How to Complaint to the President of India Online 2022?

Exist any issues in your community that hasn’t been resolved for a while? Are officials and representatives of the public ignoring your requests? Bring your issues to the attention of India’s first citizen, Rajnath Kovind, going forward. You don’t need to go to Delhi and incur additional costs, nor do you need to take the train or bus. You can submit an email with your issue or complaint to the President of India. For all the information, read this article.

Why is there a need to raise a complaint to the President of India?

We frequently have issues in and around the region where we live. We’ll let the local authorities know about such issues. We should report to higher authorities if they don’t make the necessary corrections or disregard our petition. If they continue to ignore your request, you should file a complaint with the local M.L.A. or M.P.

You must make an appointment with this person and visit him at the district or state headquarters. If the issue persists, you should file a complaint with the state’s chief minister, who lives in the state capital. You will have to undergo a drawn-out procedure and wait 3–4 days before submitting your complaint to the Chief Minister.

How to complain to the president of India online 2022?

  • You must first log in to the website.
  • Click on the Helpline Portal link.
  • You can see the following links: List Lodge a Request, List View Status, List Forgot Password, List Contact Us.
  • You can click on Lodge a Request link to fill out the form to lodge your complaint.
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How to check the status of the complaint to the president of India?

You need to visit the following website:

Click on the following link: Helpline Portal

You can see the following links: List Lodge a Request, List View Status, List Forgot Password, List Contact Us.

You can click on the view status link to fill in the Registration number, password, and captcha to check the status of your complaint.

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How does the President’s secretariat handle the issues?

According to information on the President’s Secretariat website, the Secretary to the President is in charge of the organization and is supported by a group of officials. The President’s Secretariat consists of businesses with work charges for the Secretariat, Household, and Garden. These wings handle activities related to constitutional law, administration, hosting state visitors, responding to public petitions on a variety of topics, and maintaining Rashtrapati Bhavan, the President’s Estate, and the Gardens.

All issues requiring the President’s attention in relation to the exercise of his or her executive authority and statutory powers, as well as matters relating to the appointment of constitutional authorities, are received by the President’s Secretariat from the relevant nodal Ministries and presented to the President via the Secretary to the President.

How can all issues be sorted in the President helpline?

Furthermore, the individual filing the case will have financial burdens. The issues in the villages are typically mainly disregarded. As a result, Our President, Dr.Rajnath Kovind, has taken a tremendous step to fix these challenges in light of the problems of this nature in the communities. That also came at no expense to the general populace. He has made it possible for Indian citizens to contact him online to discuss issues in their immediate area. As a result, the Office of the President will examine such complaints and provide the relevant officers with the appropriate instructions to resolve the issue.


Suppose you are facing issues and are looking for getting a solution, then you must log in to the helpline of the President and get the problems cleared. The President has his helpline that can easily help you in getting the solution to the issues that the local officials cannot help you with.

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