Google Pay Complaints

Google Pay Complaints : How to resolve?

Google Pay Complaints : How to resolve?

Google pay formerly was also known as Tez and now is stylized as G Pay is the most downloaded financial app in India.  Basically, it is a digital payment app that helps you to perform money transactions in the blink of an eye.

As the tagline of Google pay says, ‘Money made simple, by Google’ likewise, it makes your life much easier by performing your online money transactions very quickly; additionally, you can also add sweet little notes whenever you send money.

By using the G Pay app, you can also simply book tickets for movies/ trains or pay bills by just using your smartphone in a few taps, and by entering the amount, you will make the payment.

G Pay allows you to store your financial information like your debit card, credit card, and reward cards that allow you to use the information for future payments. With G pay, you can shop online, recharge your mobile and do a lot more stuff in no time.

However, no matter how amazing this app is, many users have reported on Twitter and other social media platforms that they are facing issues while using G Pay.

In this article, we have listed down the significant Google Pay Complaints and a step by step guide on how to resolve Google Pay complaints.

Frequent Google Pay complaints by users

1. How to resolve transaction issues on G Pay?

A common issue faced by many G Pay users is that either they are not able to send money or they are not able to receive the money.

Usually, it happens when you try to send money using G Pay. You will see an error of payment failure, but the amount gets debited from your account.

Likewise if someone has sent you money, you will not receive it.

However, these type of Google Pay complaints can be resolved by directly checking the internet connection or trying later. However, sometimes it doesn’t solve efficiently within the given period of 3 working days, and you have to contact the G Pay support team.  

2. How to fix issues with G Pay rewards?  

Many G Pay users reported that either they did not receive the reward after a successful transaction or they did not win a referral reward.

3. How to complain about a fraud transaction on G Pay?

UPI is fostering the digital money scenario in India, but on the other hand, scammers are leaving no stones unturned to do scams. However, there is no official data for the frauds that happen on the UPI platform.

There are reports in the country where people have lost money after being scammed by Google Pay payment app. So, the most frequent Google Pay complaint is how to complain about fraud in Google Pay?

4. What to do when the bill is not paid, but the amount is deducted from the account on G Pay?

Consumers who have paid their bills via G pay have faced this issue many times. Once they pay the bill, the transaction is shown successful, but the bill remains unpaid.

5. What to do when the amount is deducted while booking tickets on G Pay, but the tickets are not booked?  

G pay users have raised this dispute, while they have booked tickets for movies / trains / buses via G Pay, they were not booked. Either it showed a failed transaction or the money was deducted from the account.  

How to resolve Google Pay complaints?

If you are running into any of the issues mentioned above with Google Pay and are wondering on how to solve them, we have mentioned a step by step guide to address the problems you are facing with Google Pay.

You can call Google Pay toll-free helpline number at 1-800-419-0157.

You can also complain to them using their app or website, here is a step to step guide to solve Google Pay complaints.

STEP 1: Open the G Pay app
STEP 2: Go to ‘Settings’
STEP 3: Tap ‘Help and Feedback’. If options listed there are not relevant, tap on ‘Contact’
STEP 4: On ‘Contact us’ tab, find options to either email or chat with support. You can also read ‘Popular Articles’.
STEP 5: Under ‘Popular Articles’, find ‘Contact Google Pay India Customer Care’ and click on it.
STEP 6: Select the correct topic for support or feel free to call, email, or chat with them.


Google Pay works 24/7 to solve all your issues if you need any assistance regarding your problem, feel free to contact them.

But if you are still unable to resolve Google Pay complaints yourself, then you should try Voxya Consumer Forum.