How To File Complaint on Flipkart?

how to file complaint on flipkart

How To File Complaint on Flipkart?

Have you bought a product recently from Flipkart but are not satisfied with its quality, delivery or features? You want to know how to file complaint on Flipkart for getting a refund, replacement or return sale?

Don’t worry, you are not alone! Though Flipkart happens to be a genuine online store but still many customers face problems with their purchase.

Before placing an order, you should always check their refund and return policy but if you did not check, here is the step by step guide to file a complaint on Flipkart.

Different types of scams that have surfaced till now

Scamming people is really easy, especially when they are lured with amazing deals at a nearly negligible amount.

Did you recently receive an SMS or email offering 80 – 90% discount from Flipkart? What about the WhatsApp message stating you can buy any item on Flipkart at just ₹1?

Smells fishy, isn’t it?

In fact, in 2018, Flipkart released an awareness story (blog) on its official Twitter page ‘Flipkart stories’ about how a fake Flipkart website was duping people. They even shared URLs like ‘’ and ‘’.

Even though the URLs sounded similar, Flipkart clarified that the websites were not theirs.

If you scroll through the internet, you will find numerous scams related to Flipkart offers. A recent report (FY19) highlighted that nearly 4,955 fraud cases were registered in India.

Before moving to how to file complaint on Flipkart, lets see some of the scam types that have come to the limelight :

Quality Issues

This is one of the most noticeable scams that a majority of buyers have come across. For instance, many individuals bought clothing of some specific fabric (silk/georgette) but received something else (polyester).

Fake Products

The common duping cases were mostly related to fake products. The Flipkart seller would guarantee on a branded product, but the customer, after shelling out a huge sum, would receive a first copy of the so-called brand.

The common products with fake cases are:

  • Perfumes
  • Shoes
  • Jeans

Faulty Items

Electronic items are a common commodity that fall under this category. Some Flipkart sellers send sub-standard products that don’t work or stop working after a few days.

Fake promotions in the name of Flipkart

Customer Care Numbers – A few fraudsters posted phone numbers, stating to be original ‘2GUD Customer Care’ or ‘Flipkart Customer Care’. When the customer calls at that number, the fraudster(s), in lieu of verification, gets hold of the customer’s credentials.

Online Wallet – Another incident came to light when a fraudster asked the customer to make his payment via a specific online wallet to avail prize or free gift.

SMS – Many messages were also sent to customers, asking them to share the fraud messages in groups or to individuals against prize-winning points.

Phone Calls – Several customers were called by fraudsters stating that they have won lucky draws or heavy discounts. To avail that prize, the customer had to share a small token amount that would be refunded later in their Flipkart wallet.

Fraudulent Links

Most duping cases were registered via WhatsApp. Website links, like ‘’ were shared with the message that products were sold at a low price.

Even though Flipkart has made the common public aware, people jump straight into such traps when they are lured with offers, like JBL headphones for Rs. 349 or 64 GB pen-drive for ₹25.

How to file complaint on Flipkart?

Seeing the number of rising fraudulent cases, Flipkart has shared several details to save yourself from duping cases.

File a complaint on Flipkart seller regarding the product
There are basically two methods by which you can file a complaint to Flipkart:

  • Online Flipkart complaint
  • Customer care number

Both the above-highlighted processes are fit for complaining about issues related to:

  • Receiving the wrong item
  • Payment issues
  • Late or no delivery
  • Poor product quality
  • Defective products

How to lodge a complaint?

  • Dial Flipkart’s customer service number at (080) 49400000. You can also call their toll-free number at 1800-208-9898. Explain your issue(s) to the customer care executive clearly and simply.
  • For raising an official complaint, the executive will ask you a few details, like email ID, Flipkart registered mobile number, and your Order ID. Once you provide the executive with these details, you will be given an acknowledgment number. Later, you can follow up with your complaint resolution with this provided number.
  • Another way of filing a complaint is through Flipkart’s website or app. You can state your issue in the grievance form via the website/ app. Once the complaint docket is generated, you can keep track of your complaint related details in your Flipkart account.

How to return products to Flipkart?

  • File a request for product return. You can initiate it through the ‘My Orders’ section on the website or the app.
  • You will be offered between three choices – refund, return, or replacement. You can choose your preferred option.
  • Once you have placed the return order, you will receive a returning notification with the date and time on your app. Also, you will be informed via SMS.
  • On the designated date, Flipkart’s delivery agent will pick up the product. Ensure that you return the product with proper packaging, accessories, labels, and original tags.
  • If you have opted for an exchange, you will also get notified about it in Flipkart’s app as well as via SMS. The exchanged, new product will be delivered to your address once the proper inspection of the returned product is complete.
  • The money against your returned product will be processed and sent back to the platform (bank/ online wallet) from where you have made the payment.

How to get a refund from Flipkart?

You can only get a refund if your purchased products fall under the below categories:

  • You have filed a complaint against the seller and the Buyer Protection has ruled in your favor
  • If you received a damaged item
  • If the product is not as per the description mentioned in the app/ website
  • If the seller cannot provide you the purchased item nor offer its replacement
  • If you are unsatisfied with the replaced product
  • If your purchased product goes out of stock after you have paid for it and the seller cannot give that to you
  • If you return the product within the Return Period


Though you now know how to file complaint on Flipkart, it is advisable for all consumers to properly go through the refund policy and return policy thoroughly before placing an order. Flipkart has specific refund rules, organized as per the item categories, that too, with all the possible actions and return window slots.

Remember, prevention is better than cure and you shouldn’t fall under the traps set by fraudsters. But if you are duped by the alleged Flipkart portal, don’t hesitate to file a complaint against Flipkart in the consumer court under Consumer Protection Act, 2019. We at Voxya help consumers to File a Complaint against Flipkart and take legal route to resolve issues.

How to report unauthorised transaction in SBI?

report unauthorised transaction in sbi

state bank of India complaintHow to report unauthorised transaction in SBI?

Have you ever gone through the trauma of getting up in the morning and finding unexpected transaction messages in phone from your Bank saying that some amount of money has been deducted on account of buying something you didn’t purchase!

You don’t understand what has happened and how? Your world starts to fall apart as it was your hard-earned money.

Such instances have become too common in India, not only in SBI but almost in all the leading banks. According to a report by Economic Times, there have been 52,000 bank fraud or unauthorised transaction cases in India between March-December in 2019.

state bank of India complaint

Obviously, the figures are quite alarming, right?

What is a fraud or unauthorised transaction?

A fraud or unauthorised transaction is when a transaction is performed using your banking details, but you did not perform it.

Recently CSITE (Cyber Security & Information Technology Examination) released a worrisome alert that over 1.3 million debit and credit card data of Indians is available for purchase on the dark web.

However, soon after this, RBI has informed all the major banks of India to tighten the security to minimize these fraud transactions.

What should you do when an unauthorised transaction happens in your Bank account?

If an unauthorised transaction happens in your bank account, you must follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1.  Inform your Bank immediately
Inform your bank within the three days of fraud. You can inform them via SMS, email, toll-free number, customer care, visit their website, or simply by visiting their closest branch.

Step 2. Analyse your Account activity
This step will be essential to analyze that where did you compromised your information and to keep a keen eye on the bank transactions in the statement.

Step 3. Change your Passwords & PINs
Without wasting a second, immediately change your online passwords and pins to prevent further fraud.

state bank of India complaint

How to report unauthorised transaction in SBI account?

State Bank of India is the largest and oldest public sector bank in the country, with over 41 crore saving bank accounts and 50,000+ ATMs pan India. If you have noticed any fraud or unauthorised transaction in SBI account, then here is what you have to do:

1. Firstly, call SBI toll-free numbers 1-800-11-2211 and 1-800-425-3800 and report unauthorised transaction in SBI account.

2. Secondly, visit your SBI branch and inform them about the fraud in writing.

3. Thirdly, register an online complaint.

Here is a step to step guide on how to register an online complaint to report unauthorised transaction in SBI Bank:

Step 1. Visit the SBI website.

Step 2. Login with your net banking credentials.

Step 3. As soon as the home page opens, you will see the customer care option right on the top, click it.

Step 4. When it opens up, you will find a ‘click here’ option to report unauthorised transaction in SBI. Click it and lodge the complaint.

What are the common types of Banking frauds?

Unauthorised transactions are carried out in the following ways:

1. ATM Fraud: ATM frauds refers to fraud, where the fraudster uses the innocent user’s card details to withdraw the funds using the ATM pin for the transaction. ATM frauds can happen in the following forms :

i. Card Skimming: Card skimming is a fraud where electronic card data is stolen and then is used to produce inauthentic cards to withdraw the money.

ii. Cash Shimming: A foreign device is installed on the ATM to steal the data from the chip of the withdrawer’s card. The main target is to capture the data contained in the card.

iii. ATM Malware/ Jackpotting: A malware that takes control of the ATM functions, thereby allow fraudsters to take out the cash.

state bank of India complaint

2. Credit Card Fraud: Credit card frauds happen when a fraudster steals the credit card information to make an unauthorised transaction in the name of the card beholder.

Fraudsters get their hands on the credit card information in the following ways:

I. Fraudster digs through the trash files to find the old receipts or statements that will include all your banking information and then will use the information to perform the unauthorised transaction.

II. A fraudster will take you to an unauthentic website where you would fill up your card details and then later would use the information to perform the fraud.

III. When you swipe your card at a store, your credit card details may get exposed, and you later notice an unauthorised transaction. You might wonder what happened? But by using cedit card skimmer, a frauduster can steal your information.

3. Phishing: Phishing is email trap where fraudster sets an email trap in the name of the bank or government asking for credentials. Later on, these credentials are used to penetrate your bank account.

4. CNP Fraud: CNP or card not present fraud happens when a fraudster uses your card details such as card number and expiry date to perform the unauthorised transaction via email or phone call.

5. Account Takeover: Account takeover happens when you mistakenly share your account details or your computer / mobile session with the stranger, and then they use the information to make a purchase online.

No matter what kind of fraud has happened but please report unauthorised transaction in SBI immediately. As per RBI guidelines, State Bank of India can only help if you act in timely manner.

state bank of India complaint


It is advised not to share your bank details with anyone because the government and bank officials would never ask for the same. However, if something unfortunate happens with you, then do not hesitate to report unauthorised transaction in SBI immediately.

But if you are unable to get any resolution from Bank even after informing them about fraud or unauthorised transactions then you should File a Complaint at to take legal action and approach consumer forum.

file consumer complaint india