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5 tips for avoiding fraudulent websites: Never get scammed again

The Internet is a boon, isn’t it? No matter what problem you may have you will always find some solution on the internet. But when the whole world is hanging out on a network then how come fraudsters or fraudulent websites by behind?

Internet fraud is constantly rising. While some websites are doing malpractices like saving passwords and data leaking, some fraudsters have gone to the next level to take personal information and steal money.

So if you are also someone who does a lot of their tasks on the internet and you don’t want your hard-earned money to vanish into thin air then this article is only for you!

5 tips for avoiding fraudulent websites: Never Get Scammed Again

In this article, we will explore 5 tips for avoiding fraudulent websites so that you never get scammed again. So let’s take a look at the 5 tips:

Offers “Too Good To Believe” Are Scams!

Are you getting an offer that is too good to believe? Huge discounts, cashback, or what not. Getting such offers is a real scam, you may be asked to pay before and the product will never be delivered. So if you see a too exciting offer that is probably a red flag.

Lots of popular eCommerce websites also organize great sales so before buying any product, do your research well and check how trusted these websites are. Also, confirm your website not coming under fraudulent websites.

Voxya has created this list of most fraud e-commerce and fraudulent websites, which have looted people doing various scams. There’s also a list of phone numbers that are constantly reported for e-commerce scams.

Low-Quality Websites are a red flag:

A lot of times, you can actually smell scams! Always check the quality of the websites as most of the time these scammers don’t give attention to the tiny details of the websites.

A lot of websites look like scams on the first look itself. So before purchasing anything just do thorough research on the website and check how the quality of the website is. If you think that the quality isn’t great then it’s a red flag.

Consumer Complaint

Voxya’s list mentioned above contains a list of eCommerce brands that have looted people. If you want to stay safe just check for the list and see if the website that you are buying from is there on the list or not.

If it’s there on the list, it’s definitely a scam but even if it’s not there you still should check all the parameters that we are listing here.

Check Owner’s Information and the Contact Details:

Most of the time these fraud websites never display their correct contact information and the name of the owner is always hidden so while buying from an unknown website always check if they have a legit contact option.

Also, check for the owner of the website for once. If you can’t find the owner then this can be a red flag as they are using a proxy to protect themselves.

While buying from unknown websites always check if a cash-on-delivery option is available or not and for the first few purchases prefer using that option only. Pay upfront money to only those websites on which you trust and are sure that they are not scams.

Social media check is important:

Social Media Campaign

You are probably not the first customer of a website! People around the world or your country must have used the product before. Before buying a product always check the product and the website reviews on various social media platforms.

People always create reviews on YouTube and a lot of people add complaints on Twitter. If you research well you will find something useful.

If there are more bad reviews than the good ones then probably it’s not a good place to do shopping from and is a big red flag.

So before you buy any product from any website, checking social media websites for reviews is a must!

Check Voxya for company reviews:

Consumer Complaint Forum

Voxya deals with thousands of consumer complaints hence Voxya is very well acquainted with the reality of the companies.

Before deciding to buy a product from a certain company you can also prefer to read the reviews on Voxya’s websites as thousands of people who have faced difficulties have shared their experiences there.

If you follow all the tips mentioned above you will never be scammed again! So next time you are shopping online keep the 5 tips in mind!

But what to do if you got scammed? Don’t worry Voxys is always there for you!

If you are someone who got scammed by an eCommerce company then read this article: How to resolve e-commerce complaints.

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The Final Conclusion:

Internet fraud is becoming very common and it’s your duty to be aware and not get scammed by random fraudsters.

Half of the scams can be stopped just by awareness. Keep the 5 tips mentioned above and never get scammed again!