How to report an unauthorized transaction in ICICI bank?

To stop unauthorized transactions and lessen the harm, it’s critical to report suspected fraud as soon as possible. You may discover the necessary numbers, the subsequent actions, and the assistance options here. Let’s have a look at how to register an ICICI bank complaint and get your issues sorted with the best results:

Report a scam or fraud

Report a Fraud: When you see strange activity on your accounts, such as a transaction you weren’t aware of or a change to your contact information someone else made without your knowledge, you should report it as fraud.

Report a Scam: A scam occurs when you deliberately part with your money and/or personal information in believing you are dealing with a trustworthy individual or business. It may have been. Intimidation, promises of money, goods, or services, and false investment returns are used to do this.

How to report an unauthorized transaction in ICICI bank?

You can visit one of the Indian branches of the ICICI bank or call on their helpline number using free plan minutes if they are available. However, since phoning our customer support department is quicker, we advise doing so. Please be aware that calls may be recorded for quality assurance and training. The first step that you need to take is to inform the Bank about the unauthorized transaction. You may ban your credit or debit card from guarding against more unauthorized transactions.

  • Call Customer Care and use Internet Banking
  • Click to block using Internet Banking.
  • After selecting the “Customer Services” tab, select “Service Requests.”
  • Select “More” under “Bank Accounts” to disable Debit Cards.
  • Choose “Block Debit / ATM Card” under “ATM/ Debit Card Related.”
  • To ban the card, choose your debit card, a reason, and then click “submit.”
  • Select “More” under “Credit Card” to ban Credit Card.
  • Choose “Block Credit Card” under Credit Card Dispatch Related.
  • To block the card, choose your credit card and press “Submit.”

Prepaid cards

Please call ICICI Bank Customer Care at 1800 2662 to ban the prepaid card.
To use the ICICI Bank Prepaid Card self-care site and log in, click the link below. Click on New User Sign Up to establish a new username and password.

  • To block the card, go to the modify card status tab.
  • Customers of the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) can report an unauthorized transaction by calling 18002660199.
  • If both Meal and Multi Wallet Cards (MWC) are connected via the same contact number, the ICICI Bank Pockets app might ban both. Download the ICICI Bank Pocket App from the Play Store. On the main page, choose MWC. Choosing the card number On a single touch, the option to unlock a blocked card is offered.

Please have the following information available if you need to report unauthorized prepaid card transactions.

The number on prepaid cards.

  • Type of transaction, including internet, retail, and ATM
  • The transaction’s date
  • Amount of a transaction

The Bank is required to protect the account holder’s funds. According to a rule established by the RBI, any damage suffered by the account holder due to an unauthorized withdrawal of funds from his account must be borne by ICICI Bank.

The departmental investigation by the Bank is not admissible in court. In court, only police investigation reports are permitted. Therefore, meeting with the Bank in Malad would be a time-waster.

You ought to wait for the police report that the IO submitted following section 173. You should submit a protest petition against the IO if it sided with the Bank.

How does ICICI banks look into fraudulent transactions?

In what ways do banks look for fraud? Bank investigators often begin by reviewing transaction data to search for any fraud red flags. It is possible to demonstrate whether the cardholder participated in the transaction or not using time stamps, location information, IP addresses, and other components.

The definition of an unauthorized transaction

Any transaction that you didn’t make and that you didn’t authorize anybody else to make is considered an unauthorized transaction. Someone who finds or steals your card or account information might use it to make unauthorized purchases. You would have to challenge the transactions with your card issuer in either scenario.

Will my Bank cover the cost of stolen funds?

As long as the consumer follows the fraud reporting processes, banks are normally required to repay the money. As long as the consumer adheres to the Bank’s prompt fraud reporting processes, banks typically provide debit fraud protection and must reimburse the money.

My debit card was used, but the Bank can tell?

Your Bank is able to trace stolen cards, but the tracking isn’t ideal. Generally speaking, it can only track the card if it is used. Additionally, it is fair to anticipate that they would have left by the time law enforcement could arrive because customers often make their payments as they are leaving a retail shop.

Report activities have taken that weren’t yours:

Before reporting, please read the following guidelines.
Call Customer Care at (800) 2662 to report Internet Banking, credit, debit, and prepaid card transactions that you did not make.

To report unauthorized Internet Banking transactions

  • Account number and Customer ID
  • Date of transaction
  • Amount of the transaction type of transaction, such as NEFT or RTGS

To report unauthorized use of a debit card or ATM card

  • The number on a debit or ATM card
  • Type of transaction, such as a cash withdrawal, shopping at a local grocery store, or online
  • The transaction’s date
  • Amount of a transaction

Please call ICICI bank customer care right away at one of the lines listed above if you believe you have been a victim of fraud that has affected your account or card. After you’ve done that, it’s also advised that you file a fraud complaint with your neighborhood police department and obtain a crime reference number. If your debit card or checkbook has been taken, you should also inform your neighborhood police department.

What will be the next steps?

Here are the things that will happen after the Bank has received your complaint related to the unauthorized transaction:

Following the reporting of fraud
You’ll receive a case reference number from us. Normally, this would begin with “SR.” This should be written down and stored safely since it is proof that your case has been registered.

The team will look into it and get in touch with you.
The executives will contact you by phone or email to provide an update within seven days. In the event that they can’t reach you via phone, they can also accomplish this by email. Experts will always get in touch with you using the registered contact information. It is crucial that you keep the Bank informed of any changes to your contact information.

As part of your case, they may give you a transaction dispute form to complete with the specifics of what transpired. When you receive this, please fill it out and return it to us within ten business days. Any interim refund they have already granted you will be withdrawn back out of your account if they don’t get your form by the deadline in 10 days.

In the event that something goes wrong, ICICI may attempt to reclaim your money through a chargeback. You must first make an effort to remedy the issue by getting in touch with the store. This is what occurs if you’ve tried to resolve a disagreement with us but were unable to.

The store and their Bank have the chance to react with clarifications and supporting documentation. With the current state of things, this might take up to 45 days or more. In order to continue your disagreement, we may ask you for further information and/or supporting documentation. This could be:

  • A receipt or invoice, the retailer’s terms and conditions, documentation of your attempts to cancel the purchase or return the items, and proof that you contacted ATOL or ABTA if needed.
  • Evidence that the store rejected your complaint
  • The majority of issues will be looked into within three months of the day they were initially brought up with the store.

Working out on the unauthorized transactions for credit card

The number of illegal or fraudulent transactions is rising alarmingly in India, along with the growth in credit card usage. International websites can charge your card even if banks use security safeguards like one-time passwords (OTP) to allow online purchases. Therefore, if someone obtains your credit card information, they may very possibly use it on websites in other countries.

After a fraudulent purchase, what to do.

  • As you can see in the last section, RBI has significantly reduced consumers’ responsibility for fraudulent transactions. Consequently, don’t worry and keep your cool.
  • Call the customer service number, which is often printed on the back of your card, right away and inform them of the fraudulent purchase.
  • Inform them that you wish to contest the transaction and inquire as to how to do so (different banks follow different procedures, some will ask you to fill out a form, and some will take requests over the phone).
  • Request that a new card is issued and the current card is blocked.
  • Request a reference number from them so you may record the conversation.
  • Report the issue by email as well, including the reference number you were given during the phone call, just to be cautious.
  • Give the Bank all the paperwork they require. Typically, they want copies of the FIR and the front of the credit card.
  • The Bank will now look into the transaction, and in the interim, they will right away restore your card’s credit limit for any fraudulent transactions.
  • Bank will inform you of the findings when they have finished their inquiry. If it ends out in your favor, the Bank will take the loss. If it works against you, request the proof that made it work that way. In the meanwhile, the Bank will cancel the credit that was reinstated due to a fraudulent transaction.
  • Review the data and refute once more, this time defending your position. You must offer proof to back up your claims.
  • Bank will have a look at your defense while also restoring the credit limit once again. They will inform you of their decision after they have made it. If it works out in your favor, the Bank will take the loss and make the credit permanent. If not, you will be required to pay the sum plus interest.
  • You may submit a complaint to the Banking Ombudsman online if you still wish to look into this further.
  • If you disagree with the Banking Ombudsman’s ruling, you can appeal it by going to the Appellate Authority. The deputy governor of the RBI serves as the appellate authority in this case.

What should one do if their debit card has been used fraudulently?

Immediately report a suspicious transaction or debit. If you think there has been an unlawful debit or charge, call your bank or card company right once. You should deactivate the card and get a new one before additional transactions are made if a thief charges products to your account.

Is the Bank required to reimburse me for any money that was taken from my debit card?

In most cases, if a fraudulent debit card transaction occurs, you are entitled to a reimbursement. The majority of debit cards include a zero liability guarantee that shields users from any fraudulent transactions. But before applying, you should read the terms and conditions as with any financial instrument.

What happens if your debit card is used without your consent?

If someone uses your debit card without your permission, you can report the event to the police in your area, who will conduct an investigation and, if required, file charges. You can report the occurrence to the FTC in addition to informing your Bank about the scam.

How can unauthorized transactions be stopped?

Even though you might be first concerned, there are measures you can do to try to get the fraudulent transaction reversed.

  • Verify that the transaction was unauthorized, in fact.
  • Your credit card might be blocked or canceled.
  • Inform your bank or other financial institution.
  • Check and update the login information for your online banking.


Send the email to if you ever get one asking you to update your PIN, password, or account number under the pretense that it came from ICICI Bank. Never reply to an email with important account information, such as your PIN, password, account number, or personal information. If you entered such information, please let us know right away. Write to if you see any spoofing (duplicate/unofficial) ICICI Bank websites and let us know.

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