We resolve consumer complaints in India only

Three days ago we received a consumer complaint filed against the company Book Depository by someone named MYAITAZIN from Thailand. You can check the complaint here http://voxya.com/view-complaint/refund-not-received/152

Since the company, Book Depository, is based in United Kingdom so we had no means to resolve the complaint due to cross-border complexities. Though it is a good sign that consumers in other countries have started using and trusting our platform Voxya to resolve their complaints but due to limited resources, we would like to stick to resolving Indian consumer complaints only at this time. I hope it is in the interest of our platform initially. Later, if we have enough resources, we would love to help the consumers from other countries too.

Anyways, we immediately contacted the customer via email and told him that our platform is only available to the Indian consumers as of now. But as we love to help consumers so inspite of our limitations, we tried to contact Book Depository via email and sent customer’s complaint. Once again we are grateful to the customer that he found our platform worthy to submit his complaint. Though supporting consumer complaints from other countries is still not in our plan but who knows we may soon start our operations in other countries too. Keep posting your consumer complaints at voxya.com to keep us motivated!

4 thoughts on “We resolve consumer complaints in India only”

  1. Dear sir,

    I want to raise issue against “Jabong” Company for sending wrong product through Online shopping and also Delaying the response to my complain.
    Please take necessary action against the company JABONG.

    I purchased a Saree and Got some different stuff altogether and they wasted My 7days.

    I am also expecting you to look into the matter.

    Punishment should be given for such nonsense in the name of BRAND.

    Thanking you.

  2. louis victor d'rose

    I am Prof Louis Victor d’Rose having entered case details in the file complaint format i receive a message “the file format is not appropriate” I cant follow this message It is not clear to me as to what shall i enter further kindly help me out

    1. Thanks for your message.
      Please note that only images or photos (JPG, PNG etc) are allowed to be included as evidence while posting complaints. If you have any other file type then you can attach them while replying to the first email which you will receive from our team.

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