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On December 9, 2018, Mr Mannu Datta filed a consumer complaint against Tatasky regarding the DTH connection at his home. As soon as we received the complaint, immediate actions were called regarding this issue. We started collecting the information and soon drafted the legal notice. On 18th, December 2018 the legal notice was sent to Tatasky DTH Operator. After 37 days, on 14th, January 2019 the consumer complaint was marked as resolved by the client at 4:24 pm.

A brief look into the complaint

Consumer Complaint Online Against TataSky

Mr Mannu Dutta came to us regarding his complaint against Tatasky DTH Operator. According to him, it was 16th October 2018 when he paid an amount of Rs. 2200/- to Tatasky by visiting at their website This online transaction was done through Mr Dutta’s JK Bank account. In spite of making the full payment our client did not receive any service from Tatasky. Neither the DTH connection was installed nor the customer care was responding to the queries. Every time he got the same reply “we will look into this matter in two-three days”. As television is one of the biggest source of entertainment as well as relaxation after the hectic day to day work schedule, our client was worried about this issue. He also approached them and tried to explain the entire matter to Tatasky customer care by talking to them 30 times but no solution was provided to him. Our client managed to arrange the Bill from BillDesk payment solution stating that the amount has been credited to Tatasky. Mr Dutta was worried about his hard earned money which he spent for the Tatasky connection but neither the connection was installed nor his money was refunded. In spite of using Tatasky for 12 years Mr Dutta had to go through this hard situation.

The resolution provided by us

Voxya online consumer complaint forum India Consumer Complaints

After getting tired of making frequent calls to Tatasky’s customer care without receiving any solution Mr Dutta visited our consumer complaint forum on 9th December 2018. He was frustrated and mentally stressed with this issue and found our forum to be helpful in resolving his complaint. He selected two of our services which were sending a legal notice to Tatasky and preparing the case documents for consumer forum if he does not receive any solution within 30 days of sending the legal notice. After understanding the complete matter we checked the evidence and then immediately drafted the legal notice against Tatasky. The notice was sent to Tatasky DTH Operator on 18th December 2018. Another copy of the notice was sent to Mr Dutta’s residence as per our policy. Being into a legal procedure this issue took 37 days time to get resolved but the resolution was worth it. On 14th January 2019, Mr Dutta visited our portal once again and marked his complaint as resolved. He seemed to be happy to receive the resolution from Tatasky DTH Operator.

Mr Mannu Datta’s Testimonial for Voxya

-”My complaint was resolved quickly within 30 days. Voxya thanks a lot, my matter has been solved yesterday. So, I am highly thankful to you.”

Tata Sky Consumer Complaint Resolved

Always be alert as a consumer

Consumers should always have receipts with them which can be used as evidence if needed because the court believes in evidence rather than verbal stories. For example, we could help Mr Dutta in resolving this issue only because we had the evidence to prove his points. Either it is an online transaction or offline, consumers should always have the receipts, bills, invoice, online transaction details, SMS alerts from banks etc. Nowadays consumers are facing frauds and trouble every other day and keeping these records will help them to play safe.

Resolve DTH Consumer Complaint At Voxya

The Consumer Protection Act itself says that a consumer is a person who “buys” any good or “hires” any service and when there is absence of payment transaction between the two parties, the consumer does not have the right to complain under this law. In our country, many consumers are unaware of their rights and hence a large section of traders continue their business without receipts and records to mislead the consumers. Failure to issue a bill or receipt is considered an unfair trade practice under the same law and consumers have the right to be protected from any unfair trade.

If any DTH provider refuses to issue the bill, they can be dragged straight to the court under the knowledge of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Being alert as a consumer is the key point for protection against any kind of frauds.