Online Legal Advice in India

During these times of locked down, we all are staying indoors. So, we wanted to know the options of getting online legal advice in India. As due to this unprecedented situation, many legal complexities are emerging around us for which we have no one to consult as even legal experts are not available.

To give you an idea, people are facing issues with their employers regarding salaries, travel agents for flight cancellation or refund, broadband service providers for speed, ecommerce stores for deliveries etc.

Thank God, there are still few online platforms working in India to provide easy access to legal consulting services and that too at very affordable prices. Today we are going to compare these online legal advice platforms and will tell you why you should use them.

So, let us jump on the list of online legal advice websites.

Top Platforms providing online legal advice in India

1. Vidhi Karya

Vidhikarya provides online legal advice via phone, email, video and chat. It is a good platform for doing discussion with a Lawyer before engaging him in your case. The service is free but you have to pay lawyer’s fee in order to get genuine legal advice.

Actually, you have to post your case details and then lawyers will reply with their advice. Though they have good number of lawyers available at their platform but sometimes it may take some time in getting responses.

There is no direct option to pay and speak to lawyer quickly. You have to first post case details and then wait for lawyers response. Their website has many sections but it looks poorly designed. One good thing is that if you do not wish your name to be visible, you can post anonymous.

2. Kaanoon

Kaanoon can help you to set up phone consultation with a lawyer. You can talk to a lawyer on the phone and get legal advice for 30 minutes quickly. Their website is nicely designed and has a good user interface.

Also, it looks that they have good number of lawyers available at their platform but their prices looks a way too high as they charge Rs.1200/- for a 30 minute legal advice on phone.

Overall a good option to get online legal advice in India if you have budget and want a quick one-to-one phone consulting with an advocate.

3. Legistify

Legistify is an online platform where you provide your details and they will send the profiles of most suitable lawyers according to your legal issue, location and budget. Once you are satisfied with the profile, you can book consultation with any specific lawyer by paying Rs.1000/- for a 30 minutes phone session.

Though they claim large network of lawyers but it looks their portal is somewhat old and not fresh with contents. Also, the price is too much if you quickly want to get legal advice on any petty issue.

4. Vkeel

Like all other platforms, Vkeel also provides quick legal consultation for its users. The consultation is called Insta Advice and costs Rs.999/- for a 30 minutes telephonic session with a verified lawyer.

You can also book in-office-meeting consultation to get legal solution face-to-face. They also have a mobile app and the user interface of both – the website and the app looks great. However, they have limited number of active lawyers at their platform, which makes it less popular option for getting online legal advice in India.

5. Path Legal

Path Legal provides online legal advice within minutes from its legal experts. Though the prices are at par with other players but their process is little different. They charge Rs.1000/- for a 45 minutes consultation but they have in-built Escrow system through which the amount is paid to the lawyer only if you are satisfied with the phone call.

You are required to submit your case details and pay upfront for phone advice. You will then get a payment id and the lawyer’s contact detail to talk over phone. If you are satisfied with the call, then you have to release the payment to the lawyer. Otherwise, you can request refund within 4 days after the payment.

6. Law Rato

If you want legal advice from your home, you can share your legal issue with Lawrato to get connected with expert lawyers. Their representative will get in touch with you, understand your need and will identify which lawyer can assist you.

You can go through the suggested lawyers profile and can call them directly for consultation at mutually convenient time. Though it looks like a very safe way of getting legal advice but there is no quick & direct connection with lawyers.

7. Law Tendo

If you need a quick consultation, then use Lawtendo’s quick consult option to speak with a lawyer immediately at a small fee of Rs.600/- only. Though the price looks affordable but frankly the quality of their service can be easily guessed from their website which is poorly designed and looks outdated.

Also, it is not known how many lawyers are available in their network, which again is a weak point in their marketing. But since the price is low, you can surely try them.

8. Voxya

Last but not the least, Voxya provides a very quick & convenient way of connecting with a lawyer. Though Voxya is mainly a Consumer complaint platform but they have a separate service called Online Legal Advice, where you can send your contact details and a Lawyer will call you within few hours time.

The best part of the service is that it is very affordable. You can quickly get legal advice in just Rs.389/- for a 10 minutes session. It is very useful in cases where you just want to clear your doubts on some legal matters.

They also offer 20 minutes session with lawyer and the price is only Rs.499/-, which again is very reasonable.


There are many options available to you if you want to get online legal advice in India. You can easily get one-to-one private session with an experienced lawyer via phone call. If you want to play safe then you can use Path Legal’s escrow based service and get legal advice.

But if you want to get quick legal advice from lawyer directly, then go for as their prices are really affordable.

So if you need any legal help, then do not wait for lockdown to get over and use these platform to connect with lawyer.