consumer complaint forum voxya and consumer sathi

Voxya vs Consumer Sathi – Find the Best One!

Are you someone who is tired of searching the web for the best consumer complaint website? Don’t worry your wait is over. Consumer complaints can be hectic and it’s the role of the company to give you a smooth ride.

While there are, a plethora of options available at your side, not everyone gives out the best experience. So who is the best when it comes to consumer complaints?

Voxya and Consumer sathi to see, who wins the Game?

So In this article let’s compare Voxya and Consumer Sathi to see, who wins the game?

Here’s what we will talk about:

  1. Expertise
  2. Transparency
  3. Affordability
  4. Big Legal Network
  5. 360 Degree Resolution Framework
  6. Brand Participation


Voxya has resolved 63,201 consumer complaints till now and has damages filed of Rs. 22,702,696,538. Voxya has received more than 76,069 complaints till now.

Consumer Sathi

But Consumer sathi is new in the game, They have resolved 36,961 complaints and have received 57,649 complaints to date.

The numbers say that all, Voxya leads the game!


Both Voxya and Consumer sathi have listed their testimonials on their website to showcase their client satisfaction.

While Consumer sathi has listed their resolved complaints Voxya has listed almost all of their complaints hiding confidential information.

In this part Voxya has shown the next level of transparency, they are not only showing their best works but are also sharing all of their works.

They have a section where they compare by a company how many cases have been filed yet and how many cases have they resolved yet. In this world, such a level of transparency barely exists.

There are hundreds of testimonials and reviews available on Voxya’s website that Consumer sathi somewhere lacks.

So when it comes to customer satisfaction Voxya clearly wins the game. But something this good must be expensive right? NO!


Affordability is one of the most important factors for a lot of people. So let’s compare these 2 companies, on how affordable they are:

Consumer Sathi

Consumer sathi is not directly disclosing their pricing. You have to complete all of the procedures on their website to know how much will you have to pay.


The best part about Voxya is their fixed pricing. Voxya charges according to the kind of services that you need. There are 4 levels of services that you can choose from. Let’s have a look at the 4 levels of services provided by Voxya:

Start social media campaign: Voxya will start a social media campaign for you and voxya claims to have a success rate of 21% in their social media campaigns. The best part is this is FREE!

Send complaint by E-mail: Voxya will email your complaint to the company you are filing a complaint against. Voxya claims to have a success rate of 28% for such campaigns. The best part is this is also FREE!

Send Notice via registered post: Voxya will send a legal notice to the company you are filing a complaint against. For such campaigns, Voxya has a 67% of success rate. For sending a legal notice, Voxya charges a fixed fee of Rs. 899

Prepare cases for approaching consumer forum: Voxya prepares a case for you for approaching the consumer forum. For preparing cases for approaching consumer forum Voxya charges a fixed fee of Rs. 1499. If you choose this option, Voxya will also send a notice to the company that means that option 3 is already included in this option without any additional charges.

Big Legal Network:

Voxya has a strong network of professional lawyers across the country which helps them provide the quality service they are known for. Having such a huge network of professional lawyers is a big advantage which no one else provides.

Voxya also provides this strong network of lawyers for consulting services. People can have one-on-one consultations with the lawyers on a fixed fee. Having lawyers available anytime you need can be a super advantage.

If you are a lawyer then this can be an amazing opportunity. Lawyers can apply and create an account on Voxya to be a part of that strong professional network.

360 Degree Resolution Framework:

Voxya also has an amazing social and business network which helps them to resolve consumer complaints faster.

You may have heard the famous saying that “your network is your net worth” and this is exactly the case with Voxya. The presence of such strong networks works like a charm.

And this brings me to one of the most important factors.

Brand Participation:

Companies trust Voxya! Many companies have their accounts on Voxya to keep track of the complaints against them and to make sure they regularly resolve them.

This ensures that when you file a consumer complaint against a company using Voxya, your complaint is being seen by the company itself.

Are you someone who was getting trouble finding someone in the company to complain about the product or service?

Well, you have found the way now!

The Final Conclusion:

Now as we have compared both of them on all the important parameters, It’s time to declare a winner!

Who do you think should win the battle? Yeah, it’s not a hard guess!

Because of a strong portfolio of work, high transparency, and customer satisfaction, cheap and fixed pricing, good social and business network, and a strong network of lawyers in India we declare Voxya the winner of today’s battle!