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Hathway Complaints : How to Contact & Resolve?

Hathway Complaints : How to Contact & Resolve?

Hathway Company is one of India’s leading Cable Broadband service providers. Founded in 1959, Hathway was the first company to provide internet access via cable in Chennai in 1999-2000.

With their vision of being a single point access provider and bringing them into the home and workplaces, Hathway covers 16 cities with high-speed cable broadband services.

With its 11 million subscribers, Hathway provides internet services at a maximum speed of up to 50Mbit/s in many different cities.

However, even after winning multiple awards in the year 2011 and 2013, consumers are facing many issues and filing Hathway complaints.

In this article, we’re listing down some critical Hathway complaints faced by its consumers and a step-by-step guide on how to resolve them.

Frequent Hathway complaints by consumers

What to do in case the Hathway internet is not working?

This is a widespread issue faced by Hathway’s consumers where their internet is not working. These kinds of problems can frustrate many people because most of the work in today’s time is done online.

However, for many cases, this issue can be solved by resetting the router. All you’ve to do is to press the reset button on the backside of the router for 15 seconds. All lights on the router will start blinking, and your router will get reset.

But this solution doesn’t work for everyone, and you may have to contact the Hathway’s customer support team for further assistance.

What to do in case the payment is made but not acknowledged?

Many users of Hathway’s broadband services reported that the payment for renewal is made from their end, but the amount is not reflected on the company’s end.

Many times, these kinds of issues can happen due to network failure, and it’s often suggested to wait for three business days, at least before filing a complaint.

How to resolve the internet speed issue?

Another prevalent issue among consumers is the issue of slow internet speed. Internet speed issues are quite common for many broadband service providers, and usually, it varies from cities to cities.

Choosing the alternate DNS can help in some cases, but again it’s not the same for everyone. Thus, it’s better to contact the Hathway’s customer support team and report this issue.

What do in case of broadband service issues?

The issue of poor connectivity and continuous disconnection is another issue reported by many Hathway customers. This issue can occur due to various causes, including overheating modem, network issues from ISP, and virus or malware infection.

Although, resetting or upgrading the modem might help in some cases but reaching out to Hathway’s consumer support team is the best option.

How to solve the multiple unwanted calls issue?

Consumers who have stopped their broadband connection months ago are still getting multiple unwanted calls of special offers and recharge plans.

Many consumers have reported that even after explaining that they are no longer interested in renewing the connection, these marketing calls are not getting stopped.

You should report this to TRAI or file a complaint against them at Voxya.com

What to do in case of an account renewal issue?

Many Hathway consumers have reported the issue where they have paid the full amount, but their account is still not renewed.

Before approaching Hathway or Consumer forum, its quite essential for consumers to keep the records of all kinds of transactions made by them as it can help them while filing a consumer case.

What to do in case of not receiving your gift voucher?

Many consumers reported the issue of not receiving their gift vouchers. They were suggested to renew their broadband connection for a specific amount so that they can receive a gift voucher. However, many consumers haven’t received their gift vouchers offered by the Hathway Company.

How to resolve Hathway Broadband Complaints?

If you are also facing similar issues with Hathway as mentioned above then please check our step-by-step guide below to report your complaints to Hathway’s customer support team.

Step 1: Visit www.hathway.com

Step 2: Choose the ‘Contact us‘ option from the menu bar and select the ‘Broadband‘ category.

Step 3: A window will pop up, and there will be an option of selecting your city. Choose your city from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Once you have chosen your city, a toll-free customer care number and office address will show up. From there, you can call on the provided number and report your issues.

You may also contact their helpline number ‘18004197900‘ from 6 AM to 12 AM (midnight) available for all cities.

You can also drop them an email about your issues on ‘info@hathway.net‘.


If you are facing issues despite paying the hefty amount of bills, then it’s your right to file Hathway complaints and get the best resolution for them from their team.

But if you are unable to get any help or response for your Hathway Complaints then take legal action by sending Legal Notice to them by using Voxya.com.