D2H Complaint : Register & Resolve Videocon D2H complaints

d2h complaint

D2H Complaints

D2h is the acronym for ‘Direct to home’ service; it is the digital satellite service that renders television services directly to the subscribers anywhere in India.

D2h has changed the whole TV thing in India with better quality and affordable rates.

Remember those days when you used to get all sorts of useless channels on your old cable TV, and quality of the video would not be clear.

But with d2h, you get clear quality with affordable rates.

Founded back in the year 2009, Videocon d2h is India’s largest D2H service provider with a subscriber count of around 29 million.

In this article, we’re going to list down some common D2h complaints reported by d2h customers and a step-by-step guide on how to resolve them.

Frequent Videocon d2h complaints

What to do when Videocon d2h is stuck on the loading screen?

Many Videocon d2h users have reported this issue where they’re stuck on the loading screen of their STB. It’s a widespread issue among d2h users, and people have reported this kind of problem many times.

In case you’re also facing this issue, you can try to restart your STB by switching it OFF from the main power and then switching it on again.

However, if the problem continues then, it’s better to call a d2h technician and report the issue to d2h’s customer support team.

What to do in case of the unavailability of pay channels on Videocon d2h?

Another issue that has been reported by many Videocon d2h users is that they added a new channel on their watchlist by recharging with a specific amount, but they’re still unable to watch those channels.

In this case, you can re-check your subscription details and also check if your satellite card is correctly inserted or not.

If you’re still encountering this issue, then you can report your problem to d2h’s customer support team.

How to resolve the transaction-related issues on Videocon d2h?

Many Videocon d2h customers have reported transaction-related issues. In these kinds of problems, the amount is debited from the customer’s account, but the transaction is not confirmed from the d2h’s end.

Usually, transaction failure occurs due to network failure.

However, if you’ve received the confirmation from the payment gateway and still seeing that your transaction is failed, then it’s best to call d2h’s customer support team and report your issue.

What to do in case of a Smart Card insertion issue on Videocon d2h?

The issue of consistently getting a message ‘Please insert Smart Card’ has been reported by many Videocon d2h users.

Usually, this kind of problem occurs when the Smart Card isn’t inserted correctly. If you’re facing the same issue, then you can try removing and re-insert the Smart Card.

However, if you’re still getting the same message, then it’s advised to report this issue directly to d2h’s customer support team.

How to register your Videocon d2h complaint?

If you’re facing any issues mentioned above regarding Videocon d2h services, then you can follow the below-mentioned step-by-side guide to report your complaints online to Videocon d2h’s customer care.

Step 1 : Visit www.d2h.com

Step 2 : Click ‘Self-help’ option from the menu bar.

Step 3 : Select ‘Raise your concern’ option.

Step 4 : Fill your Customer ID or RTN or complaint number. You can fill the required information according to your preference and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Once submitted successfully, your Videocon d2h complaint will be registered online.

How to resolve your Videocon d2h issues?

In case you’re facing some common issues related to Videocon d2h services, you can follow their troubleshooting guidelines to resolve those issues by yourself.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to follow Videocon’s d2h’s troubleshooting guidelines:

Step 1 : Visit www.d2h.com

Step 2 : Choose the ‘self-help’ option from the menu bar.

Step 3 : After clicking on the ‘self-help’ option, you’ll see nine different options. Out of them, click on the ‘Self Troubleshooting’ option.

Step 4 : After clicking on the ‘Self Troubleshooting’ option, you will see a list of some common issues faced by Videocon d2h customers.

You can choose the same issue which you’re facing and click on the ‘+’ button present on the right side of the issue.

Step 5 : After clicking the ‘+’ button, you’ll see some steps guided by the d2h’s customer service team. Kindly follow the steps in the correct sequence to resolve your issue.

In case the ‘Self Troubleshooting’ service isn’t helpful, then you may also contact on 24*7 customer service number: ‘9115691156‘ or on the Videocon D2H Toll free no. 1800 212 212

You can also drop them an email at ‘customercare@d2h.com‘.


It’s every customer’s right to report their D2h complaints and get the best resolution for them. If you’re also facing the issues mentioned above, then please feel free to reach the Videocon d2h customer care.

But if you are unable to get any help or response for your Videocon D2h Complaints then file a complaint at Voxya.com and take a legal action by sending Legal Notice to them.

Hathway Complaints : How to Contact & Resolve?

hathway complaints

Hathway Complaints : How to Contact & Resolve?

Hathway Company is one of India’s leading Cable Broadband service providers. Founded in 1959, Hathway was the first company to provide internet access via cable in Chennai in 1999-2000.

With their vision of being a single point access provider and bringing them into the home and workplaces, Hathway covers 16 cities with high-speed cable broadband services.

With its 11 million subscribers, Hathway provides internet services at a maximum speed of up to 50Mbit/s in many different cities.

However, even after winning multiple awards in the year 2011 and 2013, consumers are facing many issues and filing Hathway complaints.

In this article, we’re listing down some critical Hathway complaints faced by its consumers and a step-by-step guide on how to resolve them.

Frequent Hathway complaints by consumers

What to do in case the Hathway internet is not working?

This is a widespread issue faced by Hathway’s consumers where their internet is not working. These kinds of problems can frustrate many people because most of the work in today’s time is done online.

However, for many cases, this issue can be solved by resetting the router. All you’ve to do is to press the reset button on the backside of the router for 15 seconds. All lights on the router will start blinking, and your router will get reset.

But this solution doesn’t work for everyone, and you may have to contact the Hathway’s customer support team for further assistance.

What to do in case the payment is made but not acknowledged?

Many users of Hathway’s broadband services reported that the payment for renewal is made from their end, but the amount is not reflected on the company’s end.

Many times, these kinds of issues can happen due to network failure, and it’s often suggested to wait for three business days, at least before filing a complaint.

How to resolve the internet speed issue?

Another prevalent issue among consumers is the issue of slow internet speed. Internet speed issues are quite common for many broadband service providers, and usually, it varies from cities to cities.

Choosing the alternate DNS can help in some cases, but again it’s not the same for everyone. Thus, it’s better to contact the Hathway’s customer support team and report this issue.

What do in case of broadband service issues?

The issue of poor connectivity and continuous disconnection is another issue reported by many Hathway customers. This issue can occur due to various causes, including overheating modem, network issues from ISP, and virus or malware infection.

Although, resetting or upgrading the modem might help in some cases but reaching out to Hathway’s consumer support team is the best option.

How to solve the multiple unwanted calls issue?

Consumers who have stopped their broadband connection months ago are still getting multiple unwanted calls of special offers and recharge plans.

Many consumers have reported that even after explaining that they are no longer interested in renewing the connection, these marketing calls are not getting stopped.

You should report this to TRAI or file a complaint against them at Voxya.com

What to do in case of an account renewal issue?

Many Hathway consumers have reported the issue where they have paid the full amount, but their account is still not renewed.

Before approaching Hathway or Consumer forum, its quite essential for consumers to keep the records of all kinds of transactions made by them as it can help them while filing a consumer case.

What to do in case of not receiving your gift voucher?

Many consumers reported the issue of not receiving their gift vouchers. They were suggested to renew their broadband connection for a specific amount so that they can receive a gift voucher. However, many consumers haven’t received their gift vouchers offered by the Hathway Company.

How to resolve Hathway Broadband Complaints?

If you are also facing similar issues with Hathway as mentioned above then please check our step-by-step guide below to report your complaints to Hathway’s customer support team.

Step 1: Visit www.hathway.com

Step 2: Choose the ‘Contact us‘ option from the menu bar and select the ‘Broadband‘ category.

Step 3: A window will pop up, and there will be an option of selecting your city. Choose your city from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Once you have chosen your city, a toll-free customer care number and office address will show up. From there, you can call on the provided number and report your issues.

You may also contact their helpline number ‘18004197900‘ from 6 AM to 12 AM (midnight) available for all cities.

You can also drop them an email about your issues on ‘info@hathway.net‘.


If you are facing issues despite paying the hefty amount of bills, then it’s your right to file Hathway complaints and get the best resolution for them from their team.

But if you are unable to get any help or response for your Hathway Complaints then take legal action by sending Legal Notice to them by using Voxya.com.

Google Pay Complaints : How to resolve?

Google Pay Complaints

Google Pay Complaints : How to resolve?

Google pay formerly was also known as Tez and now is stylized as G Pay is the most downloaded financial app in India.  Basically, it is a digital payment app that helps you to perform money transactions in the blink of an eye.

As the tagline of Google pay says, ‘Money made simple, by Google’ likewise, it makes your life much easier by performing your online money transactions very quickly; additionally, you can also add sweet little notes whenever you send money.

By using the G Pay app, you can also simply book tickets for movies/ trains or pay bills by just using your smartphone in a few taps, and by entering the amount, you will make the payment.

G Pay allows you to store your financial information like your debit card, credit card, and reward cards that allow you to use the information for future payments. With G pay, you can shop online, recharge your mobile and do a lot more stuff in no time.

However, no matter how amazing this app is, many users have reported on Twitter and other social media platforms that they are facing issues while using G Pay.

In this article, we have listed down the significant Google Pay Complaints and a step by step guide on how to resolve Google Pay complaints.

Frequent Google Pay complaints by users

1. How to resolve transaction issues on G Pay?

A common issue faced by many G Pay users is that either they are not able to send money or they are not able to receive the money.

Usually, it happens when you try to send money using G Pay. You will see an error of payment failure, but the amount gets debited from your account.

Likewise if someone has sent you money, you will not receive it.

However, these type of Google Pay complaints can be resolved by directly checking the internet connection or trying later. However, sometimes it doesn’t solve efficiently within the given period of 3 working days, and you have to contact the G Pay support team.  

2. How to fix issues with G Pay rewards?  

Many G Pay users reported that either they did not receive the reward after a successful transaction or they did not win a referral reward.

3. How to complain about a fraud transaction on G Pay?

UPI is fostering the digital money scenario in India, but on the other hand, scammers are leaving no stones unturned to do scams. However, there is no official data for the frauds that happen on the UPI platform.

There are reports in the country where people have lost money after being scammed by Google Pay payment app. So, the most frequent Google Pay complaint is how to complain about fraud in Google Pay?

4. What to do when the bill is not paid, but the amount is deducted from the account on G Pay?

Consumers who have paid their bills via G pay have faced this issue many times. Once they pay the bill, the transaction is shown successful, but the bill remains unpaid.

5. What to do when the amount is deducted while booking tickets on G Pay, but the tickets are not booked?  

G pay users have raised this dispute, while they have booked tickets for movies / trains / buses via G Pay, they were not booked. Either it showed a failed transaction or the money was deducted from the account.  

How to resolve Google Pay complaints?

If you are running into any of the issues mentioned above with Google Pay and are wondering on how to solve them, we have mentioned a step by step guide to address the problems you are facing with Google Pay.

You can call Google Pay toll-free helpline number at 1-800-419-0157.

You can also complain to them using their app or website, here is a step to step guide to solve Google Pay complaints.

STEP 1: Open the G Pay app
STEP 2: Go to ‘Settings’
STEP 3: Tap ‘Help and Feedback’. If options listed there are not relevant, tap on ‘Contact’
STEP 4: On ‘Contact us’ tab, find options to either email or chat with support. You can also read ‘Popular Articles’.
STEP 5: Under ‘Popular Articles’, find ‘Contact Google Pay India Customer Care’ and click on it.
STEP 6: Select the correct topic for support or feel free to call, email, or chat with them.


Google Pay works 24/7 to solve all your issues if you need any assistance regarding your problem, feel free to contact them.

But if you are still unable to resolve Google Pay complaints yourself, then you should try Voxya Consumer Forum.

Personal Loan App : Why should you be careful?

personal loan app

Personal Loan App : Why should you be careful?

Loans and financing facilities have been extremely popular ever since the inception of the concept. With modern inflation and a global economic crisis due to the pandemic, loans and finances have gained rising popularity.

Using a personal loan app sounds to be a great option for individuals who are looking for a quick loan.

A personal loan app is a specific application or a platform that allows people to apply for and avail loans quickly and conveniently, from their mobile phones. It is an extremely easy and flexible loan option that enables people to avail loans within a span of a few minutes.

What is it that you need to know?

The popularity of these Personal Loan Apps rose as soon as people realized the immense convenience of such platforms.

The low documentation needed to get loans on such platforms has been a big factor in the popularity of Personal Loan App.

The easy and flexible repayment options have also been a factor behind its popularity.

However, despite all of the advantages, there are several fake loan apps that are involved in defrauding loan seekers.

So, you need to understand that not all online lenders are trustworthy.

Check an online Consumer Forum like Voxya.com and you will realize that there are hundreds of reports against these fake personal loan apps.

Why should you be careful?

Besides all of the advantages that a personal loan app brings to the table, there are several disadvantages too. And believe it or not, there are a few big ones.

Since these instant personal loan apps are private and there is almost no human interaction, so there have been several scams that have been reported against them.

In the majority of cases, a fake personal loan app will ask for a huge processing fee from the loan seeker and will promise to refund it after loan disbursal, which never happens.

Another example is to charge an unreasonable rate of interest from borrowers for providing loans.

In one such case filed by a consumer against a personal loan app, though the payment was made but repayment was not reflected in the loan app. The consumer had to send several emails for the issue to be resolved.

Another example as reported on voxya.com relates to sending fake legal notice to the consumer.

Though as per the RBI guidelines, all financial Institutions have to provide a moratorium period during the COVID-19 lockdown but a personal loan app company harassed a borrower during the period and forced him to pay the loan. It even sent a fake CBI legal notice to the consumer to threaten further.

In some cases, the loan was disbursed more than the application and the consumer was forced to repay the associated interest and penal charges.

Though few issues can be resolved by taking Legal action but the hassle attached to them and the fear of losing your hard-earned money is something which you should consider.

So, it is advised to research a bit on the internet regarding personal loan app before you decide to take the loan.

Top personal loan apps and frequent issues with them

There are many instant personal loan apps in India, most of which are genuine. However, no one can deny that a lot of them take advantage of being private and sometimes harass the borrower in many ways.

Here are the top nine most popular instant personal loan apps in India.

Dhani has been one of the most popular personal loan app in India. Popularly known and marketed as the “Phone se Loan” app, the app instantly disburses the loan amount to the borrower’s bank account. The app provides loans of up to ₹ 15,00,000.

Why should you be careful?
The Dhani app, by Indiabulls has been subjected to a few consumer complaints already. However, the complaints have not been about scams or loot, but instead for lack of proper consumer service. One example is where Dhani did not auto-debit EMIs from consumer’s bank account for a considerable number of days but then charged a penalty for late payment. Find out here.

Another excellent instant personal loan app, Kissht provides a horde of finance and credit facilities to users. The app is known for disbursing loans in just five minutes of time. The platform enables users to avail quick personal loans, line of credit, and online shopping loans.

Why should you be careful?
Kissht also has its share of consumer complaints when it comes to consumer service. A consumer complained about auto-debit of EMI, which happened early in a month and bounce charges were levied. However, it was promised that the penalty would be waived off on payment, but the same did not happen even months after the incident. Read full story here.

An instant personal loan app from PC Financial, this app is an extremely simple and quick way to get loans instantly. The platform provides easy and quick personal loans of amounts ranging between ₹ 1500 to ₹ 60000. The app provides multiple offers and discounts on processing fees reduction along with low-interest rates and flexible EMIs.

Why should you be careful?
Cashbean, though a very popular personal loan app in India, has many consumer complaints to its name. It has many complaints filed at Voxya and has a consumer satisfaction percentage of under 50%.

Moneyview is a multi-purpose money management app available on the iOS and Android platforms. Along with being a money management app that tracks your expenses and helps in managing it, Moneyview helps users secure easy and instant secured personal loans of up to ₹ 5,00,000.

The app has a flexible interest rate ranging from 1.33% to 2.5% per month. The repayment can be done in flexible EMIs of variable tenures, from 3 months to 60 months.

Why should you be careful?
According to a few borrowers, Moneyview has auto-debited EMI amounts twice and the same dispute takes a lot of time to be resolved. This of course points at the lack of good consumer service. Read about one of the complaints here.

MoneyTap is one of the very first app-based credit lines in India. The app comes with an attractive feature of “no usage no interest.” This makes the system of taking credit more feasible and affordable for consumers. The app provides a credit line to customers, which is more like a credit card or even an instant loan. The users only pay interest for the amount they used.

Why should you be careful?
Though Moneytap takes care of consumer complaints, there are still occasional dips in the service. You should consider reading about the complaints and scams before you file for a loan.

KreditBee is another excellent instant personal loan app that is mainly aimed at young professionals. The app offers a completely digital and paperless loan approval process and the loan amount gets disbursed into the person’s bank account directly. You can get a loan of up to ₹ 1,00,000 In the app.

The loan disbursement is simple, quick, and hassle-free and the entire eligibility check, verification, and approval are done in less than 15 minutes of time.

Early Salary
A Fintech startup based out of Pune came up with this app known as Early Salary. The app has been an immense success all across India as it allows easy and instant personal loans to users. Considered one of the best personal loan app in India, Early Salary provides loan amounts of up to ₹ 2,00,000 to users.

The interest rates are considerably low starting at just 2% per month.

LazyPay is another very popular instant personal loan app in India that is available on all mobile platforms. It is powered by PayU and all you need is your mobile number to check out your personal loan eligibility. The app is known for its quick and easy approval of loans along with safe online loan application processing.

The app offers pocket-friendly EMIs and an instant personal loan of up to ₹ 1,00,000. The application process is completely digital with minimal verification and documentation.

Stashfin is one of the most reliable instant personal loan app in India. Originally, the startup was founded by a group of experienced finance professionals, and the app has been creating ripples in the Indian market ever since its inception. Documentation is 100% digital with an instant eligibility check and loan approval facility.

What should you do if you have been scammed by a personal loan app?

We will recommend you a few things that you should do if you have been scammed by a personal loan app or lender. Take a look.

1. Lodge a complaint with the Lender or app.

2. File a complaint in RBI, if they do not resolve.

3. Approach the local police station, if you have been defrauded. But they don’t take immediate action in most cases.

4. File a complaint about your issue at Voxya.com and provide all the documents and proof supporting your case.

Where can I research personal loan app before applying for a loan?

If you are looking to avail loans by using instant personal loan apps, you should consider browsing through the consumer complaint forum at voxya.com. This platform is where people lodge complaints about products and services and so you can read honest reviews about these apps.

Are the instant loan apps safe?

Instant loan apps are managed by well-known financial institutions, so they are generally safe. However, there are still few unknown and fake apps that are known for scams and frauds.

If you want to be safe from these, you should research about the lenders / apps on the internet and also read about consumer complaints at Voxya.com.

What to know before applying for a personal loan?

Here are the most important things to know before applying for a personal loan:

1. Why you need the money (and if there’s a better option)

2. How much you can afford to borrow (and payback)

3. Your credit score (and credit history)

4. The exact terms of the loan, including the APR and all (hidden) fee & charges

5. All of your loan options, including research on which app to use

Which app is the best for instant personal loans in India?

The best apps for instant personal loans in India based on the rating and popularity are:


How do I get a personal loan by using a personal loan app?

1. Download & apply: Download the instant personal loan app of your choice and apply for a loan through the app.

2. Instant Approval: Fill in your details and get instant approval on the loan amount.

3. Check your eligibility and finalize your application.

4. Wait for a few minutes for the application to be processed and approved.

5. The amount will be credited to your wallet in a few minutes.

Is the CashBean app safe?

All the apps that we have talked about in this writeup are legit. However, there have been occasional slips in the reputation. Cashbean, especially, has been one of the highest reported apps for issues. However, this does not take away the fact that it is legit and the loan approval process is seamless.

Can I get a loan without a salary slip?

No Salary Slip – No Problem
Traditional lenders require your credit score and credit history in addition to financial statements. However, if you do not have salary payslips, you can still avail the instant personal loans.

Does CashBean affect the CIBIL score?

All the loan apps will affect your CIBIL score if you are not regular in your repayments. Your CIBIL score will affect your ability to avail loans from any bank or financial institution in the future.

When you fail to pay your EMI on the online loan, the lender will send you an intimation about the amount due to be paid. You can then repay the loan with a penalty as prescribed by the lender. You will find your credit score reduced after defaulting on your online loan.

Can you go to jail for not paying an online loan?

A loan is a debt, and you have a civil obligation to repay it. The lender can enforce this obligation in civil court, but no more. You can only go to jail from criminal enforcement and not civil enforcement. A civil judgment does not allow the creditor to put you in jail.

What are the advantages of instant personal loan apps?

Instant personal loan apps have several advantages and benefits, especially when it comes to convenience and utility of commoners. People all across the country have used and availed the facilities provided by instant personal loan apps extensively.

Here are a few advantages of personal loan apps that have made them a favorite.

These platforms are highly accessible and within easy reach of most people, whenever, and wherever they need a personal loan. A simple smartphone and an Internet connection can help you avail loans from such platforms.

Minimum and easy documentation
There are no additional hassles of physical verification and extensive documentation to get a loan approved. On most apps, all you need is your PAN Card, Address Proof, and Adhaar Card (as an ID and for KYC verification). And just with the pictures of these documents, you can get easy loans.

Flexible Repayment
The personal loan app provides flexible repayment tenures ranging from 62 days to 1 year or even more. This makes it easy for the borrower to pay off the loan in easy EMIs.

Quick and easy sanction
The loan application on such platforms almost never gets rejected and if you have the right documents, you can easily get your loans sanctioned.

Relaxed eligibility criteria
The eligibility criteria to avail such loans are considerably relaxed and people can easily avail loans that range in 6 figures!

Final Words

Applying and getting an instant personal loan in India has become incredibly easy and convenient. Although loans are always an option in times of financial crisis, one must keep a track of their entire expenses and manage their monthly or annual budget to effectively pay off the loans in time.

While there are many personal loan app providers, an online search and a quick comparison between these apps can help you make the best choice and explore a multitude of options available in the market.


But don’t worry, even if you fall in trouble, there is Voxya, that can help you resolve the issue!