Help Section

1. Create Account

Signup form

There are two ways to create an account at Voxya. You can either :

i) Click on login at the home page. There you will see a create account section ( Enter your details and click on ‘Get Started’ to create an account.

ii) Click on File a Complaint and follow the same steps as under ‘File a complaint’ (


To login to your Voxya account click on Login at the top right hand corner of the homepage. Enter the email id and password which had used while registering to your Voxya account. Enter the details and click on ‘Login’ (

Forgot Password

Click on the ‘Login’ Box at the Top Right Hand Corner ( You will see a “Forgot Password” link. Click on it and a new prompt box will pop up. Enter the email id which you had used while login and click on ‘Submit’. A new password will be sent to your email id which can now be used to login to your Voxya account.

2. File Complaint

File a complaint at Voxya in just four steps. Visit Voxya’s website and click on ‘File a Complaint’ (

Enter complaint details

Enter the complaint details explaining the entire incident and attach evidences to support your claim. Here you can only attach one evidence but you can attach multiple evidences later. Click on ‘Next’.

Complete signup form

Create a Voxya account by entering your Full name, email id and password and mobile number. The OTP will be sent on your number to verify the account. Click on ‘Next’.

Demand resolution required

Now select the resolution which you want to recieve from the company and enter the OTP sent on your registered mobile no.

Select services you want

Select the services which you want from Voxya. The basic services such as Social Media Campaign and sending complaint via email are free, but for added legal support select sending legal notice via registered post and preparing case for approaching consumer forum.

Verify account with KYC

Now click on “Next Step” and enter your KYC i.e Aadhar Card, Driving License or Passport and postal address. Then click on ‘Submit’ and your complaint has now been registered with Voxya successfully.

The following documents can be attached/submitted under KYC:

  • 1) Aadhar Card
  • 2) Voter ID
  • 3) Driving License
  • 4) Passport
  • 5) PAN Card

Please note that a complaint without any valid KYC document, can not be entertained and will be marked resolved/closed after 20 days.

3. Manage Complaint

Upload additional evidence/images

After your complaint has been successfully registered with Voxya, you can attach multiple evidences to support your claim. Login to Voxya account and click on the complaint for which you want to upload evidence. Scroll down till you reach the complaint updates section. Click on Browse Files and attach the files which you want to upload to further support your claim.

Check complaint status

To know the status of your complaint, login to your Voxya account and then click on ‘Goto my complaint’.

Then click on the complaint which you want to check the status for.

Scroll down below till you reach the Complaint Updates section. Here you can see the updates for your complaint.

Our team will be working together with you to resolve your complaint. You need to provide inputs at almost all the stages of your complaint, in order to complete them and move to the next stage of your complaint.

You can switch to any available stage by clicking on Stage names. Please note that the GREEN color of stage means that the stage is complete and does not require any inputs from your side. On the other hand RED color means that the complaint is at this particular stage and may require some inputs from your side.

Your complaint progress is divided into small stages like:

1. Complaint Filed
This is the first stage of your complaint. Your complaint is at this stage once you successfully submit the "File a Complaint" form at

2. Attach Evidence
This is the second stage of your complaint. It is very important to attach evidence in support of your complaint so that our team can start work on your complaint.

3. Social Campaign
Your complaint is in this stage, if you have opted for starting a Social Campaign against the company / brand. Please note that this stage is only visible in your complaint if you have opted for this service while filing your complaint at

4. Email Sent
The next stage is when our team sends out Email to the company / brand, informing them that a new complaint has been filed against them.

5. Legal Notice
You need to proceed to the Legal Notice stage so that our Legal team can draft and send legal notice to the company. After you proceed to Legal Notice, the team will take around 7-9 days to send out notice to the company and send a copy of notice to you as well.

6. Awaited Response
After sending Legal Notice, you will have to wait for 30 days before you can proceed to the next stage of your complaint i.e. preparation of Case Documents.

7. Case Documents
After waiting for 30 days, you can proceed to this stage if you have not received any fruitful response from the company / brand. Once you proceed with Case Documents, our Legal team will prepare Case Documents in your complaint and will send them to you for filing in the Consumer Forum.

Upgrade Complaint

You can upgrade your complaint to get additional services from experienced lawyers. To upgrade your complaint, login to your Voxya account and then click on ‘Goto my complaint’.

Then click on the complaint which you want to upgrade.

On the complaint page, at the top right hand side you can find the "Upgrade Complaint" button. Click on the "Upgrade Complaint" button to open a Popup box where you can select the services you want to buy and then click "Pay" button to make the payment.

After the payment is received, your complaint will be upgraded.

Close / resolve complaint

To close the complaint or mark the complaint as resolved, login to your Voxya account and follow the same steps as above till you reach the ‘Complaint Updates’ section. Click on the ‘Mark this complaint resolved’ button, a pop up will open and then click on ‘Yes’. Give your valuable feedback and then click on ‘Submit’. Now the complaint has been successfully closed/resolved.

4. Talk to Lawyer

To talk to a lawyer click on the link Fill up the form by entering your Full name, Email and mobile number. The lawyer will call you at the given mobile number. The consultation fee for 8-10 minutes is Rs. 389 /- whereas it is Rs 499 /- for 15-20 minutes. Click on Submit to register your form. The lawyer will call you between 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. within 2 days time.

5. Troubleshooting

i) I am unable to receive OTP on my phone.

Please try a different mobile number. Please note that we currently support Indian phone numbers only.

ii) I am unable to file a complaint.

Please try using a different browser or device to file a complaint.

iii) Its been while and I am not getting any response from company.

We can not predict how much time the company is going to take to respond or to resolve your complaint. It is the company who actually has to take action on your complaint.


How to file a complaint against Company?