courts are known for swiftly issuing notices and resolving disputes efficiently.

You can hire a lawyer for a consumer case, a lawyer will file a case in consumer court on your behalf and it will save time and effort.

3. Criminal Complaint: Seeking Legal Intervention

In certain cases, a criminal complaint might be necessary, especially when dealing with particularly deceptive or uncooperative individuals. Keep in mind that this route requires your presence at the police station during mediation attempts. If your instincts are reliable, moving forward with a criminal complaint might be the right course of action.

Travel Agent Fraud

Registering a First Information Report (FIR) and pursuing the matter rigorously is vital. If initial attempts fail, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals like us, experienced lawyers who will advocate for your rights.

We strive to ensure that justice is ultimately served, employing a comprehensive approach. This includes issuing a legal notice, pursuing a consumer case against immigration fraud, and, if necessary, lodging a criminal complaint against those who deceive individuals under the pretext of providing permanent residency or employment abroad.

Prevention is Key

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Stay vigilant and adhere to established norms and guidelines. Before engaging with immigration agents, thoroughly assess their profiles, verifying whether they are registered or unregistered. Additionally, research their past track record, including any previous complaints or instances of misconduct reported by other clients or students.

By taking these precautionary measures, you can safeguard yourself against potential fraudulent activities and make informed decisions when pursuing your dream of settling abroad.

Know about the complaints of some Immigration Consultant Companies:

Hyderabad consumer court ordered CRED Pvt Ltd (Cred App) to pay Rs 20,000 for Deficiency in Service

cred app

Hyderabad Consumer Court Case: In a significant ruling, the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has ordered CRED Private Limited to compensate a Hyderabad resident with Rs 20,000. The commission found the company responsible for causing inconvenience and mental anguish to Shyama Ashok Kumar (35), a resident of Jiyaguda.

Payment Troubles with CRED App

Shyama Ashok Kumar used the CRED app, managed by CRED Private Limited, to pay his monthly IndusInd credit card bill. On April 15, 2020, he made a payment of Rs 20,471 to IndusInd Bank through the app, as he did every month. Ashok Kumar even received confirmation of his payment through the CRED app.

However, IndusInd Bank disputed the receipt of the payment and claimed they hadn’t received it on their end. Consequently, Ashok Kumar approached the bank with all the payment confirmation details provided by the CRED app.

Harassment and Legal Action

As the situation unfolded, bank officials began harassing Ashok Kumar through their recovery agents, pressuring him to involve the cyber crime police and file a case. Disturbed by the turn of events, Ashok Kumar decided to seek redressal through the consumer court and filed a petition, demanding compensation for the troubles he had faced.

Legal Notice

The Bank’s Response and Reversal

IndusInd Bank responded in writing, refuting the charges made in Ashok Kumar’s complaint. The bank stated that they hadn’t received the claimed amount and had acted in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed upon when issuing the credit card. Bank officials emphasized that the CRED app’s correspondence clearly indicated that the payment made by Ashok Kumar was mistakenly credited to another account.

Subsequently, the bank reversed the funds and credited them to Ashok Kumar’s credit card account in December 2020, following the submission of a bond of indemnification. The bank officials argued that the case should be dismissed since there was no negligence on their part.

The Consumer Court’s Verdict

The Hyderabad consumer court examined the details of the case and observed that Ashok Kumar had made his due payment on April 15, 2020, using the CRED app. However, IndusInd bank officials claimed that they hadn’t received the funds. Taking this into account, the commission issued notices to CRED Private Limited, cautioning them about Ashok Kumar’s compensation claim for the inaction and harassment he had experienced.

The court acknowledged a mail sent by the CRED app on November 11, 2020, which confirmed that the payment had been sent to the wrong card. Ashok Kumar was asked to complete an identification form, which he duly filled out. Following the necessary paperwork, the amount was reversed and re-deposited into Ashok Kumar’s credit card account, which he repaid.

The court noted that apart from legal reminders from the bank, there was no evidence to support Ashok Kumar’s allegations of non-payment. IndusInd Bank clearly stated that they initiated the recovery process because they hadn’t received any funds.

Furthermore, the court recognized that the CRED app’s failure to deposit the money into Ashok Kumar’s credit card account had caused problems, mental agony, harassment, and financial loss. Consequently, the court ruled that CRED Private Limited was obligated to compensate Ashok Kumar for his losses. As a result, the court resolved the dispute in Ashok Kumar’s favor and ordered the company to provide the awarded reliefs.

Compensation and Verdict Compliance

While dismissing the case against IndusInd Bank, the consumer court directed CRED Private Limited to pay Rs 15,000 to Ashok Kumar as compensation for the inconvenience and mental anguish caused. Additionally, CRED was ordered to pay Rs 5,000 as litigation costs.

The court granted CRED officials 45 days from the date of receiving the judgment to comply. Failure to meet this deadline would result in CRED authorities being required to pay an additional Rs 10,000 to Ashok Kumar, in addition to the initial compensation amount.

Consumer Complaint Forum Website

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How to Resolve Consumer Complaints Against Miles Education?

complaints against Miles Education

In today’s fast-paced world, education plays a crucial role in shaping one’s future. With the rise of online learning platforms, many individuals opt for e-learning to gain knowledge and skills conveniently. Miles Education is one such platform that offers various courses and programs to students worldwide. However, like any other service provider, there may be instances where consumers face issues or have complaints against Miles Education. In this article, we will guide you on how to effectively resolve consumer complaints against Miles Education, ensuring a satisfactory resolution for both parties involved.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Understanding the Importance of Addressing Consumer Complaints

Consumer complaints are a common aspect of any business, and addressing them promptly and effectively is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and reputation. When it comes to resolving complaints against Miles Education, following a structured approach can help streamline the process and increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

7 Steps To Resolve Complaints against Miles Education

A consumer can resolve his complaints against Miles education using the following ways. If you are looking for a solution to the complaints then these steps will be helpful for you.

Step 1: Gather Information and Prepare Documentation

Before initiating the complaint resolution process, it’s important to gather all relevant information regarding your concern. This includes details about the course or service you availed, transaction receipts, email communication, and any other supporting documents. Having a well-documented record will strengthen your case and provide a clear understanding of the issue at hand.

Gather Information

Step 2: Contact Miles Education Customer Support

The first course of action should always be to reach out to Miles Education’s customer support team. They are trained to handle customer concerns and are equipped to provide immediate assistance. Contact their customer support via phone, email, or any other designated channel mentioned on their website. Clearly explain your complaint and provide the necessary details and documentation to support your claim.

Miles Education Customer Care Phone Number is +91-8929959835

Miles Education’s contact email id is info@mileseducation.com

Miles Education Customer Support Agent

Step 3: Communicate Clearly and Calmly Express Your Complaint

When communicating your complaint to Miles Education, it’s important to maintain a calm and professional tone. Clearly express your grievances, outlining the issues you encountered and the impact they had on your learning experience. Use specific examples and be concise while explaining your concerns. This will help the support team understand the problem effectively and provide an appropriate solution.

Step 4: Escalate the Issue to Higher Authorities

If the initial customer support interaction does not resolve your complaint satisfactorily, consider escalating the matter to higher authorities within Miles Education. Seek the contact details of relevant managers or supervisors and address your concerns to them directly. Highlight the previous communication you had with customer support and emphasize the need for a fair resolution. Escalating the issue shows your commitment to finding a solution and may prompt a more attentive response.

Step 5: Utilize Social Media and Online Platforms

In today’s digital age, social media platforms and online forums provide a powerful means of raising awareness about consumer complaints. Consider sharing your experience on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or dedicated review websites. Tagging Miles Education’s official accounts can draw their attention to your complaint and may lead to a quicker resolution. Remember to maintain a respectful tone and provide accurate information when sharing your concerns publicly.

Miles Education Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/miles.cpa.cma.cfa/

Miles Education Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/mileseducation

Miles Education Instagram URL: https://www.instagram.com/miles.cpa.cma.cfa/

social media channels

Step 6: Seek Assistance from Consumer Complaints Forum

If all attempts to resolve the complaint with Miles Education internally fail, you can seek assistance from an online consumer complaint forum. These consumer complaint forums are dedicated to ensuring consumer rights are upheld and can provide guidance and support in resolving disputes. You can find many online consumer complaint websites to file a complaint against Miles Education. Provide all the relevant details and supporting documentation for their review.

Voxya is one of them that helps consumers to take legal action against the company and helped consumers to get a replacement, refund, and compensation quickly.

Online Consumer Complaint Forum

Step 7: Move to File A Case in Consumer Court

If you are not getting any resolution or response from them then you can file a complaint in consumer court. You need to send legal notice to the company and wait at least 30 days to get a response from the company. If you are not satisfied with the response given by them or not getting any response to legal notice then you can file a case in consumer court.


Resolving consumer complaints against Miles Education requires a systematic approach and effective communication. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can increase the chances of reaching a satisfactory resolution. Remember to remain calm and focused during the process, and utilize external avenues if internal channels fail. Promptly addressing consumer complaints not only benefits the aggrieved party but also helps Miles Education enhance its services and maintain a positive reputation.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it typically take to resolve a consumer complaint with Miles Education?

The duration for resolving a consumer complaint with Miles Education can vary depending on the complexity of the issue. In some cases, a resolution may be reached within a few days, while more intricate matters might take several weeks. It’s important to remain patient and maintain regular communication with Miles Education during the process.

Can I receive a refund for my course if my complaint is deemed valid?

The payment for courses once subscribed by you, is NOT refundable and any amount paid shall stand appropriated. In the event of any suspension or termination of services on account of non-compliance with the Terms of Use, any payment made to the Company by you shall stand forfeited with immediate effect.

Consumer Complaint Forum Website

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Online Legal Solution For A Consumer Case

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Looking For A Legal Advice For A Consumer Case: Talk to A Lawyer Now!

In a digital age, finding an online legal solution for consumer cases become easy. Not, only this, reaching out to the company or resolving consumer complaints also becomes easier with the help of Customer care support, social media channels, online consumer forums, etc help consumers in resolving consumer complaints. Most of the time, disputes due to misleading information, wrong or defective products delivered, refund not given, etc. complaints are resolved after reaching the company online. When these channels do not work and the company starts ignoring your follow-ups and stops responding then you should take legal action against the company or the brands. There are many websites that provide online legal solutions for a consumer case. Voxya is one of them.

How to Get an Online Legal Solution For A Consumer Case Using Voxya?

Voxya is an online consumer complaint forum that fights against the injustice done by the company or the seller. It helps consumers to get a replacement, refund, and compensation quickly.

Voxya provides the following online legal solution for a consumer case:

Send Legal Notice To Company: It assigns a professional lawyer for consumer complaints who work on the complaint. A lawyer will draft and send legal notice to the company via registered post. It also sends a copy to the consumer case.

We found that most of the consumer complaints are getting resolved after sending legal notices to the company or brands. If you also want to initiate legal action against the company then send a legal notice to the company.

Legal Notice

Prepares Consumer Case Documents: If you want to approach consumer court after sending legal notice to the company then we will also prepare consumer case documents. A consumer can submit these documents to file a case in consumer court. Once you receive the documents, you need to sign and submit them to the consumer court. It usually takes just 2-3 hours in filing a consumer case.

Consumer Court Case Documents

Talk To A Lawyer: If you need any assistance regarding your consumer complaint then you can Talk to A lawyer, a professional and experienced lawyer will help you find the answers to all your legal queries.

You just need to raise your call request by providing your Name, Email Id, and Phone Number.

Find a Lawyer

Hire A Lawyer Professional Lawyer: You can also hire a lawyer from Voxya who will file a consumer case on your behalf. It will save you time and effort in the process of legal resolution of your complaint. An advocate will appear and fight until to get a decision from the court.

Consumer Lawyer