Whether Consumer or Criminal Complaint against Immigration Consultant?

In today’s post, we will explore situations where both consumer and criminal courts have taken action against immigration consultants for fraudulent activities, cheating, and providing subpar services.

The Risks of Illegitimate Immigration Consultant Processes

If you have aspirations of settling abroad, it is imperative to pursue legitimate channels. My foremost advice to individuals is to avoid falling for shortcuts and dubious methods.

Remember, engaging in illegitimate practices is akin to gambling, and someone is bound to lose. Unfortunately, the odds are often stacked against you when dealing with immigration consultancies, companies, firms, visa agents, or settle abroad service providers. These entities frequently exploit unsuspecting individuals, charging exorbitant amounts over several months, only to claim that their applications were rejected.

Immigration Firm Fraud in Chandigarh

Available Remedies For Immigration Consultant Fraud

When faced with such circumstances, you have a couple of options to address the issue.

1. Legal Notice: Giving a Final Warning

Initiating the legal process begins with sending a legal notice to the concerned party, offering them a final opportunity to rectify the complaint or dispute. This notice serves as a warning that legal action will be pursued if necessary.

You can file a complaint at Voxya, and a lawyer from their legal team will send a legal notice to the immigration consultant or company.

Immigration Complaint

2. Consumer Court: Swift Resolutions

Opting for the consumer court is a preferred choice, as it minimizes the expenses associated with criminal proceedings while providing prompt attention to your complaint. Consumer courts are known for swiftly issuing notices and resolving disputes efficiently.

You can hire a lawyer for a consumer case, a lawyer will file a case in consumer court on your behalf and it will save time and effort.

3. Criminal Complaint: Seeking Legal Intervention

In certain cases, a criminal complaint might be necessary, especially when dealing with particularly deceptive or uncooperative individuals. Keep in mind that this route requires your presence at the police station during mediation attempts. If your instincts are reliable, moving forward with a criminal complaint might be the right course of action.

Travel Agent Fraud

Registering a First Information Report (FIR) and pursuing the matter rigorously is vital. If initial attempts fail, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals like us, experienced lawyers who will advocate for your rights.

We strive to ensure that justice is ultimately served, employing a comprehensive approach. This includes issuing a legal notice, pursuing a consumer case against immigration fraud, and, if necessary, lodging a criminal complaint against those who deceive individuals under the pretext of providing permanent residency or employment abroad.

Prevention is Key

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Stay vigilant and adhere to established norms and guidelines. Before engaging with immigration agents, thoroughly assess their profiles, verifying whether they are registered or unregistered. Additionally, research their past track record, including any previous complaints or instances of misconduct reported by other clients or students.

By taking these precautionary measures, you can safeguard yourself against potential fraudulent activities and make informed decisions when pursuing your dream of settling abroad.

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