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5 Effective Ways To Resolve Automobile Complaint in India

Buying a car is a great experience, isn’t it? Now, imagine a situation, You bought a new car, drove it for a few miles and a problem arises. You take the car to the service center and they refuse to service it and didn’t help you in resolving your automobile complaint.

This can be an absolute nightmare for many and getting the wrong product and no service on it can be extremely frustrating. So are you someone who recently bought a new automobile and you have it under warranty but getting no service?

Leave the tension aside, this article will solve all your problems! In this article we will see:

  • What are automobile complaints?
  • How to resolve complaints against an automobile company?
  • How to file a consumer complaint in India?
  • Summing up – The final conclusion

What are Automobile Complaints?

The complaint filed against an automobile company selling any kind of automobile is known as an automobile complaint.

People can file a complaint about various reasons. For this article, we will be focusing on resolving automobiles complaints specifically with the issue of no service under warranty.

How to Resolve Automobile Complaints:

Option: 1 – Talk to the manager of your showroom

The first step towards solving your issues should be talking to the manager of the showroom you bought the vehicle from. You should understand the case and should explain what exactly you expect from them.

If they are reasonable, you should try and settle the case. But if this doesn’t work you can move to the second step which is,

complaint against Automobile company

Option: 2 – Reach out to the customer service of the company

You can file a formal complaint in the company. Filing a formal complaint may solve your troubles. You can do that either by going on the official websites of these companies or by calling on their customer service numbers.

Here are the numbers of some of the most popular automobile companies in India:

Tata Motors India – 022-62407101

Mahindra & Mahindra India – 1800 209 6006

Maruti Suzuki India – 1800 102 1800

Hero MotoCorp India – 1800 266 0018

Bajaj Auto India – 7219821111

Toyota India – 1800 425 0001

Chevrolet India – 1800 3000 8080

Mitsubishi Motors Customer Care Number – 1800 102 2955

Honda Motors Company Ltd. – 1800 708 6555

Ford Motor Company – 1800 419 2500

Customer Care Number

Option: 3 – Social media can be your savior: Run social media campaigns

If you are unable to get your complaint resolved, you can try reaching out to your automobile provider through Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Brands have started taking their social media presence seriously and usually, there are teams monitoring the actions of their customers.

Consider tagging the company and use proper hashtags to get in the eyes of the company. If you don’t wish to get into this hassle then Voxya is there for you. The best part is you can avail this service for free from Voxya.

consumer complaint

Option: 4 – Go legal: Send a Legal Notice to the company

If the company has not responded even after filing an official complaint and tweeting on Social media, then your best option is to send a professionally drafted Legal Notice to the company asking them to resolve the issue, else you will sue them in court.

You can engage any experienced advocate or lawyer to draft & send this legal notice to the company on your behalf. The company will have to respond to this legal notice within 30 days.

An experienced lawyer will definitely be an expensive deal. They will charge in the range from Rs.3500 to Rs.8000 for drafting and sending a legal notice on his letterhead. But if you are unable to find a qualified lawyer in your budget then you should use the services of Voxya for sending Legal Notice.

You will receive a hardcopy of the notice delivered at your address and you can track the delivery through a tracking code.

send legal notice

Option: 5 – File a case against your automobile company in Consumer Court

If the company hasn’t responded back even after the Legal Notice then it’s the ideal time to approach Consumer Court. You can also approach the Consumer forum if you have not received the desired resolution from the company for your complaint.

You can file a consumer case against the company without engaging any advocate or lawyer. You simply need to draft Case papers explaining the issue, alongside proof and requesting the resolution you need.

Option: 6 – Use all the options above

For a better and quick solution, you should utilize all the alternatives referenced previously. Despite the fact that it includes a lot of hard work, you will get the desired results when you will use all the possible channels like – social, business, and legal.

Voxya helps you easily leverage social media, business networks, and legal frameworks to resolve your consumer complaints in India.

Automobile Complaint in India

Most affordable option to file a consumer complaint in India:

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