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In a digital age, finding an online legal solution for consumer cases become easy. Not, only this, reaching out to the company or resolving consumer complaints also becomes easier with the help of Customer care support, social media channels, online consumer forums, etc help consumers in resolving consumer complaints. Most of the time, disputes due to misleading information, wrong or defective products delivered, refund not given, etc. complaints are resolved after reaching the company online. When these channels do not work and the company starts ignoring your follow-ups and stops responding then you should take legal action against the company or the brands. There are many websites that provide online legal solutions for a consumer case. Voxya is one of them.

How to Get an Online Legal Solution For A Consumer Case Using Voxya?

Voxya is an online consumer complaint forum that fights against the injustice done by the company or the seller. It helps consumers to get a replacement, refund, and compensation quickly.

Voxya provides the following online legal solution for a consumer case:

Send Legal Notice To Company: It assigns a professional lawyer for consumer complaints who work on the complaint. A lawyer will draft and send legal notice to the company via registered post. It also sends a copy to the consumer case.

We found that most of the consumer complaints are getting resolved after sending legal notices to the company or brands. If you also want to initiate legal action against the company then send a legal notice to the company.

Legal Notice

Prepares Consumer Case Documents: If you want to approach consumer court after sending legal notice to the company then we will also prepare consumer case documents. A consumer can submit these documents to file a case in consumer court. Once you receive the documents, you need to sign and submit them to the consumer court. It usually takes just 2-3 hours in filing a consumer case.

Consumer Court Case Documents

Talk To A Lawyer: If you need any assistance regarding your consumer complaint then you can Talk to A lawyer, a professional and experienced lawyer will help you find the answers to all your legal queries.

You just need to raise your call request by providing your Name, Email Id, and Phone Number.

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Hire A Lawyer Professional Lawyer: You can also hire a lawyer from Voxya who will file a consumer case on your behalf. It will save you time and effort in the process of legal resolution of your complaint. An advocate will appear and fight until to get a decision from the court.

Consumer Lawyer