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Legal help for businesses

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Are you facing cheque bounce, absconding employee or unauthorized charges?Do not worry, you can send a Legal Notice to resolve dispute.

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Legal help for businesses

What is Legal Notice?

A legal notice is a formal written communication between the parties, where the sender notifies the recipient about his intention of undertaking legal proceedings against the recipient.A Legal Notice is usually sent through a lawyer on your behalf to inform the other party about your grievance and your intention to proceed legally if the matter is not resolved in a timely manner.

Legal help for businesses

I am very pleased with Voxya. They helped me resolve my issue without much hassle. Very impressed and satisfied.- Preeti Anandan

Legal help for businesses

My two years of blood & sweat got valued finally with Voxya. I got a full refund with no hustle after they received notice.- Sachin A Rosario

Whats included in our service?

  • 10 minute Phone consultation

  • Drafting Legal Notice by Lawyer

  • Printing Legal Notice on Lawyer's letterpad

  • Sending Legal Notice to opposite party

  • Delivery through Government Registered post

  • Tracking numbers to track delivery

  • Sending Notice copy to you



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Send Legal Notice to Solve Employee Issues

Solve Employee Issues

  • Employee Absconding from duty

  • Data Theft by Employee

  • Misconduct by Employee

  • Breach of Contract

  • Fraud by Employee

A well drafted Legal Notice by an experienced lawyer can protect your business data, reduce attrition and even prevent unethical behaviour by employees. You can easily solve employee issues with us.

Solve Vendor Issues

  • Delay in payments

  • Cheque Bounce

  • Breach of Agreement

  • No service / delivery

  • Negligence

If you are facing trouble with suppliers or vendors in your business, you can enforce your legal rights and defend yourself from wrongful acts. A professionally drafted Legal Notice can solve issues with vendor.

Send Legal Notice to Solve Vendor Issues
Send Legal Notice to Solve Government Department Issues

Solve Government / Authorities issues

  • Unauthorised Bank transaction

  • Unsettled Insurance claim

  • Excessive Bill

  • Deficient Service

  • Loan / credit issues

Sometimes you may not get support from Government or Authorities in your small business. Take legal action by sending Legal Notice through an advocate to get justice and resolution.


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Why send Legal Notice?

Get Attention

You get attention of the opposite party when a Legal Notice is sent.

Force Timely Response

With Legal Notice you can force the opposite party to reply.

Put Pressure

Legal Notice can put pressure on the opposite party to resolve dispute.

Reach Decision Maker

Legal Notice is sent to decision makers so getting resolution is easy.

Show Seriousness

Sending Legal Notice shows that you are really serious for your rights.

Get Quick Resolution

Quick resolution is expected when you send Legal Notice through lawyer.

Send Legal Notice to Solve Issues

Many thanks for your proactive approach and prompt action. This has accelerated and helped in resolving my issue.- Mohd Abdulrahim

Send Legal Notice to Solve Issues

I got my refund. You guys have really helped me when I needed it the most! Thanks again for your help :-)- Abhijit Dhote

Frequently Asked

Why to send a Legal Notice?
A Legal Notice is sent to inform the other party about your grievance and your intention to proceed legally if the matter is not resolved in a timely manner.
When to send Legal Notice?
If you are not getting favorable response from the other party, you should send Legal Notice to get resolution.
Where to send Legal Notice?
A Legal Notice is sent to the permanent / registered / corporate address of the opposite party.
How to send Legal Notice?
A Legal Notice should be drafted by a professional lawyer and is printed on his letter head. It is sent to opposite party in hard copy through Registered Post.
Will I receive a copy of Legal Notice?
Yes, you will receive a copy of the legal notice via registered post at your address.
What to do after sending Legal Notice?
You will wait for some time after sending Legal Notice. Usually, you will provide 15-30 days time to the opposite party so that they can reply or resolve the dispute.

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