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Most Common Customer Complaints in India

Most reported complaints by consumers

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This bar graph depicts the most reported consumer complaints. ‘Damaged/No product delivered’ accounts for more than 23% of the entire complaints filed on Voxya. ‘No refund initiated’ or ‘Promised return not given’ comes in at second place with nearly 14% consumers reporting this issue.

‘Bad customer support’ accounts for more than 5% of the total complaints issued on Voxya whereas a similar number is also seen under the category ‘Extra charges levied/Amount debited without knowledge’.


Damaged/No product delivered

Damage Product Complaints

The most common issue faced by consumers is either ‘product not delivered’ or ‘damaged product delivered’. So far a total number of 266 such complaints have already been registered on Voxya, in January. Unsurprisingly, the E-commerce section accounts for more than 76% of such complaints which is followed by the Food Safety and Home Appliances department at 6.77% and 4.1% respectively.

Bad Customer Support

Bad customer complaints

This bar graph depicts the information regarding ‘bad customer support’. The majority of e-commerce complaints about poor service as it accounts for nearly 25% of the overall complaints. Home appliances and bank departments come in at 2nd and 3rd place respectively for poor customer support.

No refund/cashback received

refund consumer complaints

No refund/cashback received is the second most talked about an issue by consumers on Voxya, an online consumer forum. Unsurprisingly, most e-commerce consumer complaint about this issue as it accounts for a total of more than 75%. Bank customers, as well as travel customers, also face the same issue as it accounts for a combined total of nearly 13%. Only a small minority from the Real Estate complain about this issue.

Extra charges/Charged without knowledge

Charge extra complaints

This triangle bar depicts the issues faced by consumers regarding ‘extra charges levied or charged without knowledge’. Majority of e-commerce consumers have complained that amount from their bank has been deducted even though they didn’t place any order. Home Appliances, Bank and Telecom consumers also complained about similar issues in large numbers.


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