RedBus online consumer complaint resolved

Hurrrray!! Once again we have successfully resolved a RedBus online consumer complaint by using our unique platform. On Monday, Rani Subramanian filed an online consumer complaint at against RedBus. She booked a bus ticket through RedBus to travel from Chennai to Tirunelveli and paid Rs.1799/- for the ticket. But due to some fault in the RedBus system she did not receive any e-ticket.

When she contacted support at RedBus they told that since confirmation of ticket was sent to her by the system so the amount cannot be refunded. She also tried to cancel the ticket at RedBus but it did not work. After trying everything, she decided to post online consumer complaint at You can check her original complaint posted here:

On receiving the RedBus online consumer complaint, we started a social media campaign and contacted RedBus. Also, like always, we requested customer to share her complaint via social media platform like Facebook and Twitter.

RedBus complaint resolved

Within just two days time, the customer received a refund from RedBus in her account and we have received a “Thank You” email from Rani Subramanian. Again we have successfully resolved another consumer complaint at our platform! We are happy that we are able to help consumers and resolve consumer complaints quickly 🙂

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  1. I have booked a ticket for my dad who is 73 years from Bangalore to Goa since we have already booked in a flight he told he wanted to go the day before and wait for us in the homestay. We booked ticket seater as he requested to book. We booked in red bus for saiyana travels. The bus which have to start at 11 pm in Yeshwanthpur reached only at 12.30 . Then they took the bus near some other boarding point and asked all the passengers to board into another bus. There many were arguing with the driver because they sent a wrong bus. Somehow adjusted the bus started after 2 hrs. Morning they stopped the bus only at 10.30 for breakfast. They did not consider old people and kids in the bus. The bus is supposed to be in Goa The 9.30 a.m but for breakfast we were in Hubli at 10.30. They them started the bus and in the border they stopped and asked us to wait where the driver went and did not come to the point for 3 hrs. They said they did not get the Goa permit. So we waited and then no use because it was getting late one lady even gave the driver left and right. We finally have to take oneore bus pay for it and then reach Goa. This is 24 hrs travel experience of saiyana travels through red bus. Pls consider and do the needful

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