Inferior Product Delivery, Pepperfry Complaint Resolved


It was 10:18 am on 21st of November, 2019 when the consumer complaint was filed against Pepperfry. We immediately took actions against this matter and started the social media campaign at 1:08 pm on the very same day. With this, we also sent emails to pepperfry for resolving this issue as soon as possible. Soon our client received a call from the Pepperfry’s CEO office and the consumer complaint was resolved on 22nd November 2019 at 11:40 am.

A brief about the Pepperfry complaint

Our client Mr. Anubhav Guha filed a complaint at our consumer complaint website against a very well know furniture selling company It was regarding a Queen-size-storage-bed which was purchased by our client from

While ordering the bed online our client was sure about his decision of ordering a Queen-size-storage-bed and this product will fulfill his requirements but things turned upside when the bed arrived. Mr. Guha noticed that the bed seems to be completely different from what he actually ordered from pepperfry. Although for a storage bed, its necessary to attach the bed with a fixed base so that it can be used for storing things in that area but the manufacturer did not provide any fixed covered base and instead there were rubber mats. The bed which was delivered to our client was neither a storage bed nor the bed which was displayed on the’s website while ordering it online. In fact, the product description was completely different from what was actually delivered.

This was a moment of shock and disappointment for our client as he paid Rs. 10394 to purchase this bed online and the delivered product was not expected at all.

So, Mr. Guha visited our portal on 21st November 2018 and requested us to help him resolve this issue.

Resolution provided by us : Pepperfry Complaint Resolved

-We looked into this matter and started a social media campaign as soon as we received the complaint from Mr.Guha. The campaign was spread all over the social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. We also sent an email to pepperfry requesting them to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Understanding this matter we knew that these actions will work for sure to solve this matter and the same happened.

It was 22nd November 2018 when our client Mr. Guha received a call from pepperfry’s CEO office and the issue was resolved within a days time. Pepperfry initiated the refund to Mr. Guha the very same day.

Mr. Anubhav Guha’s Testimonial for Voxya

– “I posted a complaint at Voxya and then posted the link on Pepperfry’s Facebook page. I got a call from Pepperfry CEO office and they initiated a refund quickly.”

Consumer Complaint Against Pepperfry


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Be aware of online fraud

-Today, a lot of people have been cheated while shopping online. Sometimes the e-commerce sites are fake and sometimes fraud takes place on the original sites too. It is really hard to differentiate between fake and original websites and also fake and original products which are being displayed on the website. So, we can always try to be sure about what we are purchasing and where we are spending our hard earned money.

First of all, we should always check the quality of the image which is being displayed for the product, fake product images and fake websites always have a bad quality image represented their product.

The second thing which should always strike a customer’s mind is that there is an unbelievable price mentioned for each product. Sometimes they show special deals and discounts but in reality, they just attract customers towards their fraud schemes. That impossible for a good brand to sell to many things in such a small price or low cost.

Next and the most important point to be noted is that the fake websites mostly don’t mention their contact details, addresses or working contact numbers. They do this so that they can vanish away with the money and nobody can contact them of file complaint against company because they can not be tracked. Before placing orders it’s important to find the contact details and check if the given details are genuine or not.

At times the websites are genuine but the manufacturers who are displaying their products on the site are fraud. So to be aware of such sellers, the consumers must check the reviews of the product, the quality of the image of the product, also check if the product description matches the product in the image or not and if the price looks genuine for example if there a 40 inch LED TV for 6000 rupees that too from a very well known brand, it obviously sounds fishy.

These are some points which help a consumer to keep themselves protected and from online frauds.


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